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October 23, 2016

I feel great and horrible at the same time.

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OK this is not  going to look good for me.  I am saying that right up front.  I am going to be the bad guy here and Ron is going to be the grand guy!

Wow what is going on I can hear you saying?

Well here is what happened.   And it is a great tale and a sad tale.

So Ron works nights and he slept most of the day..   I was up most of the day and drank a lot of soda.   Now it is a Diet Right brand of cola so it does not mess up my sugar.

How ever as I may have mentioned here before I have a very sensitive tummy.   In fact when I had my upper GI series they told me they couldn’t put air into my stomach because when they tried I would convulse.

So after a long day  I went down to the bed room.   Ron woke up as I was getting ready for bed.  Well being a rather happy couple in love we responded as you might expect.   I was more than willing, as he was, and I made him a happy man.  Then when he wanted to return the favor my tummy let lose.   I started to throw up. I couldn’t control it.  My belly decided it not only would not hold what I had put in it today, it would eject it violently.   All over the bed, all over Ron , all over ever where.   What made it worse was I was not able to get up and get to a trash can or even the bathroom.    Poor Ron, wanting to return the favor I had just given him got covered in my vomit.

As I stammered and tried to help, he calmly stripped the bed and got new sheets from the closet.  Even as I tried to apologist, he helped me to the bathroom.   As I cleaned my self up he changed the bed sheets and spread, and not once made me feel it was my fault.

He reminded me the doctor said my stomach could not stand pressure and that this was not my fault.   Yet I felt it was.  I knew my medical conditions, my limitations, and I went over them with no thought of it effecting anyone but me.  This time my love of my life paid for it.. and did not even blame me.  That last part hurts worse than anything I think.

So as he drifted off to blissful sleep I got up to write this post.  To in some way to make my self feel better.  Tomorrow  I will make him one of my spaghetti sauces he likes.

Yet it will not erase the memory of what my body did tonight, and the many times he has had to take care of my failings.  Yet he sleeps peacefully while I sit here crying with Odis ( the nose freckle boy ) be side me.  I wish I could be better for him, he deserves so much better.   yet for some reason I can’t figure out, I am what he wants.    I am so Lucky!!!

Crying Hugs




October 22, 2016

Oh crap

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I was reading  a on line scientist guy’s view of the Ken Ham ark.  It was deep and intense.    However while doing that and a few other things today including watching the new HBO show West world, which I am liking, I just noticed my email  counter has gone over 175.  That means I have miss a lot of other stuff on line.  I have missed comments and posts I want to be a part of.    So give me enough time to finish watching what Ian doing,  and I will get to everyone as soon as possible.   Many hugs.    Oh I should add that Milo just stuck his head over my hands on the keyboard as to say…” hey I come first pay attention to me”.   Oh great he just crawled into my lap.. not much going to happen until I can get him to move…Hugs.

They sure did try to do it. Sad.

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October 21, 2016

Ghost Riders In The Sky – sung by Marty Robbins – YouTube

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Trump In 2007: Hot Women Are My Alcoholism, I Like To Hire Teenagers If They’re Hot Enough [VIDEO] – Joe.My.God.

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Source: Trump In 2007: Hot Women Are My Alcoholism, I Like To Hire Teenagers If They’re Hot Enough [VIDEO] – Joe.My.God.

October 20, 2016

Mr. Bojangles – Nitty Gritty Dirt Band – [With Lyrics] – YouTube

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How I feel today after a horribly painful morning. I am so grateful for these times. I so dance in my mind when these times happen. Great song, great idea for life. My best wishes for all. Many hugs

Randy sent me this.. some things to think on. Hugs

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Quotes that will probably give you chills

October 19, 2016

Time Passages | Al Stewart | Lyrics ☾☀ – YouTube

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There is a post I want to make. It has been on my mind for two weeks.  I did a video post of it and decided not to post it.  It is about memories.  We all have them.  The memories that wake us at night.  The ones we wish we could change.  Times when we were clueless or stupid.  The awkward moments when we wished we had said or did something other than we did.   The times at 3:20 at night lying awake you tell yourself “that was stupid and I wish I had not said that” or the times you wished you had gone left instead of right, the times you wished you had stayed quiet instead of stating how you really felt.   I am plagued lately with these memories at night while trying to sleep.  I think this song says some of what I am trying to say.  If I ever get the post right in my head I will write it and share it with everyone.   Loves and hugs to all.

October 18, 2016

Give me…………….

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Editorial cartoon on Donald Trump

Why ????

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Editorial cartoon on Donald Trump and taxes

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