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October 20, 2016

Mr. Bojangles – Nitty Gritty Dirt Band – [With Lyrics] – YouTube

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How I feel today after a horribly painful morning. I am so grateful for these times. I so dance in my mind when these times happen. Great song, great idea for life. My best wishes for all. Many hugs

Randy sent me this.. some things to think on. Hugs

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Quotes that will probably give you chills

October 19, 2016

Time Passages | Al Stewart | Lyrics ☾☀ – YouTube

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There is a post I want to make. It has been on my mind for two weeks.  I did a video post of it and decided not to post it.  It is about memories.  We all have them.  The memories that wake us at night.  The ones we wish we could change.  Times when we were clueless or stupid.  The awkward moments when we wished we had said or did something other than we did.   The times at 3:20 at night lying awake you tell yourself “that was stupid and I wish I had not said that” or the times you wished you had gone left instead of right, the times you wished you had stayed quiet instead of stating how you really felt.   I am plagued lately with these memories at night while trying to sleep.  I think this song says some of what I am trying to say.  If I ever get the post right in my head I will write it and share it with everyone.   Loves and hugs to all.

October 18, 2016

Give me…………….

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Editorial cartoon on Donald Trump

Why ????

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Editorial cartoon on Donald Trump and taxes

Does any one else enjoy debates?

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I have been watching debates and talks given by the “bible  and beer consortium”.

I like they don’t preach, but hold debate type talks between well known people who give their sides of the topic.  Mostly I find that the atheists come off much better than the theists, but that maybe because the atheist seem so much better informed.   I am listening to the Matt Dillahunty vs Slick ( sorry I have not caught his first name ) on the subject … is secular humanism superior to Christianity ?   Hugs

great point .. why should it ever be this way.

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sorry look again

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Had to change the last the post as the wrong thing pasted.  Not sure how it happened, did not notice it until I looked at it again.   I suggest you also look again.  Hugs

Dreams realized… I love it when people reach out to make their dreams come true. Hugs

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102-year-old Edie Simms was handcuffed and put in the back of a police car. One of her last bucket list items was to be arrested, so the St. Louis PD rewarded her commitment to community service by giving her a cuffed ride in the back of a squad car...

October 17, 2016

I want one of these

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Sisyphus is a kinetic coffee table designed to make its own patterns. A thin layer of sand lies beneath the glass surface, and a robot-powered magnet rolls a ball through the grains to create mesmerizing designs. Source Source 2

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