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August 30, 2015

AP Mobile: Video shows Palestinian women, Israeli soldier scuffling

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A story from AP Mobile:

Video shows Palestinian women, Israeli soldier scuffling


JERUSALEM (AP) – A video showing an Israeli soldier scuffling with Palestinian youths and women at a West Bank protest has been viewed more than 2 million times on Facebook, shining a light on Israeli military policies in the territory.

In the edited video, the masked soldier is seen holding a 12-year-old boy, his arm in a cast, in a chokehold in an attempt to arrest him. The soldier is s…

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AP Mobile: Israel has failed to reform Jewish radicals, critics charge

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A story from AP Mobile:

Israel has failed to reform Jewish radicals, critics charge


SHIR HADASH OUTPOST, West Bank (AP) – The Israeli government initiative has a soothing biblical name, the Hebrew Shepherd, and a serious aim: to keep ultranationalist Jewish settler youths from turning to violence and attacking Palestinians and their property.

But the program – which included plans for a summer camp and carpentry courses to keep the kids out of trouble – has foundered. Ma…

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Maybe the best way it has ever been put. Hugs

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Richard Dawkins – Age of Reason – Faith Schools Menace? (2/4) – YouTube

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Having trouble with the new WordPress reblog

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Sorry if things I re-blog are not looking right, or the titles go crazy long and bold.   They have changed the programs and the old add this I use to use wont work, the press this they want you to use can’t be modified or made to work in the way I liked the old one to do so.  What I am having to do is make the first post, then go back and edit that post, and then go back a third time and clean it up.  Very frustrating.   I do it now only on the things I most want to share as it is such a hassle.  I think if they keep this up I will have to switch hosts because it is too much to go through to simply share what I want with everyone. It also slows me down on my blogging greatly.    Hugs

Why is Agnosticism a Big Deal?

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I like this post because it is how I feel.  I feel there is no deity, but I do believe there is an energy to the universe, in bands that run through the whole of the universe, all planets and beings, sentient and not.  I don’t think these energy fields and powers are Gods, nor are they necessarily good or evil, they simply are.  I don’t believe anyone needs to justify their belief or faith if they don’t try to make others follow it, or live by it, and they don’t try to force it on the youth, or make it into law.  I can talk about my ideas, and I am free to proclaim what I wish, but I do not have the right to insist anyone else agree with me or follow my view.   Hugs

Source: Why is Agnosticism a Big Deal?

excerpt below:
And really, if faith was treated as a personal thing only, apathy about the subject is perfectly fine. Do you believe that flying pink elephants will come down from the sky and bear us up to the land of cotton candy where we can eat to our heart’s content without worrying about diabetes, cavities, or obesity? Great. Good for you. Do you recognize that you have no evidence for that belief and that other people don’t need to share it to earn your good graces? Even better!

At that point, arguing about faith is like arguing about whether Star Wars or Star Trek is the better science fiction series. Who cares if Tolkien or Martin writes the better version of fantasy? Only people that personally invest themselves in it are going to lose sleep over these questions.

Apathy, then, is a good thing.
It means that religion is more of a personal journey that is completely optional for those who want to take it. There is no social pressure or ostracizing if one doesn’t walk the same faith road. People who choose not to walk it won’t have to sit there and be vilified or lied about. While I’m not envisioning everyone holding hands and singing happy songs, it would be quite nice I think to have one less reason for people to arbitrarily hate each other.

Whaddya Know, First Prominent Elected Republican to Endorse Trump Is Arguably the Most Racist | Alternet

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If Trump’s policy is to strategically weaponize bigotry to his advantage, Jeff Sessions’ endorsement is a sign it’s working.

Source: Whaddya Know, First Prominent Elected Republican to Endorse Trump Is Arguably the Most Racist | Alternet

August 29, 2015

I have often said that organised religion is a business designed to be be a behavior modification tool, and to also funnel money form the lowest levels into the coffers of the highest level.  You simply need to look at the catholic faith and the Vatican to see that.   They have wealth untold, their own bank, yet still the insist on tithes from the poorest of the poor.  Many hugs Cycles of Guilt

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And if you really notice, money is on the list of taboo things. Tax-free donations must be kept rolling in, and guilt is a great way to ensure a steady income stream. Joel Osteen’s mansion is a perfect example of how lucrative this can be:Yes, deities will let children starve just to give you this tax free.

Source: Cycles of Guilt

Nice Guys Finish First (1/5) – Richard Dawkins – YouTube

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How Are Your Demons Today?

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Source: How Are Your Demons Today?

I really liked this post. It deals realistically with the problems many of us face, and how to deal with them in a more real way than just wishing them gone. I think the real problem is that some people accuse others of having demons that the person afflicted doesn’t mind or find to be that much of a problem. So for me the real trick is to not push my ideas of what is a demon on others. I must not look at their behavior and decided , based on what is good for me, that they have a problem or not. I think the best one can do is be supportive. I like the idea that if you think you have a problem, then you very well may. But if your happy with your life, happy in how you treat others, in what you do, and you cause no harm to others, then it is not my place to insist you have a problem or a demon. Hugs

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