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January 26, 2015

Ow, my brain hurts. –

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Ow, my brain hurts. –

Randy sent me these.  I loved them and showed them to Ron.  Strangely Ron and I both found the same ones the most enjoyable and interesting.   I hope you like them also.  Hugs

who wins and who loses….and if we don’t do some type of single payer system, we the people lose.

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A Broken Mitch McConnell Whines That President Obama Is Ignoring The Midterm Election

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What upsets me is they spent 6 years saying the dirties things against the President while doing everything they could to stop anything he tried to do.   They did not give him credit for any action or attempt, they did not care that that the people of the USA were hurt by their actions, as long as they could prevent useful thing the current president tried to do.    They wouldn’t stand to see one of the republican presidents treated this way.   I remember when they claimed that any talk against the President Bush was “aid and comfort to the enemy”.  I had a heck of a laugh when after ignoring all the good news about job’s and the economy because it wouldn’t help them for reelection, the day after they got elected on the midterm they suddenly saw how things had improved and they took credit for it.  Now that we are in charge all is great they said.   See we bring more jobs and more money, even though we have yet to pass a law or a bill.    They had not even been sworn in yet, but they were sure they must be responsible for all they had denied had even happened for so long.  So they thought the president they had harassed would suddenly just give up and give them the keys to the white house and walk away.   And we trust them to make law?  Hugs

A Broken Mitch McConnell Whines That President Obama Is Ignoring The Midterm Election.

an excerpt from the post below:

Majority Leader McConnell is still living in the world of his own delusion that a Republican midterm win would force the president to bend to his will. McConnell campaigned on breaking the president’s will and forcing him to do the bidding of the Republican Party. Immediately following the November election,McConnell expressed shock that President Obama did not immediately give Republicans everything that they want. In December 2014, Sen. McConnell said that he was perplexed by the president’s behavior. The Kentucky Republicans was confused by the fact that Barack Obama continued to act like the President Of The United States.

the wealthy’s delusional lie

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<p>TRUTH!<br />


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awesome good job by a caring adult….thank you

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Because of the pressure of performing the kid cried, so the adult model carried him

Because of the pressure of performing the kid cried, so the adult model carried him

my response to a great comment on my Bill Maher gun post

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Thank you. I can talk on this subject with a little bit of authority as I have been in two branches of the military, worked for the Sheriffs department, and carried a gun for 6 years as a professional nuclear armed security officer, and had a P.I licence in the state of Vermont with a concealed carry permit. I hated having the gun in the house and we had a big heavy safe that as soon as I came home the gun went into the safe, and it was the last thing I put on to go to work. I can tell you so many stories of mistakes made by my fellow professionals. Often someone would go to the bathroom, take their gun belt off and hang it over the door hook. Then walk right out and leave it there. We once had to clear the secure area we unloaded our at work weapons as someone chambered a round and then when they went to store their gun, accidentally fired it off. My favorite was on the range when someone pulled their weapon on a four part drill, fully loaded and chambered as they drew it fingered the trigger ( big no no ) and it went off and almost got his foot, so he threw the weapon. Also at the range one guy turned around to ask the instructor a question, still pointing his gun, trust me , a lot of us dived out of the way and hit the ground. SO even with people who carry them every day they can be dangerous and should always be respected. They are not something to carry when distracted over what to get off a menu or what the prices are for different items at the store. Then their is the road rage problem and people who can not control their temper. Recently a guy was a car wash and the kids next to him had their music up too loud, instead of addressing it normally or leaving he unloaded his gun he was carrying into their car, killing at least one. We need to have better control of the people with guns and better control of the guns. Hugs

▶ Bill Maher mocks stupid Americans who carry guns around in public – YouTube

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I do not want to be in any store or open place where a bunch of these people show up with their guns.  I know to many have not got proper gun safety class or procedures.  I know far to well how even among professionals guns can be accidentally fired.   The truth is the statistic show you are more likely to be killed by the gun you own, the gun in your own home, than some other person’s gun.  The fact is these guys carrying the guns are simply afraid.  They feel threatened and think a gun makes them the hero, the strong guy, the one who no will mess with and will let them save the say.   To those who say that the answer to collage shootings is everyone on on campus to be armed, what you will have are shoot outs in the manner of wild west and the ones getting shot will be the innocent bystanders.  Most people in a tense situation can’t hit the broad side of a barn, and even some trained professionals are as bad.   You always hear stories of cops who never fired in a real situation emptying the whole clip and never hitting the bad guy.   Then you have the nuts job dirty Harry cops who kill all the blacks for no real reason, simply because they go for their gun first instead of using the other options they have.   Look if you like weapons there are places to be with them and use them, they don’t belong in the stores and places to eat, schools, and churches with the same rights you have but prefer to use proper decorum.     Ron and I have a standing rule, people walk in with guns we leave, and that place suffers because they wont have our business.    Hugs

▶ Bill Maher mocks stupid Americans who carry guns around in public – YouTube.

January 25, 2015

imagine for just a second if congress had done something like this during G.W. Bush Term when the Republicans said even talking against the president was treason.

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<p>Treason is a conservative accolade for themselves. Sickening. Republicans have the WORST foreign policy.<br />
Via @occupydemocrats</p>
<p>Even Fox News Is Outraged At Boehner and Netanyahu’s Plan to Undermine Obama (video)

weird questions straight people ask……

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Straight people questioning

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