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March 26, 2015

Antigay Group’s Ad Tells Supreme Court: Marriage ‘God’s Alone to Decide’ |

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I can’t believe in the year 2015 I have to go over this again.   I remember serving two tours in the US military back in my young days and this was clear to us then.  How did ego and stupidity move in so completely.   I posted two excerpts below and I underlined what I thought was the important parts, such as you can not legislate on the basis of religion.   It totally ruins the entire idea our government was founded on.  It is not constitutional and it denies freedom and pursuit of happiness to everyone except that religious leader that suddenly has become the law.  That is a theocracy and we are not one of those.  Isis is, the Taliban is, we are not.  So can the people pushing your GOD as all the law please stop.   You are not even honoring all the laws of your holy book.   On the second point, the courts power and authority do not come from GOD, nor any religion, despite how powerful old Pat thinks he is.  The court gets its authority from the Constitution.   Now the people who came here in the beginning wanted away from others telling them how to worship, they wanted freedom of their religion but also freedom FROM other peoples religion.  There were many different religious groups and we even quickly grew a few home grown ones.  States were founded because groups moved apart to be able to practice what they saw as their one true religion separate from the others.   Pennsylvania mean anything to anyone, or how about Utah.   Speaking of Utah that alone should show that marriage has changed over time and often just for political reasons.   Old man smith wanted more than one woman to be having sex with and he liked them young, they don’t talk back so much that way, so multiple wives came in to being, just that quick and easy.   Oh but after a while they wanted to join the union of the states, and even though it was a holy edict to have them as many young girls in their bed as possible, they just up and said, “hey not anymore, we changed the meaning and definition of marriage AGAIN”! So unless you are willing to research and admit the truth of history, please stop demanding your personal dream ideas are the truth and way of life.  Hugs

Antigay Group’s Ad Tells Supreme Court: Marriage ‘God’s Alone to Decide’ |

The AFA’s president, Tim Wildmon — who the Southern Poverty Law Center describes as continuing “the group’s long tradition of anti-gay propagandizing and activism” — elaborated on the ad on the AFA’s website: “Our message is one of truth, yet very simple: God, in His great wisdom, profoundly established the institution of marriage as only between one man and one woman.”

Not so, claims Hrafnkell Haraldsson on Politics USA.“The only problem with all this is that it is not true. And if the Religious Right is free to believe that their god invented marriage, they are not free to legislate it on the basis of that belief. The First Amendment, not the Bible, is the law of the land, and it prohibits such lawmaking, regardless of how many Christians there might be who think this way (and there are fewer every day).”

Haraldsson, whose bio says he has degrees in history and philosophy and considers himself a “modern-day heathen,” is a columnist for Jason Easley’s website, which brags its mission is “real liberal politics.” He goes on to write, “Factually, marriage was in existence as a social contract for many centuries before anyone heard of little Israel.”

Haraldsson also takes issue with the AFA’s claim that marriage “was God’s plan and purpose for civilization from the beginning. He created man and woman as distinctly separate but inherently compatible; each unique yet sexually complementary — providing both the means for and the ideal relationship within which to raise children from that union.”

His counterargument is that “people had been getting married for many centuries and without regard for the god of the Bible. Ancient cultures, like the Romans, viewed child-bearing as a means of combating death by leaving a copy of yourself after you were gone.”


 You would be saying that God has no place in our public square and, in a nation founded to secure freedom for those being persecuted for their faith, such a decision would be a tragic irony. In so doing you would not only risk another Roe v. Wade tear in our cultural fabric, but also effectively delegitimize the very power of the court itself to rule justly.”

Phil Robertson’s Advice To Gay Men: Just Marry A Woman! | Right Wing Watch

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Phil Robertson’s Advice To Gay Men: Just Marry A Woman! | Right Wing Watch.

