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October 21, 2014

Kirk Cameron: Halloween masks mocking Obama celebrate Jesus defeating Satan

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Kirk Cameron: Halloween masks mocking Obama celebrate Jesus defeating Satan.

I get angry about lies and distortions.  I can understand when Native Indians complain about people stealing their rituals and using them with out really understanding what they mean or are about.   In this case I just wish people would educate themselves, this guy is so far off.  He wants it to be , he thinks his religion is the all of everything and the supreme thing in life, so it can’t be wrong and he there fore can not be wrong.  However he is.   Again this is a case where the oppressive church wants to pretend to be the victim.  Here is the truth of it.   sorry Kirk, the truth shall set you free.   Hugs

Historians universally recognize Halloween’s origins as dating back to the Celtic festival of Samhain, in which the ghosts of the dead were said to return to Earth for one night. It wasn’t until over 600 years later that Pope Boniface IV incorporated the pagan festival into the tradition of All Martyrs Day. And historians believe that the church created the All Saints Day celebration 400 years later in an attempt to replace the festival of Samhain.

October 19, 2014

5 More Women Accuse Marissa Alexander’s Husband Of Brutal Abusive

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Incredible and horrifying.  Here is a woman who fired into the air to stop her enraged husband from hurting her after giving birth, maybe killing her as he threatened to do, and she got found guilty.   This is the famous stand your ground state.  Yet she is black and so she is guilty.   Again it is a travesty of justice, and the more that I read about it, the more information that comes out, the clearer it is that she was not given a fair trail nor a fair sentence.   Hugs

5 More Women Accuse Marissa Alexander’s Husband Of Brutal Abusive.

Stop worrying about our crappy issues.

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Just me.

Makes everything seem… Small. Stop worrying about our crappy issues. Let’s go out and explore together.

Makes everything seem… Small. Stop worrying about our crappy issues. Let’s go out and explore together.

October 14, 2014

What would happen under a Republican Senate? – YouTube

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What would happen under a Republican Senate? – YouTube.

October 8, 2014

‘Duck Dynasty’ Star: You Can’t Catch STDs From ‘Biblically Correct Sex’

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I post this as a warning.  I don’t want to see any young person taken in by this bull.  The fact is this man has not been to med school, and seems not to be able to read or watch informative news items.   All of them clear say that you can get a std by any sexual activity or method involving someone who has an std.   Please learn health before you endanger your self listening to crazy people.  

‘Duck Dynasty’ Star: You Can’t Catch STDs From ‘Biblically Correct Sex’.

October 5, 2014

I need a way out

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I need a way out.

Please read the post at the link above.  I have felt like this many times.   I have a friend, a really special friend I so love, who is going through this right now.   This says the way she is feeling far better than I could.  For my self, Vicky gave me the best idea and way to help my self stay away from the trapped feeling.  First remember I have lots of friends who would go the extra mile and a lot more to help me.  Second to keep in balance in life.  If I feel anxious, anger, depression, fear, hurt , and despair then I am out of balance in my self.   So she suggested I reach out to Mother Earth.  Now some may ask how does an atheist believe in Mother Earth.   Even an atheist knows about the energy in the universe and the energy that surrounds the planet and all living things.  Scientist tell us all the time about both dark matter and dark energy, which they can see, can’t track, can’t explain, but can prove it is there.   Well that is Mother Earth for me.  The energy that surrounds this planet is not explained and I don’t need it to be.  I would like it to be, but I don’t need it.  Why, because I am druid, and Wicca enough to feel it, interact with it, and have it both help guide me and I can use it to help achieve things I try to do.  For those my age it is like the force in Star Wars for me, and I am a very JR Jedi.   

So I have taken to including in my morning routine the opening the window blinds and when possible the windows.  I sit quietly in mediation until I feel the connection with the energy of the Earth, Mother Earth.   Then I simply start talking, either in my mind or verbally.  Not a wish list of oh I want and do for me.  I wouldn’t do that in a conversation with my human or animal friends and so why should I do that with my energy friends.   I simply say hello.  I keep an image of what I plan to do, how I could use energy for that task, the people in my life and those I would love to introduce the energy to and them to the energy.  By the time I am done I find I am full of the energy of Mother Earth, I find my senses are more alive, I am full of the energy and I feel connected to everything and everyone.    

This is my way of staying balanced and in the postive, staying full of the needed energy.  It is my routine.  However you may have your own.  I knew a man that got up before dawn every morning to care for tons of plants around his house, and that was his meditation and his way of balance.    I hope you can find yours.   I wish I could help this wonderful person in need.   Hugs

October 4, 2014

terrorists…..well Columbus did do horrible things

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Recall All Republicans.

