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April 15, 2014

Bi Teen Blog: Self-Harm

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I am thankful to Justin to allow me to reblog what he had on his site there.   This is important information.  I know this for a fact, because you see, at different times in my life I have also self harmed.  I normally cut my arms or hands, normally my writs up to my mid forearm.  It is not something I am proud of, however it does happen.   Ron has take huge steps to try to keep it from happening and to help me deal with it.   I admit since the stress of my job is gone it has been easier, but I also admit I have wanted to cut my self several times.   I feel an urge to do it at least twice a week.   I am dealing with my issues, and I hope the best for each of you who struggle with this.   My warmest hugs.   Scottie

Bi Teen Blog: Self-Harm.

Friday, 4 April 2014


Self-harm is most common in adolescence and young adulthood, usually first appearing between the ages of 14 and 24. Self harm is not limited to humans. Captive animals are also known to participate in self-mutilation, for example captive monkeys or birds.


Self-harm is not typically suicidal behaviour, although there is the possibility that a self-inflicted injury may result in life-threatening damage. Although the person may not recognise the connection, self-harm often becomes a response to profound and overwhelming emotional pain that cannot be resolved in a more functional way.

The motivations for self-harm vary as it may be used to fulfill a number of different functions. These functions include self-harm being used as a coping mechanism which provides temporary relief of intense feelings such as anxiety, depression, stress, emotional numbness and a sense of failure or self-loathing. It can also be a direct result of pyschosis which could have been brought about by any of these functions.

Psychosis (from the Greek ψυχή “psyche”, for mind/soul, and -ωσις “-osis”, for abnormal condition) means abnormal condition of the mind, and is a generic psychiatric term for a mental state often described as involving a “loss of contact with reality”. People suffering from psychosis are said to be psychotic.

People experiencing psychosis may report hallucinations or delusional beliefs, and may exhibit personality changes and thought disorder. Depending on its severity, this may be accompanied by unusual or bizarre behaviour, as well as difficulty with social interaction and impairment in carrying out the daily life activities.


Functional causes of psychosis include the following:

  • brain tumors
  • drug abuse amphetamines, cocaine, alcohol, among others brain damage
  • schizophrenia, schizophreniform disorder, schizoaffective disorder, brief psychotic disorder
  • bipolar disorder (manic depression)
  • severe clinical depression
  • severe psychosocial stress
  • sleep deprivation
  • some focal epileptic disorders especially if the temporal lobe is affected
  • exposure to some traumatic event (sexual abuse, violent death, etc.)
  • abrupt or over-rapid withdrawal from certain recreational or prescribed drug

Avoidance techniques

Generating alternative behaviours that the sufferer can engage in instead of self-harm, and shaping the use of such behaviours, is one successful behavioural method that is employed to avoid self-harm. Techniques, aimed at keeping busy, may include journaling, taking a walk, participating in sports or exercise or being around friends when the sufferer has the urge to harm themselves.

The removal of objects used for self-harm from easy reach is also helpful for resisting self-harming urges. The provision of a card that allows sufferers to make emergency contact with counselling services should the urge to self-harm arise may also help prevent the act of self-harm.

Alternative and safer methods of self-harm that do not lead to permanent damage, for example the snapping of a rubber band on the wrist, may also help calm the urge to self-harm.

If you or anyone you know is involved in self-harm, time is of the essence! The longer it goes on the more damaging physically and mentally the condition becomes. Help IS out there.

Football Players Protect Special Needs Girl From Bullies – YouTube

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See we all can make a difference.  We all matter.   Thank you Justin for showing me this and letting me share it.   This comes from Justin’s blog, how ever I am not sure how long Justin is going to keep his blog up so if you wish to see the huge amount of stuff he has on it please to here and then also the home page.   Thanks.   Hugs.

Football Players Protect Special Needs Girl From Bullies – YouTube.

April 14, 2014

Louisiana Republicans Are Pushing A Bill To Adopt The Bible As The State Book

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Progressive News & Politics.

Louisiana Republicans Are Pushing A Bill To Adopt The Bible As The State Book (VIDEO)


Louisiana Republicans are pushing forward with a plan to force Christianity upon everyone in the state. In a move that blatantly violates the Establishment Clause of the Constitution, the GOP is advancing a bill that would name the Bible the state book.

HB 503 endorses a specific religion by declaring the Bible the Louisiana state book

HB 503 is a slap in the faces of all Louisiana residents who aren’t Christians. The bill is an effort to officially make the Bible the state book. On Thursday, the House Committee on Municipal, Parochial and Cultural Affairs voted 8-5 to advance it to the full House.

Adopting a specific religious text as the state book is an endorsement of a specific religion. It ignores the books used by other religions. It also sends a message to the followers of other religions that the state doesn’t care about them. It causes division and wastes tax dollars. This is precisely why government and religion are separate in the first place.

Read more

April 13, 2014

The Dutch Bloemencorso Parade .

