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February 5, 2016

From Randy.. What is bullying. Hugs

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I know a few adults who would benefit from this sign

the way I would look at the subject

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Religion fears science because science asserts reality, thereby undercutting most of the assumptions underlying faith-based arguments. Science thinks religion is on a spectrum from hilarious to irrelevant.“My god is a little god, and I want him to stay that way.”

French Anti-lgbt Icon Writes Book, Sells 38 Whole Copies!!!

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Again more important information to know about people who make a living hating others to have rights and enjoy life. Here is a person who is doing all she can to deny rights and life to others. I am glad to see she did not sell any real books. Thanks again for the information. Hugs

Just Merveilleux


Christine Boutin the crazy Catholic, aka Mrs. Homosexuality is an Abomination, aka George Bush plotted 9/11, aka mastectomy in the case of breast cancer is sex reassignment surgery (yes, she said that about Angelina Jolie)- wrote a book.

In case you don’t know, she was one of the loudest voices in the anti-gay crowd during the French campaign for gay marriage. Her rhetoric so extreme, she was eventually fined thousands by a court for anti-gay hate speech. Anyway, she wrote a book which has sold 38 copies. Just goes to show how much of the anti-gay movement is smoke and mirrors. They make themselves out to be crusaders, representatives of a whopping “silent majority” – they’re actually just rabble rousers leading religious mobs.

Her crowd has now moved to Italy to annoy Italians. Again they claim to represent the silent majority- one that evidently needs funding…

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Anti-lgbt C-Fam’s Tax Return

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Interesting information on the sleazy acts of the hate groups. We need to be aware of what these groups are doing so that we can protect our selves. However it also shows how clearly they lie to and fleece their own supporters. Thank you. Hugs

Just Merveilleux


Amusing reading: C-fam 2013 Tax Return

This is how to make homophobia and opposition to women’s rights into a lucrative business: Austin Ruse, who started and heads this anti-gay group, pockets over 10% of its entire budget as his salary alone. That’s apart from the expenses he claims (travel, food etc.) For “other employee benefits”, the cost is a whopping $110,000 per year. In essence this man who’s nothing more than a media/internet troll gets paid over $145,000 per year to be an internet troll. 


Interestingly, if you reverse search C-Fam’s Washington address you come up with the name of two other Crazy Christian™ Groups. The James Wilson Institute on Natural Rights and the Faith & Reason Institute. Apparently 1730 Rhode Island Ave., N.W., Suite 212. Washington D.C. is a foundation mill created by Catholic crazies (connected to that is, of course, discounting Monsignor Anthony Frontiero…

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Violet Climbs a Rock – YouTube

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February 4, 2016

Drone Footage Shows Devastation Of Syrian City (VIDEO) – YouTube

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A worrying trend…

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A very interesting question, and one I have recently been hit with. I was told I couldn’t comment on if the bible was historically or scientifically correct as I was not a theologian, a historian, nor was I a scientist. I responded I was a person with the ablility to reason and therefor could weigh the evidence, what was more proven or what was simply myth. I believe in my right to decided and voice my opinion, however I also feel others should have the same chance to weigh the science and historical facts. That is why I am against indoctrination of children, let them have all the information. I would love to have the comments on this idea and post, and please visit the blog the author wrote it on and I borrowed it from. Hugs


I’ve noticed a worrying trend among religionists in which they are trying to say that people cannot speak about subjects outside of their field of expertise.

Take one of my religionist friend’s comments for example:


Does this mean that because I work in IT that I am not allowed to speak against religion using reason and science? I was raised a Christian, I’ve read the Bible, I follow science as closely as I can, but because I’m not a theologian my views on religion are not valid because I’m not an authoritative figure in the field of theology?

This all started because I posted the following picture:


My friend commented saying that it’s OK as long as scientists talk about the field of their study. I raised the point that anyone can present a scientific hypothesis but it will have to stand up against the scientific method. The same cannot…

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When the back feet don’t follow the front ones…

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Parkour Fail

February 3, 2016

You Know You’re a Republican If……

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So well said and written.. The author is a brilliant light on the facts of today. Hugs

The Arm Chair Pontificator


1.) You see a black teenager in a hoodie walking through your cul-de-sac and you immediately draw your concealed handgun and kill him.

2.) You insist undocumented Hispanics living in America be violently deported yet, secretly, have several of them working for you in menial labor jobs for .15 cents an hour.

3.) The Pastor of your church is also the head of your local Klu Klux Klan division.

4.) You truly, deeply believe America was founded by, and for, Christians sometime in the early 1950’s.

5.) You have a deep faith that Jesus is the loving savior of all mankind and hates gays.

6.) You believe the poor, disabled guy who just asked you for a dollar is a lazy, mooching bastard living off the tax dollars of real Americans like you.

7.) You think people who find Donald Trump to be a repugnant excuse of a human being…

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