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December 10, 2016

Kathy Mattea – Where’ve You Been? – YouTube

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This is one of my favorite songs because it means so much to me personally.  See I was headed down a very dark and destructive path in life where the end couldn’t have been very good.  If fact it would have been a short life and a horrible end.  That is a fact.  However I got lifted from that dark path.  A person came into my life.  I have since come to understand ” I am just not myself when he is away”    And I am not alone while he is here.  It is hard to describe but with his love I am OK, I am whole.  If I was to doubt it, he would shake the whole world to make me whole again.   So to my Ron I dedicate this to, knowing he also looks only to me.  Hugs

December 9, 2016

Thank you everyone

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Milo and me. Milo loves me and wanted to be near me when I was upset. Plus a picture of me tonight. Hugs

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Milo helping me out of my mind funk Hugs

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It is hard with the memories in my head. Sorry if this upsets you. I just needed to voice it. Hugs

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Blogger’s Kitty Needs Help

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A grand and lovely guardian cat. I have found cats respond to love and will protect those they love. It is up to us humans to protect them when we can. I know first hand how hard it is when a family pet needs medical care and we can not afford it. Lucky for me, our vet has always let pay in payments when we couldn’t afford to pay at one time. IF you can help I know it will mean a great deal. Thank you. Many hugs


Please help. My friend, met through blogging many years ago and now someone I would call a real friend, like so many of you

Despite never having met in person, I love this woman. With all the hardships she has had over the last year with car troubles and housing issues – her cat suddenly becoming sick with no clear diagnosis is her top priority. Even a few dollars will help.

Guardian kitty.

Methos looking out for his new human. Guardian Kitty.

And now – same precious kitty and same beloved girl. They have been best friends for her whole life. Please help, even 5 or 10 will add up. She misses her friend while he is in the veterinarian hospital, trying to find out what is wrong.

Please help my friend take care of her good kitty, and keep her daughter’s best friend around as long as possible.

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Trump’s Carrier Deal Comes Under Scrutiny: A Closer Look – YouTube

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What a fraud Trump is.  What a joke our next President has become.  Hugs

window #1340

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See how these people are suffering, how they are harmed by the war going on there. While we are comfortable in our warm or air conditioned homes, listening to christmas carols, these people have no walls, no utilities, no safety. I am stunned by this picture. I have no idea how they are dealing with this. Hugs

P e d r o L


Families in a building destroyed in Douma, Syria, reuters

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December 8, 2016

Billy Joel – Piano Man [Lyrics] – YouTube

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Tonight I am depressed.   This song seems to express some of what I am feeling.  Best wishes and hugs to all.  Scottie

December 7, 2016

Our outside lights

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As I said before the whole delight of Christmas for me is the lights and decorations. This year Ron was forced to scale our outside  display back some.  But here is a few pictures he just brought me.  One thing everyone needs to understand , I can not hardly stand and can not set up these things.   The entire inside and outside decorations are done by Ron for me.  Hugs


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