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The Dutch Bloemencorso Parade . All entries made from real flowers!

The flowers have been meticulously placed to create the giraffes,
even down to their eyelids and hair that lines their neck.

The intricate blooms have been manipulated
to create this gravity-defying impressive model of a tiger and her cubs.

Every float is made from dahlias. This twisting house, which is as high
as other apartments, weaves its ways through the narrow streets.

Just by using dahlias, volunteers created this show-stopping piece,
where a startled antelope flees the clutches of a leopard that gives chase.

Utterly brilliant – the competitors left no detail out – they even included
the numbers on the tags on the ears, and what appears to be the inner
workings of a milk-processing plant within the cow’s body.

Bloemencorso saw this elaborate fish display,
which saw a shoal of fish whirl around each other – even using
light-coloured dahlias to shade in the light bouncing off the eyeballs.

Bloemencorso began in 1936, and since then has spiraled in popularity,
as the small population makes huge efforts to outdo one another
So they can create sculptures like this huge organ.

Even the meerkats get a mention! The curious animals are brought to life,
as creators perfected every inch of the models, even down to their nails
and the shading on their tails.

Every float here is made from petals and, despite
being made from such a delicate, tiny structure, take on gigantic
proportions which people clamor to see.

Bloemencorso has grown in terms of popularity
and in the sheer size of the creations, with thousands flocking to
the home of Vincent Van Gogh to gasp at the displays.

Held on the first Sunday of every September, the quaint town becomes
packed with visitors and, on this occasion, a huge rhinoceros
made of delicate flowers.

Thousands turn out to Bloemencorso, as hamlets compete with each
other to create the Most beautiful display – including this sinister-looking
fishy creature. Each of the competing districts of Zundert

- which was the home of Vincent Van Gogh -
constructs its own entry and competes in the parade,
which occurs every first Sunday in September.
According to those behind Bloemencorso, the parade is all the work
of dedicated volunteers, who do not profit from the colourful display.
A staggering six to eight million dahlia flowers are used to produce the floats. 4th Grade Science Quiz

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This is so disturbing that we are failing our children this way.  That we leave them unable to compete on an international level, filled with errors and silliness, while the rest of the world moves forward with science and learning.    We seem afraid of the very knowledge that would raise us to new levels, instead a bunch of people in this country hides behind myth and fables, calling them history and science.    Sad.  Hugs 4th Grade Science Quiz.

April 10, 2014

Truth,,Ronald Reagan

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<p>Yes the Unemployment rate was 7.5 % when I took office.  I introduced Reagonomics and Trickle down, the rate jumped to 10.5%, and even with my back pedaling and unlimited check book (Debt ceiling) I had to raise taxes.  But all I will be remembered for is the first year.<br />
” /></a></p>
<p style=iammyfather:


Yes the Unemployment rate was 7.5 % when I took office.  I introduced Reagonomics and Trickle down, the rate jumped to 10.5%, and even with my back pedaling and unlimited check book (Debt ceiling) I had to raise taxes.  But all I will be remembered for is the first year.

No Moral Ground

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Patriotism is not.

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Progressive News & Politics: Photo.

Mississippi Sex-Ed Law Permits Teachers To Instruct Students That Homosexuality Is Illegal

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To me this is outrageous that in 2014 states can just say what they wish to be true, ignore federal laws, and the Supreme court of our country.   It is time to rein in these governors and state officials who think they are above others and the laws of our land.   It is a settled issue that a person’s sexuality is in born, and not changeable, and that regardless of sexual attraction or orientation people can be and are still great normal people.  Hugs

Mississippi Sex-Ed Law Permits Teachers To Instruct Students That Homosexuality Is Illegal.

Mississippi Sex-Ed Law Permits Teachers To Instruct Students That Homosexuality Is Illegal

Under Mississippi’s mandated sex-education curriculum, teachers are permitted to instruct students that homosexual activity under the “unnatural intercourse”statute is illegal, while enforcing that a “monogamous relationship in the context of marriage is the only appropriate setting for sexual intercourse.”

While the law allows teachers to opt out of presenting programs related to the state’s anti-gay sex policy, any instruction contradicting the statute is prohibited under the state’s sex-ed curriculum.

Since 2012, Mississippi has required all school districts to offer an abstinence-centered sex-ed curriculum, although 12 percent of districts have not yet implemented any sex-ed courses, according to a recent study by the Center for Mississippi Health Policy.

The law also requires male and female students to be instructed in separate classrooms and prohibits condom demonstrations in schools.

Despite the Supreme Court’s 2003 ruling in Lawrence v. Texas invalidating all state laws against gay sex as unconstitutional, several states maintain various anti-sodomy laws, including Alabama, Louisiana and Utah.

A November 2013 Public Policy Polling survey found that “Mississippi probably continues to be the most conservative state in the country when it comes to same sex marriage.” Only 22 percent of Mississippi voters said they support marriage equality, with 69 percent thinking it should be illegal.

