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January 15, 2019

Like a penis

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OKLAHOMA: New GOP Gov And Wife Announce Plan To Use Office To “Bring People To Jesus”

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Again they just won’t quit trying to force their religion into the government and make everyone live by their 2000 year old codes.  We can do better today, we know more, we understand things never dreamed of by desert dwellers.   They are so indoctrinated they want to overthrow the US democracy and make the US a theocracy.   How is what they are doing any different than what countries run on the Islamic religion are?   Hugs

Kyle Mantyla reports at Right Wing Watch:

Newly elected Republican Gov. Kevin Stitt of Oklahoma attended an “Inaugural Prayer Service” today, during which declared that it is his mission to align the state “with what God is doing in Oklahoma,” while his wife proclaimed that it is their responsibility “to go our into our state and save people and bring people to” Jesus.

The government could be opened at any time and the workers paid if McConnell would allow a vote.

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January 14, 2019

I am trying to go to bed and someone has stolen my ( his ) pillow

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We Believe: The Best Men Can Be | Gillette (Short Film)

Rand Paul has often described universal healthcare and socialized medicine as “slavery.”

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Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, one of the fiercest political critics of socialized medicine, will travel to Canada later this month to get hernia surgery.


Come Home (Cardinal Pell) – Tim Minchin

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As an abuse victim this song resonates with me.  It needs to be posted again.  Hugs

WoodyAllenJesus by Tim Minchin

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Pinpricks of light amid the darkness

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Thank you. Sometimes it amazes me how people can come through for each other if we let ourselves care. Hugs

bluebird of bitterness

Recently Sunny Skyz posted a collection of the most wholesome tweets of 2018. I’m recycling a few of my favorites here. 

See them allhere.

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Never seen one

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Forcing their religion on everyone, this is why I fight back against religion pushers

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Indiana State Sen. Dennis Kruse is one of the most anti-science, pro-forced Christianity legislators in the country. This is a guy who co-authored a bill to require recitation of the Lord’s Prayer in public schools, wanted Creationism taught in science classrooms, and tried making it illegal for kids to learn sex ed in school without their parents’ permission.

He’s just full of horrible ideas… yet he’s been an elected state official since 1989. Which is to say people keep re-electing him because he’s bad at what he does.

Point at hazard

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January 13, 2019

Milo in daddy Ron’s arm.

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Milo wanted his picture taken also. Hugs

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Odis in his favorite place on the couch. He gets more comfortable on it than I ever could. Hugs

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The mice who pulled the elephants up the snow covered street

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Very serious information in the first one. Then compare to the second.

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tRump took and tried to destroy the notes from the interpreter, telling him not to share anything said in the meeting between him and Putin!  Why? 

Pushing religion but not human rights is the way of the US now

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Job well done

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Think about it! No really think about it!

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Remember the time 150 years of evolutionary research was debunked when Robbo from Butcrak Illinois said “why are there still monkeys”?
Me either.

“ religion-is-a-mental-illness:
““Also, he will set me on fire if I don’t.” ”
“Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love.” ~ 1 John 4:8
“Many of us grow up doubting the love of God because of the relationships...


Well, aren’t you lucky?
(And they say we’re the arrogant ones.)


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