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August 23, 2015

again why listen to the ones who were so badly wrong over the years

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August 1, 2015

People come and people go!

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People come and people go!.

This is an interesting read on relationships and on people, life and how we treat each other.  I feel that every person we meet, even in just passing, has some effect on us. We orbit around each other like heavenly bodies, and each of us as an attraction, a gravity and we all affect others.  That is why I always say, the smile at someone can make their day, the nice words, the complement, can change how a person’s feels about himself, and those around them.  Hugs

July 31, 2015

Cenk and Ana Take On Controversial Pastor Manning – YouTube

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This is one of those videos that totally had me beside my self.  The “pastor” is so ignorant, dumb, belittling, hateful, and full of contempt…that I was not sure if to laugh at him, to fume in anger, cry in upset, or to pity him.   I think the two interviewers did a great job and held their tempers, I thought they were very professional considering the names they were called and the subject and person they dealt with.   Hugs

Cenk and Ana Take On Controversial Pastor Manning – YouTube.

July 26, 2015

welcome to the vortex | On the other hand…

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welcome to the vortex | On the other hand….

My comment was posted on this site, and I hope after you read the post you will read my comment.  It is important that we all hold up history against distortion, and what that “battle flag” stood for, what the whole things was about was the fear that that those in the south would lose the ability to use slaves to uphold their economic status and power.   Every scholar says that, it is time for the fixed news ( fox for some ) viewers to be told this.

I am going to post a picture below.  I want you to look at the kids face.  I have seen that look.  I was looking in a mirror after being abused and seen that face.  If  you disagree with me fine, then tell me what emotion you see there!   Hugs


July 24, 2015

A Warning Label For The Bible

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A Warning Label For The Bible.

excerpts below..   Please read the whole post, I found it enlightening and inspirational.  Hugs

If anything makes us loving, it is right; but if anything makes us cruel, it is wrong.

There has been too much hurt and abuse and condemnation of those with whom we disagree or don’t understand, those who have been labeled by the non-affirming church as the “others.”

Err on the side of unconditional love and acceptance. There can never, ever be too much of that.

If you have to choose between love and doing what you think is right – choose love and you will always be right.

Why do people laugh at creationists? (part 21) – YouTube

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Why do people laugh at creationists? (part 21) – YouTube.

July 10, 2015

Responding To Mayor Pro Tempore John O’Brien Part 2

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Responding To Mayor Pro Tempore John O’Brien Part 2.

I think everyone who reads my blog remembers I got a letter from this mayor refuting what was said, because he thought I had written it.  I am sorry to say I doubt I could have done as good a job with the subject as the real author of the blog did.  But the important thing about this second post was I missed something that Mr. Syms did see.  The attempt to redirect the conversation away from the real crime, the real issue and on to a fake personal attack.  That way the Mayor Pro Tem wouldn’t have to deal with the issue and can continue to take umbrage at something that did not happen.  I love it.  Hugs

40 Real Answers to your 40 Questions. To Kevin DeYoung & The Gospel Coalition

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40 Real Answers to your 40 Questions. To Kevin DeYoung & The Gospel Coalition.

I really enjoyed reading this.  Oh don’t be surprised, I do have a faith myself, and even though it is far different than this authors, I still enjoy reading things that are faith based, not religion based.  I dislike religions with a passion, I love the eternal faith we all have, as it is person to each of us.  Look even those who have no faith do tend to take some things for granted.  Say that gravity will keep working, the planet will keep spinning, the lit candle will have flame.  Now this is not what I was trying to get to , just that I can enjoy the post of this author.  The author is smart, has done all the homework, has written in a clear and honest manner.  All the things I love.   This article is so much clearer and well written than the ranters I have heard against the LGBT community.   I salute the author.  Hugs

July 3, 2015

Responding To Mayor Pro Tempore John O’Brien

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Responding To Mayor Pro Tempore John O’Brien.

I am reposting this because I got a similar email from Mr. John O’brien.  I admit my comment was much nicer than he sent here.   I simply told him I was reposting something I believed in and that I did not have a problem with people of faith, but did want people of religion not to push it on to schools, kids or adults.   That is paraphrased.   I like far better the way it was handled here, but I seem to lack some talents.  I will link my post and his comment so you can compare the two.   In this case I come out on the wishing I had side.   Hugs

Here is the link.

I would just like to say I responded to the tone it was addressed to my which was much different than the comment to the author of this blog.   Hugs

June 27, 2015

Best Lines from the Marriage Equality Ruling – YouTube

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Best Lines from the Marriage Equality Ruling – YouTube.

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