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February 7, 2016

Determinism And Free Will

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Source: Determinism And Free Will

I admit that this pushed my gray matter to the limit for a while. But as I read and then read it again I began to see how clear and true it is. Hugs

February 2, 2016

Cruisin’ the UAE

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Source: Cruisin’ the UAE

Great read, it is interesting to me to read of other cultures, written through the eyes of someone I understand who has been there and seen it. I learned things here. I love Aron’s videos and his writings. I would love to been able to sit in on the discussions. I wonder how abrasive it must be for them to hear from someone who speaks as freely as we do with the knowledge of Aron Ra? I might have been thrown off also, but to hear it would have been a gift. I would have been always worried about offending my hosts. Still I wish I had the experience of this journey. I never will. I have neither the resources to go, nor any knowledge others want to know. But through others I will learn. Hugs

December 21, 2015

This is how I feel, and what I think is importaint

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via David G. McAfee

December 18, 2015

Oscar, the Master WordSmith

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December 7, 2015

The Holy Quran Experiment – YouTube

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December 5, 2015

Matt Dillahunty and AronRa – Lecture and Q&A – Perth WA – YouTube

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I think I have posted this before. However I am watching it again and seeing / hearing things I missed before. It is to me worth looking at again. Thanks and hugs.

what is countiousness

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I feel it as awareness of our self, our surroundings, and being able to act on our surroundings based on our self awareness.   That view means I think all animals have conscientiousness because they are aware of their body needs, and they act on their awareness of their surroundings according to their awareness.   So I give respect to all animals as they are lives with conscientiousness.   Now does that extend to plants?  I think it might based on experiences that show different chemical and electrical changes to different stimulus.   I have no way to know if a plant is self aware or has thoughts, but there was a case in England where in the upper part of the country had a certain type tree that were all dying out, yet at the same time in the lower part of the country the same tree type were over producing seeds.   A friend told me this is a sign that the trees were communicating their situation, they were aware that one set was dying and needed to be replaced by those living.   I don’t know about this, I have no way to prove it.   Now I have know to feel positive around some plants and have found comfort in some trees.  But that is my own feeling and emotional response.  It can be proof to me, it is not proof to everyone.   Thanks and hugs

My thoughts on free will

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I think we have free will, the ability to do something , however we are still governed by the natural laws.   For example I can not over come gravity, but I can still decided to jump off a cliff.   I can be driven to eat something I don’t like either by my bodies own hunger or threatened by pain or other actions, but I can still decided to reject the food as long as I can stand the hunger or I can decided to take the threatened pain instead of eating.   Now as to the idea of if actions of others violate your freewill, again in my view that is the part where we have free will under the parameters of natural laws.  Say someone drags me from a room, the free will that is in action is theirs.   I can not resist a superior force, despite not wanting to be dragged from a room.  So my free will would come into play by deciding rather than be dragged out, I will agree to walk out on my own power.  So that is my view of free will.   Hugs

Here’s The Insane Gun-Themed Family Christmas Card A Nevada GOPer Sent Out To Voters (IMAGE) «

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This is the most unintentionally hilarious Christmas card you’ll see this holiday season.

Source: Here’s The Insane Gun-Themed Family Christmas Card A Nevada GOPer Sent Out To Voters (IMAGE) «



Several things struck me here. First the young boy, too young to be held accountable as we don’t think children that age have the cognitive skills to reason through actions, understand the consequence of what their actions really will be. So she has the child holding a gun. Now hopefully an adult checked the gun, made sure it was unloaded, and the safety on, however this picture will lead many who are not so careful to arm their kids and let them “play” with their new gun. After seeing the recent accidental shooting of a range instructor by a young child with a gun, when the instructor was taking all precautions and still got shot, I just think there is an age and maturity level for having fire arms. We don’t let kids drive, drink, vote, operate a boat and so much more, yet they can play with guns? Don’t try to say in a child’s mind that using the gun is not play, as at that age things a child likes doing and that are exciting are play.

I also disagree with the idea that why have laws if people will break them anyway. Sorry but a civil society has to have laws to function, so that all in the society can be a part of it. Some fail this. That is when the rules of the society kick in to either prevent, change, or remedy the action that was against the good of all the society. Take traffic laws. I really doubt any driver can honestly say they never violated the speed limit, or made a turn with out using their turn signal. many other traffic laws are broken from parking to following the directions of street signs. But we need to have traffic laws and we need to have enforcement so that most drivers will follow them, or we wouldn’t be able to have any safe driving or even walking near a road. So think of it, with out traffic laws, it would be like the “Mad Max” movies.

Lastly I do not like the lumping of all Muslims into one group, no more than all Christians are the same, or all gays are alike, or all white people are the same. IF you can’t see the difference in individual people and what they believe, how they feel, what they think, then I suggest you get out of your comfort zone and go spend time with people that are different from you. I have know some very great Muslims, and at the same time known some horrible white people. That is not say all white people are horrible. I am white and think I am pretty neat guy. I am making a point about thinking all people of a group are the same. Hugs

November 26, 2015

Anti-theist Answers to Slick Questions – YouTube

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