This guy is so sick and so stupid.  I can not imagine how the republican party can find wisdom in anything he says.  Yes he is one of their big speakers , running around the country giving talks for the GOP.  But do you find anything intelligent in his remarks.  The other day he gave a story about breaking into an atheist home, raping his minor daughters, killing his wife and cutting off the guys penis, all the while saying that it must be OK because the guy was an atheist and therefor had no concept of right or wrong.  Look I have nothing against anyone worshiping a deity, but use your brain people.   I can tell you for sure that atheists have a moral code, that they know right from wrong.  We all do.   You do not need god to tell you that breaking into stuff not yours with out legal due process is not right, raping kids is not right, and if you need a god to tell you killing someone is not right, you are not right!   Really.  If you say that well my god says it is wrong to kill but if he had not said it then it would be OK and a right thing to do, you don’t know wrong from right despite any deity you worship.   Now this moron is saying just grab a girl and marry her, and dang, no more gay.  He has not a clue and any one who follows him has no clue.  First people are born gay, and it wont change if your molested, raped, or given all the other sex you can stomach.   I had sex with females , and it did not make me straight.  I have read so many stories of straight guys who were raped and molested as alter boys, they did not turn gay.  I can tell you that sex against your will wont change your orientation but it sure will make you pissed off.  Second will some one tell him the right to marry is not just the right to grab a opposite sex person and marry them, it is the right to marry the person you LOVE.  Now maybe old Phil just has sex with anyone, cousins, other close relatives, but it not the reason we all get married, we get married because of love and wanting to spend a life with someone, and that right is what we are fighting for and protecting for everyone.   I pity being a woman in his home or family.   Hugs

March 24, 2015

Henry Rollins on Gay Marriage – YouTube

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Well said, very well said.   Love it.  Hugs

Henry Rollins on Gay Marriage – YouTube.

March 18, 2015

Let’s Give Edward Snowden the Same Deal General Petraeus Got for Leaking Info | The Nation

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I so agree with this.  I shout it to the world.  I think Snowden was a hero for doing what he did, and for still trying to stand strong against the entire corrupt might of the USA.  Many countries have said they would have given him a safe place to live out his life, except the pressure the USA put on them not to.    Look people like Snowden and Manning have shown us a little of what our government is willing to do against our will and against our even knowing.   We are being kept like sheep with out the right to even over see our government.   This is serious.   SO for exposing the ILLEGAL activities of the government both of these brave people are suffering the harshest treatment our government can give.   This is pure wrong.   Hugs

Let’s Give Edward Snowden the Same Deal General Petraeus Got for Leaking Info | The Nation.

True, their crimes are different: Petraeus gave classified info to his biographer and girlfriend, Paula Broadwell. Snowden gave classified info to the American people.

There’s another difference: as the Washington Post reported, Petraeus “initially lied to FBI investigators”—he told them he “had never provided Broadwell with classified information.”  That was in an interview at CIA headquarters.  Snowden in contrast told the truth about what he did, and why he did it.  That was in an interview in Laura Poitras’s Oscar-winning film Citizenfour.

March 12, 2015

Sexual morality initiated, but did not cause, my unbelief

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Sexual morality initiated, but did not cause, my unbelief.

#WeJustNeedToPee Bathroom Selfie Campaign Goes Viral, Offers Revealing Picture of Trans Discrimination| Gay News | Towleroad

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Why are we judging which bathroom someone can use based on looks?   Lets deal with this issue first and then talk about trans people.    I wonder do macho men types want a small petite efferemate boy/girl in the bathroom with them?  Why?   Do guys in congress want macho men types in female restrooms and who do the women feel.   See you can not tell who is what gender or sexual orientation by looks is what I am trying to say.   Yes the most effeminate acting guy may be straight.   The most butch and mocho acting guy may be gay.    I have very long hair, and earrings, do I use the mens room or the ladies?  Who gets to decided.   Look if you are in the bathroom to look at the other people there, you shouldn’t be there.   Go to the restroom to relive your self and get out.  Let others do the same.   I don’t care if there are women, kids, men, unicorns, dragons, and a whole circus going on in the restroom, If I have to pee I have to pee and it is all I care about that there be a place to do so.  I don’t care if it is a stall or a urinal that is all I am interested in.   So again I don’t care who is next to me and I don’t care their gender and orientation, as I am there to pee not find a date.    Hugs 

#WeJustNeedToPee Bathroom Selfie Campaign Goes Viral, Offers Revealing Picture of Trans Discrimination| Gay News | Towleroad.


