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November 23, 2014

All of the voting machine manufacturers are now… – Liberals Are Cool

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All of the voting machine manufacturers are now… – Liberals Are Cool.

I posted this earlier with a personal message , however I think it is such a threat to our democracy I am posting it again.  Hugs 

a different world

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1980 was a big turn in politics. The aftermath of Richard Nixon had left Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter a broken country. Ronald Reagan came in and crushed the middle class. The die had been cast, America was heading towards borrowing and credit debt because wages would stay stagnant, wealth would consolidate, and inequality would explode.


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Hugs and Best Wishes,

saddest terminology

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We socialize corporate retail. Their CEOs are… – Liberals Are Cool

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We socialize corporate retail. Their CEOs are… – Liberals Are Cool.

We socialize corporate retail. Their CEOs are compensated because taxpayer money subsidizes their employees. Corporate profits would be nothing without taxpayers floating the millions of retail employees.

refuses to accept reality oh so sad for the USA

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I am so happy, I was surprised by my wonderful Ron.

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So I did the dishes, which were a lot and I cleaned the kitchen which was hard,  I was soaked and I was tired and I was sore.  I was at the end of my strength.   So I stripped, now don’t get giggly I am an old out of shape 52 year old man with a big huge belly, and took a shower.  Got dressed and waited for my love to come home from his extra, extra day shift.  

When my love got home he gave me kisses, and got settled in.  I told him about the loss of time and the poem.  He did not seem surprised.  Which really surprised me.  So I asked him to read my blog before he sat to eat.  He told me he loved it , and it did not surprise him.  I was kind of set back.  I did not realize it was so unremarkable a thing I lost time to write poems.   However he kissed me and told me not to worry about it or even think on it.  I have a feeling he knows a lot more than he is saying, but I know Ron well enough that even torture wont get him to talk.    I might have a chance with sweet talk and kisses, however he was expecting this and did not even do more than smile and hug me.   

From what he told me it happens more than I thought, and I am always a good boy when it happens, he refuses to tell me much, except he loves the poems.  He says I write some as me and others he thinks as the not me.   All are good.  I asked him if I had done anything else as not me and he wouldn’t answer.   

Finally he saw I was in distress over this.  So he took me into his arms and told me some things.  It doesn’t matter, it is OK, and he loves me always.   I am a great good person and he loves me and he will always protect me.   I am not sure about being a great good person, however I can see that he will always protect me.   Do I understand what is happening , nope. but it has been happening for a long time from what I can get Ron to tell me.  He laughed it off when I told him I lost time, he said so do all us old guys.  he wont tell me anything else and I know not to ask much more.  With Ron I can tell when a subject is closed.   I did learn more than I knew.   He loves the poem and said that he could tell it was me from the first line.  He said the words “Happy I will be”  is totally me.  

The great thing is I am not losing my mind, and the even greater thing is Ron both knew and loves me.  That is the greatest thing I can say.  Ron knows me, and he loves me no matter what, forever.  I am the happiest person in the world…He truly loves me…and I adore him.  It simply doesn’t matter who I am, I am loved!   Hugs 

Boy with fake gun dies after shot by Ohio officer – Yahoo News

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Boy with fake gun dies after shot by Ohio officer – Yahoo News.

Randy sent this to me.  It is very sad.  I so dislike realistic looking toy guns.  However the truth here is that the boy never pulled it and pointed it at the officer.   That is key.  If it had been pointed at the officer and he believed it was real and his life in danger he was with in his right to shoot.   

However as I said the report is the boy reached for it, but did not draw or point it.   Which says to me the officer panicked and over reacted.   Look I worked as a private investigator and armed security guard for the sheriff of our country when I got out of the military  service.  We were taught to deescalate an situation.  We were taught ways to use non deadly force when ever possible.  We even were taught to take harm to our self before we hurt others.  We carried many different non lethal weapons.  we were trained how to use them.  They were used on us.   I hate to second judge an officer looking at a gun, but in this case he was not yet looking at the gun…there were other things he could have done.   If he was properly trained.   Hugs 

My day and my poem: happy I will be

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Well today started unusual for me.   I got up earlier than Ron and was going to sneak a shower and make him coffee when his phone rang, and it woke him.   He was asked if he would come into work to make up for people who called off sick.  It was not his shift schedule it was days and he is nights, and it will make five 12 hour days for him, however the man I love does that.   I have been sitting here trying to find stuff to put on my blog that I think will interest people, doing email, and Skype chatting with a great person.

I went out to the kitchen to get something to eat, and when I came back must have lost time.   For on my desk I found a pen and paper with a poem almost complete, I know it is mine, it is my hand writing, but I have no idea what was going on in my head when I wrote it.  I guess the rest will come to me as needed….here is what I must have written:

Happy I will be, in this world made for me

in my hearts mind I see, let nothing try to deceive me.  

what does it mean to be free, what am I, who is me.

Guess I can only wait to see, what those who love me can achieve.

Well there was not any more on the paper, so I guess for now here is where the story ends.   If you wonder how stuff happens to me I can not tell you, I simply know and believe.  I have faith in those that love me, and that some how good will always win , and when it is darkest we need only call out for those we love, and we will have the strength we need ..from some where it will come.   Hugs

Republicans Have A Plan To Gerrymander The 2016 Presidential Election

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Holy Fucking ShitBalls — Republicans Have A Plan To Gerrymander The 2016 Presidential Election.

I passed this over.  Earlier when I saw this I was like , no biggie.   Then I saw it three more times and decided to add up the numbers.  WOW.  Huge difference.  Now I now first hand how elections can be stolen, how the game can be rigged, I life in Florida.  I was here during the “butterfly ballet” where the name of the candidate did not line up with the hole punched to vote, I lived in that county and the ballet approved by the republican election supervisor was so crewed it was extremely hard to tell who you really voted for.  I still say that the first G W Bush election was false, not an election of the people, but instead a coup by the supreme court.  Whats amazes me is that all the conservatives sided with the court for an action it had never taken that it couldn’t justify and said was a one time thing, yet wont follow the same court on same sex marriage and equality.   Yes in their favor Great, against them and we go to war.  And in their view the other side better not complain or it makes the haters the victims.   More and more I see the elections are rigged as much as possible by only one party, the republicans and I hope the people of the USA see it also.   Look at the facts and data, the fake war on people voting more than once, the purging of the voter roles, notice how that happens only under Republican governors, the purge….Democrats don’t need to , they win their elections honestly.   I get so tired of this lying stealing going on.   Then six years after trying to make the Elected President as weak as possible, blocking all legislation to help the country, just to make them selves look better, deny Obama at all costs they said.   That is not patriotism.  It is bigotry and a denial of the rights of everyone who voted for Democrats.   The republicans come up with more ways to steal and rig elections.   Why don’t’ they just change to what the people want, and they wont have to steal the elections.   Hugs

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