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October 24, 2014

Indian country weekly newsletter, for 10-24-2014

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Brutally Attacked Native Transgender Woman Can Finally Speak Again –

How long, really how long until we get it through to everyone  loud and clear that this conduct is not acceptable.  We must keep telling everyone that know one has the right to assault anyone else.  It is wrong.  We need to speak up, speak out.  We must offer the victims help and we must do all we can to give everyone safety.  Hugs

Brutally Attacked Native Transgender Woman Can Finally Speak Again –

This is an excerpt from the article, and to read the whole post please go to the link above.

Four unknown men assaulted the 28-year-old Bushwick woman as she walked with a gay male friend on Bushwick Avenue at 11:30 p.m. October 12. According toWABC-TV New York, the assailants shouted anti-gay obscenities and then proceeded to punch and kick the woman. One man threw a Plexiglas board, striking her in the head. The unknown gay male friend was able to escape without injury, officials said.


The writing is on the wall for gay marriage bans

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Sad that they are willing to put the people through this, knowing they had already lost.   They can not legally win, the courts have already ruled. However they are willing to waste tax payer money, and harm all the same sex couples and their children in preventing them for a little while from the legal benefits married family have to protect them.  It is spiteful and cruel, mean and ugly, but they are willing to do it anyway.    Sad.  Hugs


ACLU Sues San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department Over Anti-LGBT Discrimination| Gay News | Towleroad

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This goes along with what I have been posting.  We must not be silent when people are being harmed by the ones paid to protect them.   Hugs

ACLU Sues San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department Over Anti-LGBT Discrimination| Gay News | Towleroad.


San bernadinoLGBT inmates at the West Valley Detention Center, both current and former, have filed suit against the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department for discrimination and abuse faced behind bars. The prison system often separates LGBT inmates for their own safety, but that discrepancy should not reinforce and legitimize the difficulties they have faced according to the suit, from name calling to longer jail sentences.

The Los Angeles Times reports:

The suit cites several cases in which gay inmates were allegedly denied equal access to drug rehabilitation and educational programs. Gay inmates were allowed less time out of their cells and were unable to participate in work programs that would reduce their sentences, the suit claims.

“In the United States, we punish people because of the crime they commit, not because of who they are,” said Melissa Goodman, an ACLU attorney who filed the suit along with the law firm Kaye, McLane, Bednarski & Litt, LLP.

The ‘Althernative Lifestyle Tank’ where LGBT inmates are kept became a personal hell for the fifteen people filing suit alongside the ACLU, including Peter Guzman who claims he was kept in his cell for up to 23 hours each day.

Guzman, who spent seven months in West Valley awaiting trial in a fraudulent check-writing case, said that from his cellblock he could see that straight inmates were often out of their cells. Sometimes, violent offenders who were straight served food to the gay inmates as part of a work program that gay inmates were denied access to, Guzman said…

The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s office, along with deputies and sheriff John McMahon, are being named in the suit, and for good reason: they either enforced or committed the in-jail discriminatory behavior.

Mckibben[Former Indiana sheriff deputy and West Valley inmate Dan] McKibben (pictured far right with partner Sean), 51, said he once saw deputies beating a gay inmate. Deputies, he said, regularly used gay slurs when addressing inmates.

McKibben, who spent about two months in the gay cellblock, said he was appalled at the behavior of those who’d taken an oath to uphold the law.

“When you’re sworn, you’re sworn. And I took that oath,” he said. “These guys, every other minute, were violating that.”

October 23, 2014

What does five years in solitary confinement do to a person? – YouTube

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I am not an expert, I am a human, and I know how much I need interaction and stimulation, and I am not even the most social of persons.  I can not imagine this horror, this torture, for it is torture.   Other civilized countries do not need to do this, why do we?  Are we not better than this.   There has to be other ways.   At the hospital we use a sitters to help with unruly and disturbed PT’s.  We do restrain them for their safety and the safety of others, but we keep people in the room, to talk to them, to interact with them.  Some times the PT has no idea what is going on, they are out of their minds, and yet they will respond to the sitters.   Just hearing a voice or knowing someone is hearing your voice, even your rant, seems to make a huge difference.   Hugs

What does five years in solitary confinement do to a person? – YouTube.

what’s wrong with America today

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<p>Let’s talk about what’s REALLY wrong with America…</p>
<p><a href=

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name the country……

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Let that sink in…

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Tom Cotton says people with pre-existing conditions were ‘happy’ before Obamacare

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Tom Cotton says people with pre-existing conditions were ‘happy’ before Obamacare.

I have severe medical problems, and no I don’t want sympathy, just a fair chance, help where I need it.  I have been with out insurance, at the mercy of being treated when and where I could get it.  It made my problems worse.  I have had the misfortune to know there was medication I could take, yet we couldn’t know afford.  Many times I got by on samples given to me by my doctors because they new I couldn’t buy the meds I needed.   I went to work at a place that gave me insurance, yet I had to wait over a year for medical coverage, so for all that time all visits and medications came from my pocket.  It was a scary time.   I wouldn’t wish it one anyone.  I would so much rather see our country do as other advanced countries do, have single payer and universal healthcare.   They can make it work, why do we keep telling our self we can’t do it.   It is because of greed, and money.    Those who make millions off of the suffering of others.   Hugs.

Chris Christie Is So Tired Of Hearing About The Minimum Wage

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Recall All Republicans (Chris Christie Is So Tired Of Hearing About The Minimum Wage).

What the jerk Christie is.  He knows his argument about this is silly.  Of course every parent wants the very best and the most for their children.  However most parents have children or even themselves in minimum wage, and they know how even a few dollars more will make a huge difference.  So yes they do sit at the table and wish they and their children could make more on minimum wage.   I know some people who have had to ask for night jobs, just so they could get the shift difference to make ends meet.  I think anyone who makes minimum wage or even some who make higher but live alone will tell you they can’t make it on the amount they earn working a normal week.   The average person’s wage has stagnated while cost have soared.  There is simply nothing left over these days no matter how hard you try.    Hugs

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