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March 28, 2015

The Glaring, Brazen Hypocrisy at the Heart of American Right-Wing Christianity | Alternet

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I have posted about this before.   I hope you will read this article because it presents the problem much more clearly than I can.   the fact is children are dying and being abused based on SELFISH religious views of the parents.   The parents are not dying, the kids who have no say are!  I am sorry it is not a religious thing, it is selfish to the extremist.  No God who claims to love children would want parents to simply sit and watch them die than use the medical and technical knowledge we have.  It is not a question of faith, as we understand how the body works, we understand medications.  It is simply posturing by the parents, “look at us we are so holy and faithful we let our children suffer, be abused, and die to look good in the eyes of our church”.  This is another example of the USA falling behind the rest of the world, and becoming a “sharia law” country.   When religion trumps all other things, it is a theocracy, and it is not our country any more.   Hugs 

The Glaring, Brazen Hypocrisy at the Heart of American Right-Wing Christianity | Alternet.

Most devout Bible believers turn to science when their children can’t breathe, but 38 US states have now passed laws to protect parents who don’t—along with parents who beat their children in accordance with biblical advice, or deny them education on religious grounds.

just testing it to see it is safe for the baby…right…my job..right…

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She’s been pacified completely.Source: Awwww Pets

Gracie got the pillow…you know who you are…..hugs

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Looks like this pooch is angling for some attention.Source: Awwww Pets

March 27, 2015

none are free until all are free

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people who suffer understand the suffering of others.

In 1831, the Choctaw Indians endured death and starvation when they were forced out of Mississippi to travel the Trail of Tears. Just 16 years later, they learned of the people in Ireland who were starving to death during the potato famine and donated all the money they had to the strangers across the sea.  Source

get the point, discrimination is bad, religious rule is bad…

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<p>(S) Boycott #Indiana </p>
<p>It’s precisely because religion is bigoted and filled with hate that we have freedom FROM religion. Denying rights because of the hate you extract from a christian religious text is not grounds for a law.

Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff takes a stand against Indiana pro-bigotry laws.

I think that should be very clear..sad the Republicans don’t get it…

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<p>Anti-Discrimination Protects People</p>
<p>So perfect

wtf…we are a stupid people. Hugs

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Another case of “it’s OK if you are Republican”. #birthers

His ‘church’ beats your ‘state’

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What Indiana Republican Mike Pence is saying is that [his] evangelical christian beliefs trump your constitutional rights. His ‘church’ beats your ‘state’. You are not allowed freedom FROM his religion. #SB101

These Republicans are the same people in existential fear of Sharia law, yet they are the ones imposing their one religion through legislation.

Wisconsin Police to Begin Forcibly Taking DNA for ALL Misdemeanor Convictions | The Free Thought Project

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Wisconsin Police to Begin Forcibly Taking DNA for ALL Misdemeanor Convictions | The Free Thought Project.

I can understanding the taking of DNA from convicted criminals.  However I don’t believe in taking it from anyone else.   Look the thing is are they going to take it at birth from everyone.  We have due process laws.  Let them work.   Lets adhere to the principle INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY!  Now we are having all our privacy and rights taken away from us like we were simple cattle property of the owners to do with as they wish.   I don’t like the idea of finger printing kids, taking foot prints of kids, and of taking personal markers like DNA from anyone.  I once had a boss who railed about a commercial for a phone service because it was based on fear…you should buy our multiple caller alert in case your young daughter is alone in a strange place with rain pouring down and she needs you to come get her or she will be raped and hurt.  Well this is the same thing.  Let us take your DNA or your the next to be hurt, your family also.    People they have too much of our lives now.  Yet they give us nothing.  Police what to make filming them illegal, they want laws saying that the name of cops who hurt or shoot or injure people can’t be released.  They want complete autonomy to do what ever they wish, same for the governments that void sunshine laws and claim everything is classified.  The same as governments that put whistle blowers who tell of illegal government acts in prison for ever to shut them up, these are the people claiming it is OK fr them to have your DNA.   Your emails, your phone records, the right to bug your car…it is just going way to far.    hugs

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