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November 26, 2015

My laptop

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I am back on my top and according to Norton security I was attacked on the registry of this laptop.  Now to the comments.   Loves and hugs.

MY blog

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my blog is under attack.  I can post but comments are not getting to me and only show up on pages I have already posted.  If I try to get them I get a forbidden notice.   Not cool but I guess some can’t take being disagreed with.   sad.   Anyway if I don’t respond to a comment it is not I did not want to, I simply am blocked from it.  I have notified wordpress and as I pay them over 250 a year for this blog they will get it solved they tell me.  Thanks and love your support.  Hugs


Anti-theist Answers to Christian Questions

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Source: Anti-theist Answers to Christian Questions

To help SoM with understanding. Hugs

Anti-theist Answers to Slick Questions – YouTube

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Race against the tide, risking death under huge blocks of ice – Human Planet: Arctic – BBC One – YouTube

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November 25, 2015

My newest candle I made

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I love the new candles I make because I make them with a much smaller WIC and that causes them to burn slower him with no soot. Also they last much longer. Sadly I have baskets of ones I did with large wicks which make lots of soot and burn too fast and too hard.

My newest candle for myself. Love it

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See the difference. Hugs

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November 24, 2015

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My Ron has come home and even though he asked if he could do something for me today, I sent him to bed for a couple hours.   Why you ask?   Well Ron worked a full 12 hour shift last night.   When he got home he crawled into bed with me, and hugged me for a hour and half.   Then he got up and got showered and went to visit his sister a few hours away.   However Ron felt it was too much for me and and asked me to stay home.   I love him, he is my husband and if he asks me to stay home I will.   He texted and called me constantly during his family visit.   Now for those who may suggest that he doesn’t want me with is family that is totally false as we spent an entire summer with this very sister, and on the phone we are very grand.  He just felt it was too much for me, and he told his sister that same thing.   After he got home and told me the whole thing, the stresses and the stuff both good and bad, I have to agree he was correct.  I wouldn’t have been able to do it.  Now I have to wake him in a few hours as we want to go out and look at the grand moon.  Yesterday  as he was going off to work he noticed how grand the moon looked.

So I am letting him sleep a few hours, then if , and only if , he wants to get up and walk in the moonlight than OK.  If not he will sleep, and I will crawl in next to him and continue what we started this morning.   Loves and hugs.

Trump Mob Attacks Black Man, Chants “All Lives Matter” – YouTube

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