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March 28, 2015

Indiana Governor Mike Pence to Seek Legislative Clarification That ‘Religious Liberty’ Law Won’t Allow Discrimination| Gay News | Towleroad

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Indiana Governor Mike Pence to Seek Legislative Clarification That ‘Religious Liberty’ Law Won’t Allow Discrimination| Gay News | Towleroad.

His discriminating religious buddies got his balls in a bind.   Sorry if that seems harsh but it is about the truth.  See he wanted the votes of the ignorant so he went along with them on this stupid discrimination bill thinking that no one would notice or care about a few gay people.  Well not so.  People started to withdraw business and the state is going to lose money big time.  So now he wants to roll the clock back and say well the bill to permit people to discriminate and refuse service and to serve gay people and claim their religion made them do it, they wont feed you, shelter you, clothe you because they are honoring their god who DID DO ALL THAT, doesn’t mean that at all.  However he has a problem, the ones who want the right to discriminate don’t want it taken away, they still want the law to say “we can hate gay people and try to hurt them because we LOVE god”.   The old Governor says to them, “no we have to say it doesn’t say that right, we can still do it but it doesn’t say that”….but they don’t get it.  They say “but dude we want to say ‘we don’t serve your kind here” like good strong cowboys in the movies”.  I wonder what will win out, the money or the bigotry?   Hugs

GOP Congresswoman Gets Surprise On Facebook After…

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Holy Fucking ShitBalls — GOP Congresswoman Gets Surprise On Facebook After….

I loved reading these.  I loved the coverage I had when I was using the ACA.  I had no insurance and needed a lot of medical care.  I got great coverage at a reasonable price I could afford.  So if you are lucky enough not to need Obama care, then be thankful and move on.   Don’t try to take health care from others who do need it.  Hugs

Australian comedian perfectly sums up why other countries think US gun laws are crazy – Vox

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Australian comedian perfectly sums up why other countries think US gun laws are crazy – Vox.

Australian comedian Jim Jefferies was the victim of a home invasion once. He was tied up and beaten, and his girlfriend was threatened with rape. So you might think he’d sympathize with the idea that Americans want guns to protect their families. Quite the opposite — he does an excellent job of summing up why so many foreigners are baffled by America’s gun culture:

In Australia, we had the biggest massacre on earth, and the Australian government went: “That’s it! NO MORE GUNS.” And we all went, “Yeah, all right then, that seems fair enough, really.”

Now in America, you had the Sandy Hook massacre, where little tiny children died. And your government went, “Maybe … we’ll get rid of the big guns?” And 50 percent of you went, “FUCK YOU, DON’T TAKE MY GUNS.”

9 Things Many Americans Just Don’t Grasp (Compared to the Rest of the World) | Alternet

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I hope every one will re-post this and re-blog it often.  I keep hearing from right wing conservatives and some very inbred people about how the USA must never apologize and must bee seen as the best of everything and no one can admit the USA made a mistake.   That is a load of Bull.   A whole barn full of it.  Look it is not patriotic to fail to admit the truth and see where your country is failing or could do better, that is called nationalism.   True Patriotism is understanding there is a problem and working to fix it.  Sadly I know if many ways other  countries have done things better than we have, yet to try to introduce these improvements in the USA always comes back to the insulating other countries.   I hope everyone will pass on some of the ways we could do better and please show them to fixed noise , called fox news, and let them see that other countries do have something we could use.  Hugs  

9 Things Many Americans Just Don’t Grasp (Compared to the Rest of the World) | Alternet.

To hear the far-right ideologues of Fox News and AM talk radio tell it, life in Europe is hell on Earth. Taxes are high, sexual promiscuity prevails, universal healthcare doesn’t work, and millions of people don’t even speak English as their primary language! Those who run around screaming about “American exceptionalism” often condemn countries like France, Norway and Switzerland to justify their jingoism. Sadly, the U.S.’ economic deterioration means that many Americans simply cannot afford a trip abroad to see how those countries function for themselves. And often, lack of foreign travel means accepting clichés about the rest of the world over the reality. And that lack of worldliness clouds many Americans’ views on everything from economics to sex to religion. 

