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December 17, 2014

easier to control

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The more trouble they are in, and more elections they lose

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A very sad legacy for any president

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Anonymous layaway ‘angel’ pays $50,000 for Walmart gifts

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Anonymous layaway ‘angel’ pays $50,000 for Walmart gifts.

I am so happy that there are some people in our country who will use the money they have to help others not so fortunate.   Hugs

because they are scared

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My new cane

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Have you ever received something that was so wondrous it made your heart jump and soar.   It made you just stare and hold on to the gift in amazement.   To day I did.  Today I got a gift and it is grand.   TinRicky is a good friend and a craftsman who has a lot of talents and hobbies.  I mentioned to him once that I was looking for a new cane, that I look for ones that are special and different.   I have to have a cane to walk any distance and to stand of any length of time.   I want the ones I have to be more than just support, I want them to be part of me.  Today I got the most indescribable cane I have ever seen.   I love it.  It is even the perfect height for me.   To my good friend thank you for thinking of me and such an heartfelt hand made special gift.   Here are the pictures of it.

image1 image2 image3 image4 image5 image6 image7 image8 image9 IMG_0722 IMG_0723

TinRicky also made me a stained glass cat which I asked Ron to put on my side of the bed, as the cats protect me.   Again great talent.    Here are the pictures.

IMG_0724 IMG_0725

I am a very lucky person and feel on top of the world today.    Thanks and many hugs.   Scottie

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Beans – YouTube

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Beans – YouTube.

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December 16, 2014

This is an Accurate Depiction of my Flirting Capabilities

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When white people do it, and on a big scale…..they live.

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Linda Tirado on the realities of living in bootstrap America: daily annoyances for most people are catastrophic for poor people.

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Linda Tirado on the realities of living in bootstrap America: daily annoyances for most people are catastrophic for poor people..

I am so sorry for these people, one reason is because I have been there.  In fact recently due to my losing my job, due to my so very bad health,  I couldn’t work or earn an income.   Because of our loss of income, we couldn’t pay our electric and had it shut off.   We have no cable TV and to save money I had my phone shut off.  How would you make it today with out a phone.   I worry often about food although Ron has worked over time and even taken other shifts to make money and keep us fed.   I wanted only the tree and lights for Christmas, Ron is torn because he can’t give me much more than I have.   For me it is enough.   For him it is harder.    I don’t know how I will pay back the money I have borrowed until I get my disability because each time I think we have finally gotten ahead, something happens that puts us right back on desperation.   I am so tired of living this close to losing.   However there is no other way for us.   We have it better than some.   Better than a lot of people in many respects.   However don’t try to get me to feel bad your paying a small 16 percent tax on the millions you made this year.   Don’t complain about the taxes you paid when you bring home 150 grand and have no worries and have cars and boats and toys.    I have food and I am thankful for that.   I have friends which money can not buy and are worth more than anything.    So please read this post above and understand what it is now like for the poor in America.    The forgotten poor.    Hugs

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