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May 25, 2015

Kansas Faces Federal Backlash to Shameful New Offensive In Its War on the Poor

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This is simply hateful and spiteful.   This is those who have some wanting to feel superior to those who have less.    This is all about the idea of “we don’t want those people shopping in our stores, their kids to have what our kids have, or them to enjoy life as we might”.  This is a class system and it is designed to have some people looked down on.   Plus as Randy said, he looks carefully at what he buys and he would spend more for groceries if he bought only the approved things that were put into law, so it cost the poor person a lot more of what they have a lot less of.   If you read the article it saves the state NO money but does increase the fees the poor pay.   It has to be illegal and I hope the federal government puts a stop to it.   Hugs

Kansas Faces Federal Backlash to Shameful New Offensive In Its War on the Poor.

Barring an about-face, on July 1 the state law will effectively cut off its poorest citizens from needed funds while directing a healthy cut of their aid to financial companies who collect fees on ATM transactions. According to theWashington Post‘s calculations, “a single mother with two children seeking to withdraw just $200 in cash could incur $30 or more in fees, which is a big chunk of the roughly $400 such a family would receive under the program in Kansas.”

Antarctic Peninsula in ‘dramatic’ ice loss – BBC News

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Antarctic Peninsula in ‘dramatic’ ice loss – BBC News.

“Around 2009/2010, the surface in this part of the southern Antarctic Peninsula started to lower at a really quite dramatic rate, of 4m per year in some places. That’s a pretty big signal,” said Bristol’s Prof Jonathan Bamber.

“The total loss of ice per year is about 60 cubic km. Just to put that into some kind of context: 4 cubic km is roughly equivalent to the domestic water supply of the UK every year.”

Record flooding decimates parts of Texas and Oklahoma – CBS News

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Record flooding decimates parts of Texas and Oklahoma – CBS News.

So Randy sent this too me.  He asked me ” Now, since Texas is already so hard on the abortions, gays, and anything not christian, what do you suppose God is pissed about now?

Could it be the way His name is used to justify any injustice?”  Because as you know they blame the gays for anything bad that happens in their life and the world, and all good things that happen are because of them of course.   Weird way to look at the world.

My question is, how come we can build oil pipelines all over this country but we can’t build water pipelines to send water from where we don’t need it to where we do need it.  Why do we have huge national oil storage tanks, but not a single national water storage place?   Can’t drink oil, can’t bathe in it, nor cook with crude oil.  SO why not do with water what we do with oil?  pipeline it, ship it, and store it.    Hugs

May 24, 2015

5 facts about the minimum wage | Pew Research Center

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5 facts about the minimum wage | Pew Research Center.

  1. Adjusted for inflation, the federal minimum wage peaked in 1968 at $8.54 (in 2014 dollars).
  2. Nearly half (48.2%) of the 3 million hourly workers who were at or below the federal minimum in 2014 were ages 16 to 24.
  3. Twenty-nine states, plus the District of Columbia and nearly two dozen cities and counties, have set their own, higher minimums.
  4. About 20.6 million people (or 30% of all hourly, non-self-employed workers 18 and older) are “near-minimum-wage” workers.
  5. The restaurant/food service industry is the single biggest employer of near-minimum-wage workers.

Advocating Progress (The hawkish argument that “the world is better…)

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Advocating Progress (The hawkish argument that “the world is better…).

“The hawkish argument that “the world is better off” because of the Iraq war isn’t just obviously false, but it’s the sort of desperate ends-justify-the means claim that only ideologues and propagandists find compelling. If we take Iraq war dead-enders at their word that they think the world is better off, this just confirms that they have no understanding of the consequences of the war they supported. More than decade of conflict in Iraq has claimed hundreds of thousands of lives, injured countless more, displaced millions, driven millions more into exile, and has brought about the complete ruination of an entire country. The war empowered sectarians and jihadists, and exposed the country’s religious minorities to an unending nightmare of persecution. Only a fanatic could look at the devastation wrought by the Iraq war and its aftermath and conclude that the world is better place because of it.”

Scott Walker’s Koch Economics Is Decimating Wisconsin

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So this is the proof.   If you let them they will gut all your states system and in exchange for giving you all the debt and grief they will transfer the wealth to the already wealthy.  Hugs

Scott Walker’s Koch Economics Is Decimating Wisconsin.

Just last week, for example, with a fast approaching deadline to pass a budget, Walker who pretended that increased tax revenue from massive tax cuts would save more drastic education cuts learned there is no new revenue. In fact, Walker’s tax cuts for the rich and corporations cost the state twice as much in revenue losses than he calculated leading him to slash at least $275 million more from education to keep the debt at the $2 billion.  As Alice Ollstein noted, Walker’s typically Republican “singular focus on slashing taxes for corporations and the rich has taken the state from a billion dollar surplus to a  $2 billion deficit” in a few short years. Walker’s plan to address the crushing deficit is more tax cuts and a new taxpayer-funded sports complex while still cutting hundreds of millions more from education.

Every bit of economic disaster plaguing Republican states like Kansas and Wisconsin, whether drastic spending cuts, massive revenue shortfalls, or mounting deficits are due to tax cuts for the rich and corporations. And yet Republicans continue devastating their states’ economies with their ideological bent to serve the interests of the very rich. What is astonishing, really, is that these Republican economic woes were well under way prior to the 2014 midterms and still, voters re-elected the likes of Sam Brownback and Scott Walker. There is a very good reason the Koch brothers candidate of choice for the Republican presidential nomination is Scott Walker and it is not because he has business acumen or noteworthy economic bona fides; but because he will unabashedly serve the interests of very rich and corporations and destroy the economy in the process.

GM says you don’t own your car, you just license it – Boing Boing

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GM says you don’t own your car, you just license it – Boing Boing.

GM has joined with John Deere in asking the government to confirm that you literally cannot own your car because of the software in its engine.

Like Deere, GM wants to stop the Copyright Office from granting an exemption to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act that would allow you to jailbreak the code in your car’s engine so that you can take it to a non-GM mechanic for service, or fix it yourself. By controlling who can service your car, GM can force you to buy only official, expensive parts, protecting its bottom line.

As Consumerist quips, GM wants you to know that the car in the driveway is “literally not your father’s Oldsmobile.”

Tamir Rice …a child killed for no reason other than he was black skinned

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Please understand that this is a 12 year old boy with a toy gun ALONE at a picnic table, cops drove up and opened fire.   No investigation, no determination, they drove right up to him and opened fire , killing him with out a care.  I can tell you this was not the way I was trained as a reserve deputy.   The could have parked well back and talked to him.   But instead they drove right up to him and executed him.   Hugs



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<p>I CANNOT BELIEVE THEY JUST FOUND HIM NOT GUILTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WTF!!!!?????!!?!?!?!? 

2006 FBI Report on White Supremacist Infiltration of Law Enforcement: You Will Be Assimilated

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2006 FBI Report on White Supremacist Infiltration of Law Enforcement: You Will Be Assimilated.

This is very scary and also not the America I believe in.   It is not the place I served to protect every ones right to be equal.   Lets stop this bigotry in any form while we can.  Hugs

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