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August 29, 2016

African American Christian Rants On Homosexuality (RE: Sexual Perversion and Homosexuality) – YouTube

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These videos from this young man are very interesting to me. I am changing and developing different tastes in videos, more intellectual and less play.
I love both the content of this video and the way the young man in it is able to express himself, his intelligence and his calm demeanor. I am surprised that I can still learn and enjoy learning. I had thought that skill was slipping from me. It turns out it was partly due to the video speakers I was watching. Trying to learn fro them was hard for me for some reason. When I expanded my viewing set, I gained more benefit from the material. Thanks and Hugs

See right through

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August 28, 2016

Think on this.. take your time.

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I am a cucumber

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So True.

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Drug company greed

Wow what a thing to say … but he did

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“ Trump’s speech to his voters.

I think there is a generation out there that just orgasimed in their pants.

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MIT researchers created a wearable interface out of temporary gold leaf tattoos. They found that gold leaf can conduct electricity and respond to touch, and that combining it with their DuoSkin technology creates custom, wearable circuits that can be...

Great gift for lonely dogs

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Experts are developing the world’s first TV remote for dogs. The controls consist of a large bone that acts as the on/off switch, a tennis ball for the play button, and a dog paw for the pause button. It’s also yellow and blue so they can easily see...

August 27, 2016

A question ?

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I have for years, well since I had this blog, way back to half way through 2007 if I remember right, signed everything I wrote on my blog or in comments on other’s blogs with “hugs”.

I started that because I saw another blog writer do it and his reasoning was he liked to hug.  I thought about it and I respected it.

See I had never been hugged until I was in my mid twenty’s.   I had never been hugged by my “mother” nor by my “father”.  I was so afraid of him if he tried to hug me I think I would have wet my self and died.  Not even the grandparents, who tried their best to protect me and help me, ever hugged me.

I had a sergeant who hugged me in the Army but he wanted me for his own reasons.   I don’t fault him, I got many things out of the relationship, but free hugs were not one of them.  His hugs came with a price.

The first hugs I got with no strings attached were from Ron.  My now husband.  He hugged me the first time we met and asked me to wait for him to get off work.  I did !

Over the years many have commented on my sign off of “hugs”.  Some made fun of it.  Most ignored it.  Some wrote me and told me they disliked it.  Some said they disliked it immensely and did not want me to use it on their blogs.  I did try to remember who disliked it and tried not to use it with them, but sadly I would soon forget and use it again for everyone.

I personally don’t understand why some people object to my offering virtual hugs, but some do.  Those that do seem very insulted.  I have gotten emails that were really violent in content.  I have to admit my thinking is by hugging everyone I am offering a warmth of acceptance.

 So now that I am more interacting on many other peoples blogs, and wanting to take their feelings into account, being a person who doesn’t like to cause others upset when I don’t need to, I have the following question:

Do I continue to use the sign off hugs as that is what people now know I do, or do I switch to simply signing everything with Scottie?  Scottie is my name and that won’t upset anyone or be misunderstood.  I am OK with that, I just wanted people to know I am using it with the implied hugs.

I am leaning toward using my name, Scottie , instead of hugs as that won’t upset anyone.  I guess those that know me will know that when they see my name I am also offering virtual internet hugs.  Maybe there are some people out there who needed them as much as I did.

With much love, much respect, as much understanding as I can give this is Scottie giving everyone the biggest hug I can.   Be well and be happy.   Scottie

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