Antonin Scalia Says Constitution Permits Court To ‘Favor Religion Over Non-Religion’

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This is another reason this old out of touch fearing death fossil must retire.  Our country has long since moved beyond this ancient out of date belief system.  Maybe because he is so old and near the end of life he has to not only believe in god but try to earn brownie points.    I have to tell you he offends me with his willingness to over look facts to push his views.  He believes he is so smart and infallible he thinks nothing of trying to push very strongly hes beliefs on everyone else.   Really the things he says about our gay community is stunning, he has a bigotry that runs deep.  He disregards any study of fact that disagree with him.   He is wrong on many aspects of our life in the gay community but that not only doesn’t change his mind, he just disregards it or makes up stuff.  He has been known to totally support discredited fake studies simply because it is what he wants to hear, his own belief.   You ask why I can say this, well look at the statement he makes about the pledge of allegiance.  He is well read and knows well that the pledge we use today is not the first pledge used in this country, nor is the one we use today the same as it was written, the idea of the part under god, was inserted in like the 1950’s.   The original pledge we use did not have that in it.   It was written by a socialist who did not believe in God.   Also ever one who has studied the founding of our country and the different people involved knows they were not trying in any way to have a religious country, but were very concerned the government would not force religious views on the people.   So the separation of church and state was just for that purpose, keeping government out of religion and religion our of government.  Other wise they would have created a theocracy and not a republic.       Hugs

Antonin Scalia Says Constitution Permits Court To ‘Favor Religion Over Non-Religion’.

Gay Law Student Recounts His Takedown of a Wannabe…

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OK I am posting the YouTube video as I love the way this young man thought his way out of what was a bad situation.    The whole article is at the link below.  Hugs

Holy Fucking ShitBalls — Gay Law Student Recounts His Takedown of a Wannabe….



RWW News: Cameron Says ‘It’s Very Important To Keep Your Sons From Having A Homosexual Experience’ – YouTube

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This just infuriates me to no end.  This guy is such a pathetic crock of poop.  I normally don’t take these types of things personal, but this is way too much and far too dangerous.  See what he basically saying is you can rape some into what ever sexuality you want.  Want your boy to be straight, have a female rape him, don’t matter what age he says, and your daughter, well you better get to her quick, so maybe for her own christian good daddy should do the job.  Oh gods, just the thought of it chills my bones and makes me sick.  Some supports of his will say well your twisting his words…no I am not…He says the FIRST sexual experience no matter with peers or with an adult will determine your child’s sexual nature.  He uses boys but we have all heard many time some knuckle draggier say about a lesbian, “She just needs a good fuck, a dick in her would fix her right up”.   I am a gay male and I have worked in places were that attitude was common, and I use to try to educate people , but they still believed it.  

I have said it before and used my self as an example.   I have been forced to have sex with females.   I even did have sex with one willingly.   I did not change and become straight.   The sex in my childhood did not make me gay I was born that way.  First if the sex was what made me gay would I have been so damaged by the rapes.   No, I tell you that rape doesn’t change your sexuality , it only causes damage, hate, anger and all sorts of things.  You are more likely to avoid those who rape you and their way.  

He says boys who have sex with men or peers are likely to go on to have same sex as adults…yes because they are gay and sought out gay relationships right from the time they were sexually motivated, say around puberty.   When their hormones kicked in and they develop needs, then they tried to develop the type of sexual experience they were born with the need for.   A boy did not say to himself , well gee I really like females, hate the idea of sex with guys and guy parts, but I am horny so let me spend time and effort trying to get a boy who I don’t want, to have sex with me instead of a female I want.   Stupid.     So yes some boys will enjoy sex with anyone, it maybe their make up or just it felt good at the time.  So experiment and them drift toward what they are born to be attached to.   A large part of the young people today prefer to not have set labels and are more fluid in their sexual nature.   However the point still stands you can not rape someone into a sexual desire or orientation.   At any age.  

Also so another lie this guy just spouts off is that a Alfred Kinsey was homosexual, called him gay.  The truth is he was straight, heterosexual.   He had a wife and kids.   See how people like this lie to make their points, make up stuff to get their base to agree with them.  People follow their lies and it hurts us all.  I wish their was a law that they had to tell the truth.   Hugs


RWW News: Cameron Says ‘It’s Very Important To Keep Your Sons From Having A Homosexual Experience’ – YouTube.

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