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November 23, 2014

My day and my poem: happy I will be

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Well today started unusual for me.   I got up earlier than Ron and was going to sneak a shower and make him coffee when his phone rang, and it woke him.   He was asked if he would come into work to make up for people who called off sick.  It was not his shift schedule it was days and he is nights, and it will make five 12 hour days for him, however the man I love does that.   I have been sitting here trying to find stuff to put on my blog that I think will interest people, doing email, and Skype chatting with a great person.

I went out to the kitchen to get something to eat, and when I came back must have lost time.   For on my desk I found a pen and paper with a poem almost complete, I know it is mine, it is my hand writing, but I have no idea what was going on in my head when I wrote it.  I guess the rest will come to me as needed….here is what I must have written:

Happy I will be, in this world made for me

in my hearts mind I see, let nothing try to deceive me.  

what does it mean to be free, what am I, who is me.

Guess I can only wait to see, what those who love me can achieve.

Well there was not any more on the paper, so I guess for now here is where the story ends.   If you wonder how stuff happens to me I can not tell you, I simply know and believe.  I have faith in those that love me, and that some how good will always win , and when it is darkest we need only call out for those we love, and we will have the strength we need ..from some where it will come.   Hugs

Republicans Have A Plan To Gerrymander The 2016 Presidential Election

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Holy Fucking ShitBalls — Republicans Have A Plan To Gerrymander The 2016 Presidential Election.

I passed this over.  Earlier when I saw this I was like , no biggie.   Then I saw it three more times and decided to add up the numbers.  WOW.  Huge difference.  Now I now first hand how elections can be stolen, how the game can be rigged, I life in Florida.  I was here during the “butterfly ballet” where the name of the candidate did not line up with the hole punched to vote, I lived in that county and the ballet approved by the republican election supervisor was so crewed it was extremely hard to tell who you really voted for.  I still say that the first G W Bush election was false, not an election of the people, but instead a coup by the supreme court.  Whats amazes me is that all the conservatives sided with the court for an action it had never taken that it couldn’t justify and said was a one time thing, yet wont follow the same court on same sex marriage and equality.   Yes in their favor Great, against them and we go to war.  And in their view the other side better not complain or it makes the haters the victims.   More and more I see the elections are rigged as much as possible by only one party, the republicans and I hope the people of the USA see it also.   Look at the facts and data, the fake war on people voting more than once, the purging of the voter roles, notice how that happens only under Republican governors, the purge….Democrats don’t need to , they win their elections honestly.   I get so tired of this lying stealing going on.   Then six years after trying to make the Elected President as weak as possible, blocking all legislation to help the country, just to make them selves look better, deny Obama at all costs they said.   That is not patriotism.  It is bigotry and a denial of the rights of everyone who voted for Democrats.   The republicans come up with more ways to steal and rig elections.   Why don’t’ they just change to what the people want, and they wont have to steal the elections.   Hugs

This seems so true and it is so sad…..

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I have no words for this, it is so scary…LYNCHED ..really in our world lets make that impossible.

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Lawmakers are considering a bill that would shut…

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Thinksquad • Lawmakers are considering a bill that would shut….

This is important to me due to the fact the USA Government is actually needing this much computer storage not to help the people of the country but to instead spy on them.  Yes it is not being used for health care need,s or the storing of national treasures, or the backing up of the CDC computers or the used for Federal emergency management agency.   NO this dang place is used to house everything said, watched, spent, uttered, typed , or maybe even said in the sleep of every american citizen and everyone in the country.  Yes ever USA citizen.  We have heard the whole story come out about how the NSA and others only take over seas stuff, then well yes they take a few things in country and now we know they siphon every single email, fax, text, and phone conversation.   Yours, mine, everyone’s.    I know this very page, this post is part of that vast government data base.   Why should they have that?  It simply is not right.  I wonder if on the days my viewer numbers spike if that is the days the government access and downloads all of my blog.  Maybe I could use that taxpayer funded back up if I loss some posts?  Yes taxpayer funded!   As my beloved Ronnie says..Growl,,,,Hugs

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good point for the Economy.

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Drone footage of Storm West Seneca NY 4K Aerial – YouTube

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I admit I miss this.  I really want to get back to crashing through snow drifts in my truck and doing designs in the snow with the snow blower.  I know my old bones wont like it much, but my young mind and heart think it is grand.   Hugs

Drone footage of Storm West Seneca NY 4K Aerial – YouTube.

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What Fox ‘News’ Won’t Report: House Intelligence Committee’s Benghazi Report Torches Conspiracy Theories

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Holy Fucking ShitBalls — What Fox ‘News’ Won’t Report: House Intelligence Committee’s Benghazi Report Torches Conspiracy Theories.

OK after 7 complete partisan investigations the same truth gets told.  No wrong doing by anyone.  So now there is an 8th investigation going on.  Do our congress people have NOTHING else to do.    How much money does the fiscal conservative strict money savers want to spend on what they already know.  Do they just hope for one more sound bit, one more talking point for the next political campaign.  Please be adult, enough really is enough.   time to move on to the real job of Government.  Hugs

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KY Fire Chief Refuses To Help Family: ‘We Ain’t Taking No N*ggers Here’ | Crooks and Liars

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I understand that some people wish to keep to the way things were when they very young, when they felt powerful, how ever that did not make it right then, and it sure is not right here, today, in this country.  I personally will never let it be seen as OK to be a bigot , I wont ignore another persons pain.   When we first came to Florida way back in 1994 we had a black friend come visit us.  We took him out to dinner at a nearby Sizzlers steak restaurant.  It was until that night one of my favorite places.   However that night I saw our friend and a good man humiliated because he was black by at least one of the staff.  I had never seen out right racism before and this horrified me.   We were at our table,  the waitress came up, and asked Ron and I what we would have, however she wouldn’t take our black friends order.   Instead she looked at us and said some very derogatory things and asked us what it would have.   She refused to address him or listen to him.   I started to come unglued.   I wanted to argue with her.   My friend was mortified, and asked if we could just leave.  I hated to, I was told by people later I should have gotten the manager, but I did not think of it.  I just remember the look on Laddies face as it was happening.   The thing is he had faced this same treatment many times, I had never even seen it.   I knew the people I grew up with were racist, but I had never seen them do this kind of thing,  they just ran off at the mouth.   We did leave, and out of respect for our friend we never talked about it.  I know it still haunts me, and I bet it does others who have seen this or had it happen to them.   So I learned, I wont just leave next time, I will ask for management, I will use the press and any media I can to say “enough, we are all humans, we all are to be treated the same, with respect and compassion, and bigotry and hatred has no place around us”.    Hugs

KY Fire Chief Refuses To Help Family: ‘We Ain’t Taking No N*ggers Here’ | Crooks and Liars.

KY Fire Chief Refuses To Help Family: 'We Ain't Taking No N*ggers Here'

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a question, does the blog display OK.

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Hello everyone and happy day.  A great friend and someone I really admire sent me a letter asking about my blog.    Here is what he wrote:


When I look at your blog the words go past the stuff on the right side of the screen and hides part of the words. However when I click on it it opens and recorrects and I can see all the words without it being behind the right side stuff but this does not work all the time. Some times the words are still blocked. This is on my tablet. Am I doing something wrong?? I changed my text size but made little to no diff. ??????? Just asking
So does anyone else have a problem with the way the blog displays.  Does it run off the page or does it do something else not correct.    On my tablet and computer it displays correctly.    Thanks Hugs.
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