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April 23, 2014

can I get away with this ????

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I always wondered about this

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I know this feeling well

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wouldn’t it be nice…

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Chelsea Manning Allowed to Formally Change Name – NBC

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I am a huge believer in people being able to express and live as the gender  / orientation that they feel they are.   I feel that MS. Manning was mistreated the entire time she has been in custody, and she should be released, pardoned, and give honor of some one who showed the illegal acts done by our own military.  Hugs

Chelsea Manning Allowed to Formally Change Name – NBC

Chelsea Manning Allowed to Formally Change Name

The Army private convicted of funneling intelligence secrets to whistleblowing website WikiLeaks can legally change her name to Chelsea Elizabeth Manning, a judge ruled Wednesday.

Manning’s private struggle to identify as a woman became public after she was sentenced to 35 years in prison last August for leaking more than 700,000 government files. Manning didn’t attend the minute-long name-change hearing Wednesday, but said in a statement that it is “an exciting day.”

Leavenworth County District Judge David King wrote that Manning is “entitled” to the name change, and ordered that Manning’s birth certificate be amended to reflect the new name, according to the petition obtained by NBC News. The soldier’s given name was Bradley Edward Manning.

“Hopefully today’s name change, while so meaningful to me personally, can also raise awareness of the fact that we [transgender] people exist everywhere in America today, and that we … must jump through hurdles every day just for being who we are,” Manning wrote.

Manning, 26, is currently serving time at the Army prison at Fort Leavenworth in Kansas.

Attorney vows to fight for Manning’s hormone therapy


While Manning’s military records must also reflect the new name, Army officials aren’t forced to treat Manning as a woman, which means she wouldn’t have to be transferred to a women’s unit at another prison.

Manning’s confinement status wouldn’t necessarily change, Army spokesman George Wright told The Associated Press.

“Likewise, the U.S. Disciplinary Barracks is a male-only facility and prisoners there are referred to by the title ‘inmate,’” Wright said in a statement.

Manning wrote that while she struggled with her gender identity, she felt compelled to legally change her name through the courts. But she said she still needs the military’s help to get proper healthcare access.

She said she went last August to be evaluated for a “treatment plan” tailored for transgender people.

“I have not … yet seen their treatment plan, and in over eight months, I have not received any response as to whether the plan will be approved or disapproved, or whether it follows the guidelines of qualified health professionals,” Manning wrote.

She has reportedly filed a grievance with the barracks to get specialized gender counseling and hormone replacement therapy.

Having the military’s help would “not only be something I have wanted for a long time myself,” Manning wrote, “but it will also open the door for many people, both inside and outside the military, to request the right to live more open, fulfilled lives.”

The Army didn’t immediately respond to Manning’s claims about seeking treatment.

Manning, once a low-level intelligence analyst, remains a controversial figure after some view her decision to leak classified information as heroic, while others consider it traitorous.

She was convicted of 20 counts, including seven dealing with espionage.

Manning has said that she stole the information, including diplomatic cables and battlefield reports, while working in Iraq in 2008 and 2009 because she was disillusioned by U.S. foreign policy centered on “killing and capturing people.”

“I’m a ‘transparency advocate,’” Manning previously wrote.

— Erik Ortiz and Courtney Kube

Image: Bradley Manning in wig and make-up.US ARMY VIA AFP – GETTY IMAGES

Bradley Manning wears wig and make-up in this undated photo released by the U.S. Army.
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Sean Hannity guest: Liberals inspired Kansas shooter, Obama causing ‘modern Holocaust’ | The Raw Story

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I know we have freedom of speech here in the USA, however I think this crosses a line.  It is wild lies and pandering , having no basis in fact, in the hopes of getting some people to not only believe this crap, but to act on it.   Hugs

Sean Hannity guest: Liberals inspired Kansas shooter, Obama causing ‘modern Holocaust’ | The Raw Story.

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and you’d think inherited wealth and privilege…

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and you’d think inherited wealth and privilege….

and you’d think inherited wealth and privilege must be included in the ‘luck’ category ..

and you’d think inherited wealth and privilege must be included in the ‘luck’ category ..

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The logic of for-profit prisons

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A comment from Vicky that is so great I decided to make it a post.  many hugs.


Oh my relative, there are many of us who shake our heads and have many tears as to ” why ” this continues to go on… The logic of for-profit prisons is the younger they can institutionalize a person the better for their coffers …. The more offenders the better.. Then they can tell the public that they are safe from harm when those offenders are locked up.. That they are being ” rehabilitated ” when they are being programmed to continue to recycle back into the prisons or stay for a life time…The public is being lied to and the cost can not be measured.. Lives and families ruined… sometimes for ever… Until the bounty on humans is removed this will be a fight that every one is bound to enter… Take away the cost in $$$$ to tax payers, consider the cost to communities in crime after crime… the innocent paying for the for profit industry ….. with their pain and lives… I am all for rehabilitation , when it is done right… and succeeds . not with pretending to do the work and passing out lies and pain back to the people… for profit.. We all need to stand up and voice our opinions to our legislators in every state… and never stop doing so….

