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March 23, 2017

Cat Eye

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I love this. A perfect picture of sibling love. I wish my two cats would treat each other like this, instead mine keep trying to prove which one is in charge. This is so cute, and thing what a story could be written around this picture. Hugs

Purrrr Cats

Cat Eye

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Advocating Progress (darkerskin: Take this with you)

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Randy sent this to me.   Here is what he wrote as he wrote it far better than I could.   Hugs.

In this scenario, the “white” woman has advocated and used her position of relative strength to speak up against something.    But, we see these things every day:  The way a person may discount a person who doesn’t look “American”, or in the case of someone who is native American  looks too American.   Or, say how someone has decided they can speak ill of someone who is gay, poor, whatever.  In essence, if we stand by and let hate be put forth, what do we obtain but a country divided?   Welcome to the republican agenda, who can only prosper in a land of division.

Woke up yelling.

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This morning I woke Ron up shouting, because I was having a nightmare about one of my abusers and my abuse.  I was dreaming of the man who adopted me.  HE was in my room putting everything in trash bags.  I did not have much but what I had was important to me.  I had very little, and what I had was old, broken, or hand me down stuff.  If I ever had anything nice it was taken from me.  In my dream I was not a child anymore but an adult.  The man who adopted me told me I was not going to have anything, he was not going to allow me to have anything, he was going to take it all.  I was ordered to take the bags of my stuff out to the trash.  I took the first bag out, then I went back in.  I then did something I never could have done as a kid.  I told him no, I won’t take my stuff to the trash.   Remember in my dream I was not a scared child afraid of what might happen.   I was an adult version of me.  I stood up to him.  I told him no I would not do it.  Then in my dream he gave me orders of what I was to do in the morning.  I told him no, I wouldn’t do it.  He threatened me as he has always done.  Only this time I did not cower.  This is where I shouted out loud and woke both myself and Ron up.   I shouted “Understand this, I won’t do it, I won’t do it”.  I realized I was awake and it had been a dream, and of course I had woken ron.  Ron was talking to me telling me it was OK, I was safe, he was with me.   I told him about the dream and I got up, he went back to sleep.   So maybe this is a good sign.  I am sticking up for myself in my dreams.  I am not letting it happen, not as afraid as I had been as a child.  Only time will tell.  Of course the downside is I am upset this morning.  The good thing is I can get to everyone’s blogs early as I did not get much done yesterday.  Be well and happy.  Hugs 

March 22, 2017

Today’s the day

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Well today is the day.   My whole routine is shot.   I had to get up at the ungodly hour of 5 AM.  I have my disability hearing this morning at 8:30.  I have to be there by 8 AM.  I had a bad week to start with.  I had a major flash back this week.  My own fault sort of.  I was looking for things on YouTube to watch and saw the title of a movie called “for my brother”.   The blur simply said a brother gives his all to protect his younger brother.  I thought great a feel good movie about love.  I was so wrong.  It was about an abused boy who from 7 to 17 had to put up with horrific sexual abuse to save his younger brother from have to do it.  I went over the edge for hours, kept losing time.  I wont bore you with all I went through, ROn came home and knew something was wrong, he figured it out quick.  He did what he could, but it put me on edge so bad that yesterday I lost it again.  Went in to full blown panic attack.  Ron had to give me extra of my own meds and then the meds they told him to give me what I get in a state like this.  That med works, but it makes me like a zombie.   It really stops the panic and the vortex that takes over my mind , but for a few days I am stupified it seems.  SO today I am dressed up nice and ready to go to my hearing.  ROn keeps telling me not to worry, it wont matter.  He says if it happens OK it will be easier for us, if not we will make it.   OK got to go.  I will post how it goes when I get back.  Hugs

March 20, 2017

photo essay #84: Bakhchysaray, Crimea

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I love the photos. I am glad to be able to see such places through Pedrol’s blog. It is a grand way to travel the world with a click of the mouse. Stop by the site and say hello. Thanks. Hugs

P e d r o L

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March 19, 2017

Milo and I in my office. I am never alone. Hugs

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Hugs and Best wishes,

Makes sense to me. Hugs

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March 17, 2017

#flashfiction friday: St. Patrick’s Day at the Drunken Sasquatch

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I found this short story to hold the promise of a much longer work, and it delivers on that promise. The story works well known common things everyone knows with seeming as common “other” elements. The working of these things together is a startlingly refreshing read. Enjoy. Hugs

Life in the Realm of Fantasy

There’s something about St. Patrick’s Day that brings out the crazies, even in Seattle. Or, should I say, especially in Seattle. If there is one night of the year when were-dragons should stay home and avoid the tavern, it’s March 17th.

Now in a place like Seattle, folks like me usually go unnoticed because the Emerald City is just that kind of town. The people are relaxed and accepting here. It’s like they don’t even see us.

Oh, sure, a few members of my community aren’t the kind of people most folks  want to know. Being a reporter, I tend to come across them in the course of my work, and let’s just say it’s not all rainbows and unicorn farts for  some of us anymore.

Modern society has ruined the weaker minded. You didn’t hear this from me, but some of the most unusual and largest thefts of metal…

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Afraid yet?

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