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October 22, 2017

The earth is not shaped like a plate, it is more ball shape

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Atheist Jack

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An interesting site for memes about religion.     Hugs


Source: Atheist Jack

Non Sequitur by Wiley Miller | Read Comic Strips at

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Oct 22, 2017

Source: Non Sequitur by Wiley Miller | Read Comic Strips at

October 21, 2017


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None of it makes sense, question it.

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Isaiah 13:16


October 19, 2017

White terrorist. No mention by tRumpsky, why? Think it is because he is white and not Muslim?

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October 18, 2017

REPORT: GOP Mississippi Sen. Thad Cochran Appears Frail And Disoriented, Loses Way In Senate Building – Joe.My.God.

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Please read the short article.   This guy is planning to run for office again according to him.   At one point this happened.

Cochran then voted “yes” on an amendment after an aide repeatedly reminded him that he was a “no” vote. Cochran then changed his vote. 

So we really have that aide as a congress person, not the congress man.  He was told how he was to vote and they had to change his vote.  Think of what that means.   Hugs

Source: REPORT: GOP Mississippi Sen. Thad Cochran Appears Frail And Disoriented, Loses Way In Senate Building – Joe.My.God.

Ron has been ill

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I have not posted much because Ron has not been feeling well and I have both taken care of him and take on duties of the house, when I can stay awake.    Ron has bad lungs, and he gets bronchitis very easily.  It starts as this one did with a cough.  It gets worse and like always Ron feels he can take care of it and he will fix himself.  He takes his meds and does breathing treatments and it gets worse until he really can’t breath and we run him to a doctor.  Yesterday was convenient care which really was convenient.   The place was nice, under used, over staffed, and got Ron right in.   Guess what, he has an infection in his bronchial tubes, yes bronchitis.   IF he would just go to the medical provider when it happens, no problems.  In fact three days before an emergency run to convenient care, he  was at his primary, did he mention the cough , nope, it will get better he says.  

So he got a huge antibiotic shot in the hip, which he complains about all the time, and he has better inhalers and treatments, and some pills.   His blood sugar has been off the charts since the infection, and he is very cranky, unhappy.   SO I have been cooking him meals, doing clean up , and trying to take care of the house.  I am not up to it, but no one has died yet.  Hey he is 62 and deserves to be taken care of some times.   Just want you all to know why the mostly silence the last few days.   Ok I have to go clean the cat box, which after I do it he will say ” I was going to do that”.     Loves to all, I just want to sleep.   I hope the doctor tomorrow morning can help.   Hugs

October 17, 2017

T-Shirt: “I Stand For The National Anthem” – Joe.My.God.

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The protest is about lives, not the damn flag.   The protest is because black people are being shot and killed for no reason.  Again another one where the police say they were scared so they had to shoot… but the suspect was a 50 year old man running away.   The video shows he was clearly no threat, but rather than chase him, the police just shot him.  The reason they stopped him, a broken light on his bike.   One thing I ask you all to think on, the very same people who are screaming that kneeling during the anthem is disrespecting the flag, those are the same people proudly flaying / waving / proclaiming love for the confederate battle flag.   That is a flag that went to war against the US flag.   So don’t by into that misleading hype.   Hugs

Source: T-Shirt: “I Stand For The National Anthem” – Joe.My.God.

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