Georgia legislators admit religious liberty bill is about discrimination.

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Georgia legislators admit religious liberty bill is about discrimination..

On Thursday, however, the façade fell away. During a Georgia House Judiciary Committee debate over the state’s new religious freedom bill, Rep. Mike Jacobs—a Republican!—called anti-gay legislators’ bluff. Jacobs proposed a simple amendment to the legislation clarifying that it must not be interpreted to legalize discrimination. Conservative representatives cried foul, asserting that an anti-discrimination amendment would defeat the purpose of the bill. When the amendment narrowly passed, conservatives quickly tabled the bill, postponing its consideration indefinitely. A religious freedom measure with an anti-discrimination provision, they decided, was not a real religious freedom measure at all.

One Restaurant Already Celebrated ‘Religious Liberty’ By Turning Away Gays | ThinkProgress

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One Restaurant Already Celebrated ‘Religious Liberty’ By Turning Away Gays | ThinkProgress.

The owner of the restaurant knows he is wrong as he wont give his name or business.  He is wrong that because it is his business and his money he can freely discriminate.   Yes they let it be passed to do it against GAY people, but what about black people, divorced people, females not completely covered, Technic people? He opened up a PUBLIC accommodation called a restaurant and PUBLIC places must serve everyone.  We had this out with the civil rights whole issue.     They just had a movie reminding us about it.   Clearly if you don’t want to serve a select clientele, then open a PRIVATE CLUB, where you can have membership rules.   But he wants the PUBLIC, so he must serve the public.  Now he claims this is because of his religion.  So is he catholic, because if so he must also not serve any one who had a divorce and remarried with out an annulment,  adulterers, people who work on the Sabbath, and people who violate so many of the biblical laws.   Does the guy serve people who  get hair cuts, does he have his hair cut?  See that also violates a biblical law.   See how it is not a religious issue, it is clearly that he is against two guys having sex.  It is the idea of gay sex that throws him.   Same with all these people who try to claim it is against their religion but they care only about the sex, every other rule and law gets a pass.   Well guess what.  I know I wont go to states that pass these laws, and I will support those who fight these laws.   I wont support business that do these actions.  I can tell you that when they have to close their business because the money is not coming in, because people wont by their stuff or service, then they will quickly change their minds.   Hugs

Did Hana’s parents ‘train’ her to death? | The Seattle Times

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I am sorry but reading this made me sick.  Really.  I started reading this, got really upset, went to bed with Ron holding me for about three hours.  I couldn’t stand it.  The authors, the people who follow them, anyone who knows this is happening and doesn’t step in are all to blame and equally at fault.  This is complete child abuse and torture.   NO question about it.  I don’t care your religion if it tells you to treat a child, or anyone for that matter, in this way it is wrong and false.  It is unbelievable to me that you can use a “it is my religion and so I have the right to do this to my kids” defense.   So let me get this clear..if you don’t pretend you have a god that says go ahead and beat and torture kids in my name, then you go to jail for doing a bad bad thing.   However if you say “Hey my GOD says it is a great thing to do for the kids sake, beat and torture them in his name, and you get off with a good worshiper award?  WTF!!   It shouldn’t matter. It is sort of like discrimination…if it is bad it is always bad, don’t do it.  It is not some times good to abuse kids and some times not…it never is.   Oh I can’t stand this…Crazy hair pulling hugs

Did Hana’s parents ‘train’ her to death? | The Seattle Times.

The deaths of the three children each allegedly happened at the hands of their parents. Though they lived in different parts of the country, the parents all had several things in common: They adopted children, home-schooled them and beat them with quarter-inch plastic tubes. They also followed the child-rearing teachings of a Tennessee evangelist, Michael…

The Pearls wrote “To Train Up a Child,” first published in 1994, and which teaches parents how to use a “switch” to make their children obey. Michael Pearl says it has sold more than 670,000 copies, been translated into a dozen languages and is popular with some Christians who home-school their children.The authors say raising a child is as simple as training a dog, and they cite biblical verses supporting use of the “rod.” Their website includes comments from many followers who say they have successfully raised happy, obedient children using the Pearls’ principles.