Hello Vicky, until you showed me so much stuff, and a few others also shared with me their information, I never knew how bad our justice and prison system was. I guess unless you get tangled up in them , you wouldn’t know. That is why it is so important for people like you to tell us.

I know you did not intend this to be a post but I really feel it is important enough to have everyone see it. So I am going to copy it and paste it as a post from you. Thank you relative Vicky, you really inspire me. Many hugs

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Great news, I am proud to announce a new guest writer, Vicky.

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I have been an admirer of Vicky for many years, since the first comment she made on this blog.  As we exchanged emails she paid me the highest complement I think anyone can give.  She invited me into her family, and made me a relative.  Anyone who has had a childhood like I have has too main problems, we yearn to be accepted as we are by a family, and we feel we are unworthy of any family.   Vicky has done her best to dispel each of those.  I have loved the informative and supportive emails she has sent me, and her passion for helping others is unrivaled.  I am stunned by the many causes she is so great a champion for.   I recently asked Vicky if she would do me the honor of posting on my blog, using her extensive knowledge of the first nation people, the causes and problems she has tried hard to change over the years.    She has finally agreed, much to my great delight.   Here is her first post.  Please welcome her as you would me.  Thanks and hugs.   Scottie

  I met Jody during  a canupa (pipe) ceremony at a recovery program. Jody had been in the program for a year. She was pretty quiet and somewhat afraid of what was going on. My brother, Tony, was in from South Dakota and was leading the ceremony. There was nothing to be afraid of.. just good prayers… from all of us there.  Later, during the fry bread and wojape ( indian pudding) Jody shared that she was being told that her time was up in the program and she had no where to go.. the streets… My sister, Roberta, asked if she could help and offered her home to Jody.. Roberta lives out in the country, in  a wooded area, very beautiful and peaceful.  At first, for about 2 to 3 months.. Jody stayed in her room.. depressed and quiet. With Roberts help she began to look for work.. It was hard as being so far out brings issues with traveling to get to work and job searching.. Jody tried and failed several times to secure a job. She was defeated and let down. Still Roberta kept offering new ideas and ways to overcome these issues, in her mother hen way.
     After about 8 months Jody was getting stronger and more secure in who she was. You see Jody had been adopted as a baby. According to the court records she could secure her parents were both full bloods.  We have tried several times to get the court to release her adoption records with not much results. Still working on it to this day.  Jody was asked by her friend to move in with her , in town, to help with rent and such. Jody moved from Roberta’s and did well for a few months. You see Jody’s addiction was drugs and alcohol, her friend moved in her boyfriend and he was a druggie. Then her friend went back to drugs and alcohol also. Jody stayed strong and prepared to move to  a homeless shelter. Her only priority .. to stay sober. 
     That is when we had the idea to have Jody stay with us. Jody used the spare bedroom in the basement. She fixed it up really nice and kept it nice too. She went to work for a temp agency and worked in the kitchen at John Deere . Jody walked, every work day, about 3 miles, in all kinds of weather, to the bus stop to get to work. Always at 3:30 am.. She would not get home, after a 2 hour bus ride, until after 6 pm.  She put in long hours and put up with a lot of crap for about a year. Then Creator rewarded her and all the hard work paid off… Jody was hired , on a permanent basis and works at John Deere.. She now has health coverage, is union and most of all her own little apartment. 
      The year Jody spent with us was one of the best. We spent many hours talking and crying over and about our culture.  The great divide in the two worlds  we live in.  The pain of the past and the hope for the future.  Answering our “why’s ” and “where do we go from here?” questions. It was a lesson for us both. 
       This past month we honored Jody because she made 3 years sober.  Jody shared with me that she went through many rehab programs… they were good but did not hit her heart in the way she needed. She said that the first time she entered the Sweat Lodge, went through the ceremony , was the first time she saw who and what she is. That she was hit in her heart with the path she was on and will stay on for life.  In other words …she got  it !!  Today Jody is a very strong and smart First Nation woman. She leads in a good way and example. She still has her moments, just like we all do, the difference now is she honors her humanness .  She avoids the tragedy of perfection… steps around the negative and searches out all that is good and positive. 
     For me, Jody is my hero … What she has overcome in 3 years is amazing and a true blessing. I could go on and on about what she has suffered, but I choose to focus on what she has done with it and moved on  to a better place on her Red Road… When you have low spots on your road.. think of Jody… I do …..  
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April 22, 2014

Sounds like a good idea to me. Hugs

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I'm Clean!


The Great Escape

Brother From Another Mother

I'm Been Waiting All Day For You!

I'll Help Sniff Out Your Mama

Get Off My Back!

I Just Don't Understand You Humans Sometimes

Double Punch!

...And I Get Away With It!


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