On Thursday, Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant (R) signed a contentious bill potentially legalizing anti-LGBT discrimination throughout the state under the auspices of religious freedom.

“It’s the first time in my life that I’ve actually considered moving out of Mississippi,” Jeff White, a founder of the Mississippi Gulf Coast Lesbian and Gay Community Center, said on Thursday. “It made me physically ill the past few days, realizing what they’re trying to do.”

Editorial: If Gov. Rick Scott only had a heart | Tampa Bay Times

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Editorial: If Gov. Rick Scott only had a heart | Tampa Bay Times.

Editorial: If Gov. Rick Scott only had a heart

This is the tin man as governor, a chief executive who shows no heartfelt connection to the state, appreciation for its values or compassion for its residents. Duke Energy is charging its electric customers billions for nuclear plants that were botched or never built. Homeowners are being pushed out of the state-run Citizens Property Insurance Corp. and into private insurers with higher premiums and no track records. Federal flood insurance rates are soaring so high that many property owners cannot afford the premiums but also cannot sell their homes. The governor sides with the electric utilities and property insurers. He criticizes the president rather than fellow Republicans in Congress for failing to fix the flood insurance fiasco they helped create.

In Scott’s Florida, it is harder for citizens to vote and for the jobless to collect unemployment. It is easier for renters to be evicted and for borrowers to be charged high interest rates on short-term loans. It is harder for patients to win claims against doctors who hurt them and for consumers to get fair treatment from car dealers who deceive them. It is easier for businesses to avoid paying taxes, building roads and repairing environmental damage.

Florida’s modern political era began in 1954 with the election of Gov. LeRoy Collins, who skillfully steered the state through the early years of desegregation and is widely regarded as the state’s greatest governor. Other governors from both political parties had an instinctive feel for Florida and a passion to help its people. In the 1970s, there was Reubin Askew. In the 1980s, Bob Graham. In the 1990s, Lawton Chiles. In the 2000s, Jeb Bush. There were some mediocre and average governors along the way, but even the least of them demonstrated a deep affection for this state and its residents.

Scott, who moved to Naples just seven years before running for governor, treats Florida like another faceless corporate acquisition to be dismantled and repackaged. Collins created the community college system; Scott ordered the colleges to create a gimmick, a handful of bachelor’s degrees that can be purchased for $10,000. Askew established the water management districts and reformed the appointment process for judges; Scott gutted the former and injected more politics into the latter. Gov. Bob Martinez pushed ambitious efforts to manage growth and preserve environmentally sensitive land; Scott decimated both.

The state’s refusal to accept billions in federal money illustrates how this governor ignores the needs of everyday residents. He fought the federal Affordable Care Act all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court and lost. He stood by as the Legislature turned down $51 billion in federal money to help cover 1 million uninsured residents, and now he refuses to reaffirm even his tepid support for taking the money. Tens of thousands of Floridians are signing up for health coverage in the federal marketplace in spite of a governor who refuses to help them.

Scott’s decision to reject $2.4 billion in federal money for high-speed rail between Tampa and Orlando was just as callous. At a time when the region was desperate for more jobs, Scott dismissed federal guarantees and let the money go to other states. He called high-speed rail financially risky but then approved far riskier projects to please powerful state legislators. He embraced the expensive SunRail project in Central Florida and the creation of Florida Polytechnic University in Lakeland, a boondoggle that diminished the University of South Florida and will cost taxpayers dearly for generations.

This governor shows little respect for individual rights. He advocated drug testing for state employees and welfare recipients; the courts ruled against him. He pursued a purge of voter rolls that threatened to disenfranchise minority voters; the county elections supervisors revolted. He signed into law restrictions on early voting; the public outcry forced changes.

Scott sides with developers seeking an easier time building their projects, utilities winning routine approval of higher electric rates and health insurers that now need no state approval to raise rates. For homeowners, there is less protection from leaking septic tanks. For motorists stuck in traffic, the governor’s solution is more toll roads.

The state spends less per public school student than when Scott took office. Parents and teachers have lost faith in a school accountability system in chaos. College students hear the governor’s disdain for a liberal arts education as he demands results on the cheap. Meanwhile, Scott eagerly promises hundreds of millions in tax breaks to businesses pledging to create jobs in future years. His administration approved nearly 350 job creation deals in his first three years in office, but only four jobs have been created for every 100 promised.

The son of a truck driver and a store clerk, Scott grew up poor, lived in public housing for a time and worked his way through law school. He moved to Florida as the former head of a hospital company that paid a record fine for Medicare fraud, and he got himself elected to the state’s highest office. Yet the governor who overcame so much adversity himself shows remarkably little empathy for Floridians and their everyday challenges as they seek a brighter future for themselves and their children. Scott’s soulless approach to governing is turning the Sunshine State into a cold-hearted place, where the warm promise of a fresh start and a fair shake are fading fast.

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