Pearl encourages parents to think of the switch as a “magic wand” and says teaching a child to obey is like training an animal:

“A dog can be trained not to touch a tasty morsel laid in front of him. Can’t a child be trained not to touch?”

The Glaring, Brazen Hypocrisy at the Heart of American Right-Wing Christianity | Alternet

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I have posted about this before.   I hope you will read this article because it presents the problem much more clearly than I can.   the fact is children are dying and being abused based on SELFISH religious views of the parents.   The parents are not dying, the kids who have no say are!  I am sorry it is not a religious thing, it is selfish to the extremist.  No God who claims to love children would want parents to simply sit and watch them die than use the medical and technical knowledge we have.  It is not a question of faith, as we understand how the body works, we understand medications.  It is simply posturing by the parents, “look at us we are so holy and faithful we let our children suffer, be abused, and die to look good in the eyes of our church”.  This is another example of the USA falling behind the rest of the world, and becoming a “sharia law” country.   When religion trumps all other things, it is a theocracy, and it is not our country any more.   Hugs 

The Glaring, Brazen Hypocrisy at the Heart of American Right-Wing Christianity | Alternet.

Most devout Bible believers turn to science when their children can’t breathe, but 38 US states have now passed laws to protect parents who don’t—along with parents who beat their children in accordance with biblical advice, or deny them education on religious grounds.

March 27, 2015

Wisconsin Police to Begin Forcibly Taking DNA for ALL Misdemeanor Convictions | The Free Thought Project

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Wisconsin Police to Begin Forcibly Taking DNA for ALL Misdemeanor Convictions | The Free Thought Project.

I can understanding the taking of DNA from convicted criminals.  However I don’t believe in taking it from anyone else.   Look the thing is are they going to take it at birth from everyone.  We have due process laws.  Let them work.   Lets adhere to the principle INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY!  Now we are having all our privacy and rights taken away from us like we were simple cattle property of the owners to do with as they wish.   I don’t like the idea of finger printing kids, taking foot prints of kids, and of taking personal markers like DNA from anyone.  I once had a boss who railed about a commercial for a phone service because it was based on fear…you should buy our multiple caller alert in case your young daughter is alone in a strange place with rain pouring down and she needs you to come get her or she will be raped and hurt.  Well this is the same thing.  Let us take your DNA or your the next to be hurt, your family also.    People they have too much of our lives now.  Yet they give us nothing.  Police what to make filming them illegal, they want laws saying that the name of cops who hurt or shoot or injure people can’t be released.  They want complete autonomy to do what ever they wish, same for the governments that void sunshine laws and claim everything is classified.  The same as governments that put whistle blowers who tell of illegal government acts in prison for ever to shut them up, these are the people claiming it is OK fr them to have your DNA.   Your emails, your phone records, the right to bug your car…it is just going way to far.    hugs

GOP’s “religious freedom” riot: How a bigoted Indiana law could roil GOP primary –

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My great friend Richard sent this article to me.  I admit I am not a support of this guy Cruz.  I find him to be either a a preacher in devils clothing, or a true born again fanatic, either way he doesn’t understand nor support our constitution as he wishes to establish a religion ( his of course )  and he wants to have religious laws.   Both are great big no no by our founding fathers.    He is always scary because he can rally people.   Just like other horrible people who used emotional words to incite people to do horrible things.   Hugs 

GOP’s “religious freedom” riot: How a bigoted Indiana law could roil GOP primary –

Other cases he took on reflected his conservative Christian ideology. On his campaign website, he touts successfully defending the inclusion of the term “under God” in the Texas Pledge of Allegiance and a Ten Commandments monument on the grounds of the state Capitol. He notes that he fought in the courts to protect a Bible display installed on public property and to have the divorce of a same-sex couple’s civil union invalidated because they’d gotten hitched in Vermont.

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