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October 19, 2014

LaBarbera: America Must Embrace ‘Christian Oriented Law That Does Not Try To Grant Civil Rights Status To A Sin’ | Right Wing Watch

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 I am stunned by this guy and can not figure out his reasoning.  He has lied, and been caught, and the courts did not believe his lies.  He has made outrageous statements about homosexuals, about same sex marriage about the legal system about the people in this country and basically anyone or thing he disagrees with.  He has ranted about all the damage we will do with out being able to say what is really wrong with same sex marriage or what will really happen when it is legal.  He also predicts tragedy on the children and the USA in whole for marriage equality.   However in all the years we have had it, and others countries have had it, not one of those horror tales happened.   Remember same sex marriage has been around for 25 years, a whole generation and no the world has not been destroyed and God has not returned to spank us.   Now he wants us to throw democracy and our form of government away and embrace a theocracy of his own religion.  Yes his religion would have to be in charge because other religions support same sex marriage.   Sad.  And he insists it must be a Christain one, not any other brand.   Hugs

LaBarbera: America Must Embrace ‘Christian Oriented Law That Does Not Try To Grant Civil Rights Status To A Sin’ | Right Wing Watch.

below is an excerpt from the post.  Please go to the link above to read the whole article.

Peter LaBarbera appeared on the “Point of View” radio program yesterday where he proclaimed that America must embrace “Christian oriented law” so that groups like his Americans For Truth About Homosexuality, the Family Research Council, and the America Family Association will no longer be smeared as “hate groups” because of their anti-gay activism. – See more at:

Rick Scott Bumbles Marriage Question – YouTube

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Rick Scott Bumbles Marriage Question – YouTube.

if you don’t vote……

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things that make Rick Scott lose his cool

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because they vote in a way the GOP doesn’t like

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<p>Texas Republicans are so afraid of letting students, native Americans, and elderly veterans vote that they are refusing to accept their photo ID.<a href= ‪#‎MemeGOP‬ ‪#‎UniteBlue‬ ‪#‎VoteBlue‬
” />

Texas Judge Begins Court Sessions with a Five-Minute Bible Reading and Prayer

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Talk about your activist judges. Here is a judge who not only doesn’t understand the separation of church and state, with him representing the state.   He feels his own feelings and the community’s view on including religion in all aspects of daily life gives him the right to conduct religious rituals in court settings.   In fact he is very wrong, how ever he wont let a little thing like the law, and the constitution stand in his way.   He doesn’t care about anyone’s beliefs, and he figures only his should be present in a court of ALL the people.   He doesn’t see the problem people of other faiths may have.  It is wrong to make people with business before a court parade their religious beliefs or submit to the rituals of others simple to get a fair hearing.   Hugs

Texas Judge Begins Court Sessions with a Five-Minute Bible Reading and Prayer.

Oil Company taxes

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<p>Big oil billionaires like the Koch Brothers have spent big on this year’s elections on behalf of candidates like Dan Sullivan and Joni Ernst. Why? They don’t want anyone to change the status quo.<br />
(via Labor 411) <a href=
” />

what to make of these fears, and how many think they are not real

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"There’s class warfare all right but it’s my class, the rich class, that’s making war and we’re winning.” .. (Warren Buffett)



the Pope has offended some right-wing ‘christian’ conservatives by actually being vaguely christian ..


Pending appeal to the Supreme Court, Texas Republican vote suppression laws remain in force .. (story here)



The Catholic Church may finally be shifting its stance towards gay people, unmarried couples, and those who have divorced .. (story here)


"The extremists showed what they fear most – a girl with a book." .. (U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, speaking of Malala Yousafzai) .. (article - the socialist Malala Yousafzai the US Press doesn’t quote)


5 More Women Accuse Marissa Alexander’s Husband Of Brutal Abusive

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Incredible and horrifying.  Here is a woman who fired into the air to stop her enraged husband from hurting her after giving birth, maybe killing her as he threatened to do, and she got found guilty.   This is the famous stand your ground state.  Yet she is black and so she is guilty.   Again it is a travesty of justice, and the more that I read about it, the more information that comes out, the clearer it is that she was not given a fair trail nor a fair sentence.   Hugs

5 More Women Accuse Marissa Alexander’s Husband Of Brutal Abusive.

When the dust settles, Scott’s probably going to…

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Recall All Republicans (When the dust settles, Scott’s probably going to…).

When the dust settles, Scott’s probably going to be the one to pay politically for this juvenile nonsense tonight — and he should. But there’s something to be said for the fact that it took him losing his mind over a fan to maybe blow this race rather than — Oh, I don’t know —being found guilty of 14 felonies for running a healthcare company as a criminal enterprise and having to pay the government back $600 million he bilked from it.

Being a thief and a grifter is cool, but being a whiny baby? Not a chance.

Welcome to fucking Florida.

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