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December 9, 2014

What Happened to Protect and Serve? Cops, Civilians and Guns | Andrew Reinbach

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What Happened to Protect and Serve? Cops, Civilians and Guns | Andrew Reinbach.

Well written and it explains what has been happening even in non racial situations.    Hugs

December 7, 2014

O’Reilly Hosts Psychotherapists To Diagnose “Sadistic” War On Christmas | Video | Media Matters for America

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O’Reilly Hosts Psychotherapists To Diagnose “Sadistic” War On Christmas | Video | Media Matters for America.

OK first lets be clear there is no war on Christmas.   Second the guest he has on is so far wrong and off the point to be totally not worth listening to.  First some facts.  Christmas is not the birth date of the Biblical Christ child.  I know it is celebrated as it is, but even the Vatican has admitted the date was just used because it was an existing holiday.   The fact historians say is that if the story was true at all Jesus would have been a spring baby.   Yes spring time.   So maybe we should call Easter both Christs birthday and his death and arisen date.  As to the billboard being so offensive, Bill and his guest don’t seem to care about the thousands of billboards touting the Christian faith, the fact is I see signs but up around where I live on lawns every years saying “lets put Christ back in Christmas” which we all know was a holiday stolen from the pagans.    The pagans don’t mind sharing you know, we really don’t care if you want to make it a birthday, just please don’t force us to accept your belief as we don”t force you to accept ours.  That is what the billboard was saying.  Bill takes it as a sign a holiday that he doesn’t even understand is under attack.  Get real.   You can’t steal something , pretend to own it and get upset when called a thief.  I will admit I get tired of the signs put up , the billboards and yes even store fronts that tout a religious lie over the truth.   I get tired of the constant cards and emails claiming a birth.   I know very religious people who celebrate Christmas as a birth.   They have no presents, no lights , and no they don’t buy into the shop till you drop idea.   No problem there from me.  However do not put your religious items on public ground unless you let every religion do so , including my pagan one.  Yes if you want your manger on the town public common, OK, however we all get a space, the Jewish people, the other faiths and yes us non-believers and us pagans.   That is not a war on Christmas, which is a huge shopping holiday for almost everyone.  That is the true Christmas kids know and expect.  At least those who have a home and parents lucky enough to have the money to buy anything, which is rare these days.   When I say happy holidays to some one I am not running down their faith, I am upholding all faiths and I don’t appreciate a 15 minute indignant lecture and being called names by people who insist I MUST call it by the name they like, holy Christmas.   So holy we leave our family’s on thanks giving to shop early.   Again the war is not against Christmas as it is against anyone who wont adopt the idea that this was a Christ birthday.   These same people who argue with me over it also decorate their homes the most, spend the most on presents and put up snow man and all sorts of non religious displays.   However they dona’t even see their own hypocrisy.   So I will during this season honor all faiths and the non faith by saying happy holiday as sincerely and kind as I can.  If you choose to have a religious holiday I wish you the very best day, but don’t force me to be part of your faith, as I have one of my own.   I wont deny you yours, if you don’t try to stop me from having mine.   

Happy holidays and much love and good will to everyone and thing on this planet.   Hugs


Gay New Yorkers Talk About Condoms, Lube, Fear, Size, HIV, and Sex: VIDEO| Gay News | Towleroad

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Gay New Yorkers Talk About Condoms, Lube, Fear, Size, HIV, and Sex: VIDEO| Gay News | Towleroad.

This was funny and informative, and good information for both gay and straight couples.  Sex is a real and and important part of our life.  It should be treated with the both the joy it deserves and the common place it is.  Sex has always been common place, everyone through tout history has done it.   I just read a book review about Irish priest and the one thing they all talked about is the need for a sexual out let.  We are human.  Kids do it because it feels good.  Adults do it because it joins them and feels good.   Old people do it, yes trust me we do, because it feels good and we are in another plane of intimacy with our long term partners.   also we older people know what we are doing and are not so “driven” to get to it and get it done, we like to take time to savory the whole intimacy.   No kidding you this is graphic, so be ready to hear people talk about dick size and other stuff.   Oh and for those who have penis envy, I agree with the two guys , one who said more than a mouth full is a waste, and the other who said no way he was taking the humongous home wrecker up his pleasure tunnel.    Hugs

December 3, 2014

A Disturbing Undercover Look At How Conversion Therapy Tries To “Cure” Gayness / Queerty

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A Disturbing Undercover Look At How Conversion Therapy Tries To “Cure” Gayness / Queerty.

