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January 28, 2015

Please try this next time…..

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don’t forget what your God has done

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<p><a href=

Biblical Child-Killing" />

I did not know this…isn’t this slave labor

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tax exemption

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Tax Exemption is Dumb

same goes for equality

Filed under: Ideas — Scottie @ 18:39

<p>Powerful.<br />

YES YES YES let it be

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<p>Truth has a liberal bias.<br />

I agree, we who are civilized are more than the sum of our animal parts

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<p>Still true many years later…<br />

Garden Gnomes I like….Randy showed me these on Amazon. Thanks Bro

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fracking myths

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<p> Tell your MP to say no to fracking @ Greenpeace UK<br />

what the GOP wants to do to the middle class

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