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February 23, 2015

Inspiring Barack Obama Picture Quotes

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Inspiring Barack Obama Picture Quotes.

I thought these were very good.  I also like the one he has about who you should be better than.  I will post the link to that one here also.

I think some times we need to hear uplifting and motivating things that all of us can relate to.  So often these things come with a religious overtone and that ruins it for the ones who don’t subscribe to a set religion.   These were great as they were what they are.   They are able to stand for themselves.    Thanks to the author and hugs.

February 21, 2015

The Case For Making Rape Legal

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The Case For Making Rape Legal.

When I first read the title I thought this had to be a joke.  Sadly it is not.  However the good news is the author of the post looked very deep in to this whole mess, including other post by the same person.   She was able to refute and show how utterly contemptible the whole thing this man wants as law is for everyone as well as women.   It is a long read, a hard read, and it has subjects that can upset.  I started reading it this morning and only now got OK enough to finish it.    Hugs 

February 15, 2015

Leonard Pitts Jr.: Alabama judge’s gay marriage ban is about bigotry | The Miami Herald The Miami Herald

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Leonard Pitts Jr.: Alabama judge’s gay marriage ban is about bigotry | The Miami Herald The Miami Herald.

I enjoyed this article and even found it somewhat funny that history was again repeating it self.   Those who do not learn from history…….Hugs

February 11, 2015

Conversation Feeders

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Conversation Feeders.

I think this is a great and thoughtful post.  I read the one before this about conversational killers and was stunned how true it was.  I recommend everyone to take the time to read both.  This one talks about how to foster a good conversation between different people, the one before tells the story of how one person tried to have a conversation and the other person simply ignored it to pontificate their own feelings.   It is hard to have a conversation today.  First to have a real one both parties must come to it as equals.  If one thinks they are above the other or has all the answers before the questions are asked , that is not a conversation.  Second one has to be willing to listen to the other party, not just taking time to marshal their own argument or thoughts.    As I said in my comment I have noticed that sometimes when debating with some one on an issue they never heard what I was saying, my talking was only giving them time to order their next argument or talking point.  So it is important that if you are going to have a conversation with someone, then stop your own thoughts and listen to what they are saying.  You may not have any response until days later, but that means you heard them, and your mind processed the idea they are forwarding.   No that does not mean you have to agree with everything that you disagree with, it means you have to listen and think on things, and have an understanding why you disagree or agree with things.

Sadly I feel I can not explain it any better.  I wish I could .  I am tired and want to sleep.  Hugs

February 9, 2015

On Purpose

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On Purpose.

This is an incredible read.  I think it is part song, part poetry, and part philosophy.  It brings life full circle and I admit I agree with the author on all its points.   I think people who can write this well, this clear, so much to the point, they are special people.   Hugs

January 31, 2015

Coming out as Ex-Side-B

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Coming out as Ex-Side-B.

Hello to all.  This post is an important one for all young people to hear.   It is written  by a man who has lived this life he describes so well.   The emotional turmoil and the uncertainty.   The need and want on one hand, while the love and compassion for your mate on the other.  If you are thinking of living your life in a mixed gender marriage while you are sure you are gay then please read this post and check out the rest of the blog.   You can see the love he really has for his wife, and you can also see the intense pain he lives in.  It is a hard place to be in, yet he does it as honorable as anyone could.   Still it is an emotional strain and meat grinder.   Hugs

January 29, 2015

Chris Hedges: Killing Ragheads for Jesus – Chris Hedges – Truthdig

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Chris Hedges: Killing Ragheads for Jesus – Chris Hedges – Truthdig.

excerpt below:

“American Sniper” lionizes the most despicable aspects of U.S. society—the gun culture, the blind adoration of the military, the belief that we have an innate right as a “Christian” nation to exterminate the “lesser breeds” of the earth, a grotesque hypermasculinity that banishes compassion and pity, a denial of inconvenient facts and historical truth, and a belittling of critical thinking and artistic expression. Many Americans, especially white Americans trapped in a stagnant economy and a dysfunctional political system, yearn for the supposed moral renewal and rigid, militarized control the movie venerates. These passions, if realized, will extinguish what is left of our now-anemic open society.

January 24, 2015

Love Letters to Richard Dawkins – YouTube

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What astounded me is the amount of love these christian writers have for him and how much they seem stuck on sex.  I think they just don’t get enough sex and the need has broken their brains.    Now not all people of faith are this way, and I know many Christians who would stand up for this man is any tried to harm him.  Lets be clear I know and respect many Christians and while I do not believe as they do, I support their right to worship as they wish as long as it harms no one else and they don’t try to make me do it.    Please no virgin sacrifices in volcanoes or such , and that includes all faiths please.   But the ones who write these types of hate mail do not deserve the title of Christian that they gave to themselves.    Hugs

Love Letters to Richard Dawkins – YouTube.

January 23, 2015


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So very well said.   I think I have to agree.  Hugs

David Boies: Supreme Court Will Legalize Gay Marriage – YouTube

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David Boies: Supreme Court Will Legalize Gay Marriage – YouTube.

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