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July 7, 2015

even as a boy in church school I never understood why all our pictures of Jesus showed him as a white guy with straight light brown hair.

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why they don’t return our calls……Love this

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Ian Roscoe's photo.

ever read something so mind numbing stupid, that it makes you want to add chlorine to the gene pool ?

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they all claim they are the one true one, and all the others are fake frauds. :)

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Quotes | Seeing the whisper

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Quotes | Seeing the whisper.

Funny stuff.   Hugs

Take me home NOW, human

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“This better not end at the vet clinic.” (photo by devoe)

smarter than the average human

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<p>Clever girl. <p data-wpview-marker=“>

same today as then it seems

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Going Beyond ‘Obamacare’ America’s Supreme Court…

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Going Beyond ‘Obamacare’ America’s Supreme Court….

Going Beyond ‘Obamacare’America’s Supreme Court has ruled that the modest extensions to<br />
healthcare provision, popularly known as ‘Obamacare’, are legal. Frankly, given the state of healthcare in the USA, anything is better than nothing. &lsquo;Obamacare’ is a necessary and useful band-aid, and I wouldn’t want to minimize its value, but it’s not the cure for such a sick system. It’s just a start. Much more is needed.I<br />
guess everyone knows the problems. A bloated, ramshackle,<br />
for-profit ‘system’ that in 2010 left nearly 50 million Americans<br />
without health-cover, where 44,000 people die unnecessarily each year because<br />
they lack health insurance, where the costs are the highest in the<br />
developed world but the outcomes lag badly in many respects. A system<br />
where drug costs are obscenely high compared to what other countries pay<br />
 and where profit is squeezed out at every step in the process. One<br />
where people regularly face financial ruin and bankruptcy just because<br />
they get sick. A system that is deeply dysfunctional and plainly unfit for purpose.True,<br />
 ‘Obamacare’ will extend coverage to some (but not all) previously uninsured Americans but it does little to address the<br />
runaway costs and institutionalized unfairness of the overall healthcare<br />
 system. In fact it provides an unnecessary boost to the bloated health insurance<br />
industry. The tragedy is, there is no inevitability involved here. None<br />
whatsoever. It really doesn’t have to be like this. The system has been shaped in a particular way by those who<br />
stand to profit from it. So lets imagine something different. Something<br />
better. After all, America is still the richest country in the world and<br />
 anything should be possible.Lets start with what a decent<br />
healthcare system should aim to achieve. Well, for me it would need to<br />
offer comprehensive coverage to all Americans, birth to grave, free at<br />
the point of delivery. No-one should ever have to consider cost or be<br />
asked for money when they are sick and no-one should ever be bankrupted<br />
because of seeking medical care. The same service, to the same<br />
standards, should be available to everyone, rich or poor alike. Every<br />
 worker would contribute to a central ‘health insurance’ fund, collected<br />
 like income tax, throughout their working life. There are examples in<br />
other countries that can be learned from and improved upon. A better<br />
funded, organized, and managed version of England’s NHS might be a useful<br />
starting point to build from. One with any problems in that system addressed and eradicated. Whether at national or state level, the vastly greater<br />
purchasing power of this model would enable drug and service costs to be<br />
 slashed dramatically. Money would not be wasted on profit that could<br />
more usefully be spent on providing patient care.In addition to<br />
participating in, and benefiting from, a universal healthcare system<br />
Americans would of course be free to purchase additional private medical<br />
 treatment if they wanted to, for convenience or preference, which is a<br />
freedom enjoyed in other countries with universal healthcare. In<br />
practice, if the universal healthcare is sufficiently well funded and<br />
organized, there would be few reasons to buy privately.This is unarguably a<br />
 much ‘freer’ system than America has at present, because not only would<br />
everyone be free to spend privately but every single person would also<br />
be free from the fear of unmanageable medical costs. There is no issue<br />
of principle here either. Everyone accepts the concept of income tax<br />
paid for the public good and paying for universal healthcare would be no<br />
 differentNow you can call that approach ‘socialist’ if you want<br />
 but personally I think that’s just unhelpful, knee-jerk nonsense. Labels<br />
 like that are a total irrelevance. They’re not what matters. What<br />
matters is a common-sense system that benefits the majority of people to<br />
 the greatest degree possible. Some things are too vital to the<br />
well-being of a nation to be left to the mercy of the market and not<br />
everything in life has to make a profit. Why do Americans not deserve<br />
the same universal healthcare enjoyed by other developed western<br />
nations ?William Arthur Ward said .. “If you can imagine it, you<br />
 can achieve it”. In this case that’s true. None of this is rocket<br />
science. America could, if it wanted, have the best and fairest<br />
healthcare system in the world. Wouldn’t that be an ‘American Dream’ to<br />
be really proud of ? Why would anyone, other than those profiting from the<br />
status quo and their political stooges, not want that ? What is preventing it, other than stubborn, misguided ideology and personal greed ? It needs to be done. It could be done. It should be done. So why not ?Internet Writer(cartoon David Horsey)

introducing christianity to the new world

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