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November 28, 2015

ISIS Isn’t the Greatest Terrorist Threat to America

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Source: ISIS Isn’t the Greatest Terrorist Threat to America

Can this be true, these acts? This is not the country I gave years of my life in military service for. What I swore to protect was not thugs, was not white privilege, but it was equality for all, and a constitution that gave us was to protect our self. I see so many hateful changes to my country I so dislike yet can’t seem to change. It will take a generation to remove the hate that has filled our once great land. When the younger people are no longer filled with the poison venom of their elders, change will happen. I hope I live long enough to see it. Then again we will shine as a country. Hugs

Nature Photos

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I love such grand pictures. Hugs

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Kittens seem to take over

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(photo by editorialcomplex)

the lord waits for his caregivers

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(photo by mramato12)

6 Terrifying New Weapons Police Are Using To Crush Protests

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Source: | Original Post Date: November 12, 2015 – The future of police technology has arrived, and it’s stranger and more terrifying than we could’ve possibly imagined. Conspiracy theorists’ worst fears were confirmed last month when the New York Post reported that the NYPD

Source: 6 Terrifying New Weapons Police Are Using To Crush Protests


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Sad, we still have different standards of treatment for different groups. The police shouldn’t have broken into his home, sounds like they did not have real evidence and cause. The man had a right to defend himself. Hugs

November 27, 2015

a grand thanksgivings idea.

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From Black Friday until Cyber Monday 2015, you can adopt a pet for free from the Best Friends Animal Society and their partner locations. is covering adoption fees and donating an additional $150 for every pet that finds a home. Source

November 26, 2015

My laptop

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I am back on my top and according to Norton security I was attacked on the registry of this laptop.  Now to the comments.   Loves and hugs.

MY blog

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my blog is under attack.  I can post but comments are not getting to me and only show up on pages I have already posted.  If I try to get them I get a forbidden notice.   Not cool but I guess some can’t take being disagreed with.   sad.   Anyway if I don’t respond to a comment it is not I did not want to, I simply am blocked from it.  I have notified wordpress and as I pay them over 250 a year for this blog they will get it solved they tell me.  Thanks and love your support.  Hugs


Race against the tide, risking death under huge blocks of ice – Human Planet: Arctic – BBC One – YouTube

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