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April 26, 2017

Again they are pushing the idea of cutting taxes & giving breaks for businesses gives benefit to workers, wage earners, and lower incomes. This is NOT true. It has been tried and show it fails. Hugs

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REPORT: House Republicans Exempt Themselves From Health Care Proposal On Preexisting Conditions – Joe.My.God.

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If keeping these benefits is important to congress members and staff, why are they not just as important for the American people.   If they are taken from the people why are they not taken from congress?   You ever get the feeling the republicans in congress are just looking out for themselves and their donors?  They do not care about the people, they don’t care about you.  They don’t care if you lose everything as long as they gain.  They will yank your health care for the good of the wealthy yet demand they keep theirs.   They think they are some type of royalty.  Vote them out of office.  Show them we do have authority over them.   One congressman said he was too wealthy to be working for the people of his district.  Really?  Vote for his challenger.   Hugs

Source: REPORT: House Republicans Exempt Themselves From Health Care Proposal On Preexisting Conditions – Joe.My.God.

April 23, 2017

But we are the wealthiest country in the world…. so our republicans keep telling us.

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April 22, 2017

I wish more people could understand this. I had several of these and have been given these responses. Hugs

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April 21, 2017

Have to wait it out.

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Sorry I am not on much right now.  I seem to have been lucky to have caught a stomach virus / bug that has been visiting everyone around here.   Despite my not being out much it apparently slipped through the cracks to get at me.   I am not a happy camper.  Today is worse than the last two and I thought they sucked.   So I am going back to bed.   IF I can stand it, I will use my Ipad to read a few more grand blogs.  Hugs

April 20, 2017


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I got stuck at one of these…. just not sure which one :) Hugs

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They are trying to take healthcare away from the people again. Beware.

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April 19, 2017

New look

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