March 8, 2015

Minority White Christians’ Religious War On the Constitution

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I posted it again with the last paragraph included this time.   I think it is clear and we need to get back to separate state and religion.   Hugs

Minority White Christians’ Religious War On the Constitution.

One might think that with a secular Constitution with no mention of Christianity, Jesus Christ, or bible, religious right extremists in the Republican movement would stop pushing theocracy on the people by government fiat; particularly because they are becoming a minority demographic. However, that may be why they are suddenly on a tear to impose their bastardized form of Christianity on the entire nation as well as why they are becoming a minority. Whether it is because they are ignorant of the Constitution as the law of the land, or intent on emulating the Taliban or ISIS is unimportant. They are engaged in a war on the Constitution, democracy, and freedom from religious tyranny and they are not going away.

March 3, 2015

Charlotte, NC City Council Rejects LGBT Non-Discrimination Ordinance in 6-5 Vote: VIDEO| Gay News | Towleroad

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Charlotte, NC City Council Rejects LGBT Non-Discrimination Ordinance in 6-5 Vote: VIDEO| Gay News | Towleroad.

My good friend Richard and I have been talking about this all morning.   We both served in situations that were co-ed, where the bathrooms were unisex.  In my case all toilets were individual stalls, all shower rooms were individual rooms, and the shared areas were the sinks and stuff like that.   It was never a problem to have both sexes in the bathroom at the same time.    I some times laugh at people who make assumptions that the way we do things here in the USA is the way it is done everywhere, always.   It is not.   As shown by the following comment left on the web post I linked to.   Now I love talking to Richard as he is smart, far smarter than I , he can see the points I miss, and he is not afraid to speak his mind in an open non judgmental or pushy way.   He says what he believes, reads or listens to what I believe, and either agrees or doesn’t and lets me know why.  I like that.  I have never felt it is my job to force others to see everything the way I do.  I only have to be true to my self.  My ideas and the reasons for them.  I feel it is important to listen to others even if I don’t agree.  I may see something to change my mind in what they say.  Or I may become even more convinced I was in the right place on a subject.   However I feel I owe it to my self to be able to present the best argument for why I feel or believe as I do.   I also respect those who I have found to have more expertise or have a better education on a subject, and people like Richard or Randy who are just naturally very very smart to begin with.   Hugs

““All over the world, there are restrooms for men and restrooms for women,” said Driggs, a Republican. “It does not place an unreasonable burden on them and it does not stigmatize them.” — Guess he’s never actually been to a European country. Many European countries have unisex bathrooms. It isn’t a big deal.

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February 23, 2015

Inspiring Barack Obama Picture Quotes

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Inspiring Barack Obama Picture Quotes.

I thought these were very good.  I also like the one he has about who you should be better than.  I will post the link to that one here also.

I think some times we need to hear uplifting and motivating things that all of us can relate to.  So often these things come with a religious overtone and that ruins it for the ones who don’t subscribe to a set religion.   These were great as they were what they are.   They are able to stand for themselves.    Thanks to the author and hugs.

February 21, 2015

The Case For Making Rape Legal

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The Case For Making Rape Legal.

When I first read the title I thought this had to be a joke.  Sadly it is not.  However the good news is the author of the post looked very deep in to this whole mess, including other post by the same person.   She was able to refute and show how utterly contemptible the whole thing this man wants as law is for everyone as well as women.   It is a long read, a hard read, and it has subjects that can upset.  I started reading it this morning and only now got OK enough to finish it.    Hugs 

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