I include this because it is so funny I couldn’t even get angry at these people.  I mean really, to be so mislead, so misinformed , and to believe truly what is so clearly false has to tear the soul in two.   They don’t even believe it because they are willing to change to another idea instantly if the first doesn’t help them hook the person they are trying to draw in.   They are very much like a cult.  Not even a good gang, just a faltering cult.  I also noticed in this that men, males, masculinity was very much pushed as far more importation than any female contribution.   Really.     A bunch of guys trying to talk other guys interested sexually in men being told that females are not important and to focus on males will be the cure……???? even I couldn’t keep a straight face at that.  Enjoy the read.   Hugs

November 29, 2014

Off-Duty Cop Charged With Shooting Woman For Cutting Him Off In Traffic | Crooks and Liars

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Off-Duty Cop Charged With Shooting Woman For Cutting Him Off In Traffic | Crooks and Liars.

I know that not all police officers are corrupt thugs who are only out to lord their personal power over others.   However I think it way past time that every officer in this country , full time and part time, take a requiring mental exam, and be re-certified in all manner of police work dealing with the public and their personal responsibility.    They all need to be retrained.   We need to bring the respect back to the police force, and only their conduct can do that.   Hugs

Ted Koppel: Fox News ‘Bad for America’ |

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Ted Koppel: Fox News ‘Bad for America’ |.

I forget….did I post this before.  I think the post says it all.   Hugs

November 12, 2014

In So Many Words | An Exploration in Metrical Writing … By OAPlascencia

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In So Many Words | An Exploration in Metrical Writing … By OAPlascencia.

I know I have posted before on Oscars blog.  However I really love his poems even though some times I just don’t understand.   That is not his fault, it is mine.  He writes often of dark stuff, and I am lucky to have not only have left the dark in my life behind, but to have others build up shields for me.   Yes I know sometimes I break down and go cry for a while, but the point is Oscars poems are so full of imagery that every one can enjoy them and like me sometimes relate them to things that Oscar never meant.  Recently I have been inspired to write things for other people, and it was Oscars work that gave me the idea.  Not that I could do as well as he can.  However he has given me the idea to try.  I hope you will both go to his blog and read his works, and also give your self credit and give speaking of your life, your hopes, dreams, love, and other things as Oscar does.   Hugs


October 28, 2014

A Former U.S. Prison Chief Visits A Norwegian Jail. He Cannot Believe What He Sees.

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A Former U.S. Prison Chief Visits A Norwegian Jail. He Cannot Believe What He Sees..

If I post nothing else today , this post is worth it.   This is the most important post I can make.  The reason is because it shows the difference we in America have in how we view life,  the human life, how we view people.   Watch both videos.   The second one the guy says he would want someone found guilty of hurting his family to pay, to be stripped of all dignity, rights, all worth, to suffer.  He wants revenge.   That is what our prisons are for, and we have a huge prison population, it is for profit, we make money off housing people in sub human conditions.  There system is about taking some one and showing them what they did was wrong, and how not to do it again, showing the inmate how to be a good member of society, to be productive, to live with out harming others again.

I can tell you the approach I like, which one I agree with.   I want things in our country to change.  I want it to be better.   I want hope back for my people.

October 27, 2014

Open carry children. I see guns in a public place, I am leaving.

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When middle-aged “open-carry” activists walk into Kroger with semi-automatic rifles slung over their shoulders, they aren’t exercising their rights with an ethic of responsibility. They’re trying to intimidate their way to respect and esteem. They’re acting out, demanding attention and rejecting curbs on their desires. That’s not being a citizen. It’s being a toddler.

Eric Liu: Question America must face on shooting (via thisistheglamorous)(via shorterexcerpts)

I believe in the energy of Mother Earth

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