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November 26, 2015

Anti-theist Answers to Slick Questions – YouTube

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November 11, 2015

Cop Tases Bound Black Man To Death, Gets One Month Jail – YouTube

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November 1, 2015

This Is What Happens to Registered Sex Offenders on Halloween

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“I made a 19-year-old mistake. I didn’t go and molest a 5-year-old, and I’m being treated as someone who did.”

Source: This Is What Happens to Registered Sex Offenders on Halloween

excerpts below:

But studies have shown that more than 90% of children who are sexually abused know their abuser, who is often a family member or close acquaintance. A Bureau of Justice Statistics report showed that only 7% of those who sexually abused juveniles were strangers to their victims.

Levenson co-authored a study that examined the Halloween effect by looking at sex crimes against children between 1997 to 2005. The researchers analyzed more than 67,000 crimes in which the perpetrators were strangers, acquaintances and neighbors.

In a year-by-year comparison that zeroed in on Halloween, the researchers found no variation in number or types of crimes committed, even as more laws were added.

Patino acknowledges there is no evidence of an increased risk on Halloween and is aware of data showing that most children know their abusers. He said the department provides parents with links to other websites that dispel myths about child sex abuse.

Halloween sex offender laws, Levenson said, assume most registrants have high re-offense rates. “But the research tells us across the board that the majority of sexual offenders do not go on to reoffend,” she said.

In California, a recent Corrections Department report found that close to 92% of the registered sex offenders in the state who returned to prison did so because of a parole violation. Only 0.8% were rearrested because they committed another sex crime.

These laws are bull, they are useless, and they are simply measures to make people think they are accomplishing something and feel good about themselves, while doing no good and causing a lot of harm. Read the excerpts and you will see how stupid these laws are. None of these laws would have stopped or prevented my own abuse. They are piled on not by learned people who have studied these issues but by politicians who want to curry favor with certain voters. Many first world countries wont even send people accused or convicted of sex crimes back to the U.S.A. because of these laws and how unfair they are. England recently said they violate basic human rights. It seems to me these laws are designed to make life hard and to continue to to add and increase punishment to a class of people. Now murders re-offend more often than sex offenders, and so do arsonists, and burglars also. I would rather know if one of those lived next door to me. I would have more useful information. But we don’t do that for those groups, so why single out a group that has such a low rate of re-offending. Again it is to hurt them, single them out for abuse. I have seen reports of vigilantes going after and harming people they thought were sex offenders when they weren’t, or thought they were child molesters when they were not. In many states simply taking a piss out side can get you labeled a sex offender. Did you moon someone in high school.. your a sex offender. Did you read in my blog recently a girl was labeled as both a victim and a child pornographer. Yes the prosecutor said she was both and charged her. She was a minor, and she sent a nude picture of her self to her boy friend, and he got charge with child pornography. Now the law says that simple nudity is not pornography, but most places charge you anyway. SO the stupid thing was both lives were ruined, his and hers simply because someone saw a nude body and a girl sent her own nude body to her boyfriend. Horrible crime that should cause them both to be labeled for life as sexual offenders, child molesters! No way to get work, registration forever, no contact with your own siblings, no life , no rights, and everyone thinking you are the most horrible thing that ever walked. Now I started looking into these laws when a few people wrote me, and talked to me because their children got caught up in them. An 18 year old boy who had a 17 year old girl friend, and the girls parents got up set. A 19 year old and a 16 or 17 year old…again a stupid mistake of a 19 year old, but should it be a life sentence. I posted about the boy who was on an ADULT web dating site, a girl and he hooked up, he was legal age, she lied, she admitted she lied, she went to court for him and the boy was found guilty and sentenced to a lifetime on the sexual offenders registry as sex with a minor. His life ruined. He can’t go to school, collages, library’s, any theaters and the list goes on and on. I hate to see such things in the land of reason and the land of the free. Hugs

October 12, 2015

Inanimate Guns

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Source: Inanimate Guns

I think this makes a great point. Hugs

I Love My Guns – YouTube

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October 8, 2015

Better Gun Control

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Source: Better Gun Control

Today seems to be a day for talking about guns, gun violence, and gun control in relation to crime. This post makes some great points. Thanks. Hugs

August 23, 2015

again why listen to the ones who were so badly wrong over the years

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August 1, 2015

People come and people go!

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People come and people go!.

This is an interesting read on relationships and on people, life and how we treat each other.  I feel that every person we meet, even in just passing, has some effect on us. We orbit around each other like heavenly bodies, and each of us as an attraction, a gravity and we all affect others.  That is why I always say, the smile at someone can make their day, the nice words, the complement, can change how a person’s feels about himself, and those around them.  Hugs

July 31, 2015

Cenk and Ana Take On Controversial Pastor Manning – YouTube

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This is one of those videos that totally had me beside my self.  The “pastor” is so ignorant, dumb, belittling, hateful, and full of contempt…that I was not sure if to laugh at him, to fume in anger, cry in upset, or to pity him.   I think the two interviewers did a great job and held their tempers, I thought they were very professional considering the names they were called and the subject and person they dealt with.   Hugs

Cenk and Ana Take On Controversial Pastor Manning – YouTube.

July 26, 2015

welcome to the vortex | On the other hand…

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welcome to the vortex | On the other hand….

My comment was posted on this site, and I hope after you read the post you will read my comment.  It is important that we all hold up history against distortion, and what that “battle flag” stood for, what the whole things was about was the fear that that those in the south would lose the ability to use slaves to uphold their economic status and power.   Every scholar says that, it is time for the fixed news ( fox for some ) viewers to be told this.

I am going to post a picture below.  I want you to look at the kids face.  I have seen that look.  I was looking in a mirror after being abused and seen that face.  If  you disagree with me fine, then tell me what emotion you see there!   Hugs


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