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November 28, 2014

The ark and reason

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I want to thank This web site, it is a great blog.  I was having trouble thinking of things to blog about this morning, and then I saw this picture.   I read the words on the book and it sparked the blogging ideas.   I want to make clear I don’t mind religion and I am in favor of personal faith.  How ever I think that if your religion ignores or tries to belittle science, then it is a false religion.  We have intelligence and if you believe we were created by a deity, then the deity wants us to use that intelligence.   There is no reason I can see that science and faith can not both be given their due.   Science is real, and faith is a feeling that is also real.   There is no reason to deny either.   However back the ark.  I  think the bible is full of holes and misconceptions.  The ark is one of these.   First we will by pass the idea of a deity just destroying his creation, his planet, and his people.   We wont try to figure out how the entire species was to be repopulated from just the family of Noah.   Incest is often described in the bible.  We know from science that the population did take a hit and our DNA profiles did bottle neck, however it was not all the way down to one family.  See science can prove stuff.  However my real point is the idea of the ark and what it  was to hold.   First the idea that one ship could be big enough to carry two of every animal and creature on this planet is just silly.   First we would have trouble building such a ship our self with the technology we have today.   It is not just the animals and all critters.  It is all the support supplies.   Food  storage and delivery.   Waste build up and removal.  How does one small family care and feed all that many.  Fire to cook food for the humans, and what they need to eat.   Think if all the world was underwater then where did they get the hay and grass for the herbivores, and where did all the meat come from for the meat eating ones.   Ask any one who has large pets they will tell you the food bill is huge, and that they eat a lot.   I have two cats and we go through food and treats like they were Great Danes.  I wont go into the trouble keep the insects and other smaller life alive.   Where do they store the stuff needed for the humans.   I have no idea how large animals like elephants and rhinos handle travel by ocean ship, but I bet a lot of the animals wont take to kindly to it.  The whole idea can’t be supported by any reason and by any science.   So lets not think of it as a true event but some kind of metaphor that the church thought was important to include in their list of lessons.  The real question of the ark is what does it represent, what is the lesson the people of those times wanted people to learn.   See if the people that believe in the bible would use reason to see what they were to learn , not what they already think it must say because they already have that opinion, then they would see some great life lessons in the book.    Anyone got some thoughts?   Hugs and loves.

Proud Atheist.

That’s an Ark. With Dinosaurs.

rich are too poor, our poor are too rich…which is really backward.

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The paid mercenaries of the conservative status quo warriors.

this says it clearly, more clearly than words

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November 27, 2014

What shade of lipstick and where do I get some

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What are the odds?

comfortable positions achieved

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Our furniture, their future. Which will reign supreme? Is it sofa so good, or scratch another notch in your furniture count? You decide.

medical advice from a child. May be the future Surgeon General

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Men Try Sex Toys For The First Time, Hilarity Ensues

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Men Try Sex Toys For The First Time, Hilarity Ensues.

OK, first off no nudity is involved, however there are some confused and then rather happy guys.   I don’t think I need to say much more, and yes this one gets filed under,….funny stuff.  Hugs

Thank You (For The Love) | In So Many Words

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Please go to Oscars site and read his work.  This one he posted, it  felt like he had reached into my soul and I was stunned.  It was if he had watched Ron’s and me over our life, if he had been in our hearts and minds.  I love this so much I printed it out and gave it to Ron.    I was going to post it here, but that would deprive you of the feel of Oscars wonderful blog.  Happy day to all , happiness and fulfillment.   Hugs

Thank You (For The Love) | In So Many Words.


my boyfriend and I after our date turned into our love

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This is such an excited photo.  I see so much in it. I see innocents, I see love, I see experimentation, I see happiness and fulfillment.   If  you see something different let me know.  Hugs

iwriteaboutfeminism: via the New York Times – Liberals Are Cool

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iwriteaboutfeminism: via the New York Times – Liberals Are Cool.

There is a great chart on this site.   I wish I could post it here, however the post doesn’t work.   Hugs

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