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October 4, 2015

stop being such assholes.

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if it requires enforcement ……

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Conservative Christian Friend on Facebook Shared This; oh the Irony.

Faith should be positive, but there is no way I support any religion that asks a father to kill a child just to prove he loves his god more, that is nuts.

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Meet Abraham.

October 3, 2015

Tim Minchin-the good book – YouTube

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Voice Mail Greetings From The Bible

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Source: Voice Mail Greetings From The Bible

Very, very funny. I am glad it was one of the first posts I read as I got back online with my laptop. Hugs

Good Guy With A Gun Goes Bad – YouTube

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Got knocked off line on my laptop

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I got hit by another hateful attach on my laptop yesterday.    It basically altered my registry and other systems so I couldn’t go on line.   So I tried the new windows ten rest my PC.  Bad mistake.   Well the system is new to me and it seemed it would rest the registry.  Well it wiped out all the software I need to run function on the laptop, so I ended up having to format the hard drive and installing the original software hard drive disks.   Now it is all the updates, installing my own software, and setting all the settings.   Then to reinstall windows ten and set it up.

What I don’t understand is why my laptop is the target of attacks so much.   My other computers rarely are, and yes it is attacks , or router records them and so does other software I have installed.  For some reason, and I am not eve that controversial, I get many attacks each day and some of them do get through and messes my lap top up.   I an not sure why?   Anyway, but the end of today I should be back to blogging and going to your wonderful sites and blogs.   I installed more stringent security software this time, it will make it harder on me to access sites but it may keep this carp from happening so much.   Thanks and hugs

October 2, 2015

The Disappearing Sea of Ice – YouTube

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October 1, 2015

Four Blood Moon Tetrad nonsense

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Source: Four Blood Moon Tetrad nonsense

I admit I got drawn into the video. I thought it was the most interesting fantasy creation I had seen in a long time. I was stunned at the effort the guy made to draw all these unrelated conclusions, some facts, some distortions of facts, and reach a conclusion so wracked out it was stunning. But to see the effort he put into it. I don’t put that much effort into the truth, and I love truth. He twisted and spun and churned better than a movie spell maker from the old 1970 movies about witches and demons and warlocks, and came up totally thinking he had just solved the greatest puzzle ever. But his way of solving it was to jam all the pieces into a big ball , smash them together, glue them in place and call it done. If you have time watch the video, it was amazing work of religious fever over coming all common sense. Hugs

Slate: It’s Official: Ted Cruz Is the Most Cynical Man in the Presidential Race. Even Worse Than Tru mp!

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It’s Official: Ted Cruz Is the Most Cynical Man in the Presidential Race. Even Worse Than Trump!

You know that Ted Cruz’s brinkmanship tactics have gone too far when even Rand Paul, the original Mr. Filibuster, is fed up with him. On Tuesday, Paul criticized his fellow senator and Republican presidential candidate for his excessive intransigence, signaling that Cruz’s stature within that body has reached a new… Read the full story

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