While the America’s most influential political group, extreme right-wing Christians, does whatever it can to prevent harsher legislation against bullying in schools (because it’s a part of growing up and preventing it would be pushing the gay agenda) they seem to have a problem with bullying all of sudden when one of their own is the “victim”. Just that “bullying” isn’t quite the right term here.

Viki Knox is a high school teacher who said both on Facebook and in class that homosexuality is perversion and sin that spreads like cancer. Way to make kids feel all right in their own skin! Understandably some people believe that someone who is obviously trying not only to  take her religious beliefs into the classroom (something that is all to common in the Unites States) but also is spreading that kind of hate that already led to an uncounted number of suicides of queer kids should not be allowed to teach kids.

She is not only backing and encouraging anti-gay bullies with her hateful comments she is making as a teacher, someone who is supposed to be a role model; she also gives the kids she is teaching the impression that maybe it doesn’t get better. Because what is it worth to tell bullied teens that they will be fine once they escape their narrow-minded contemporaries if they can see in their own classrooms that adults are just as cruel and vicious?

The sad irony is that the very Christians we were talking about above now come out and have the nerve to hold up signs saying “Don’t bully Viki”. Because, clearly, it’s only bullying if someone is telling you that driving kids into depressions and suicide is not OK.

NJ.com has more on the issue and a poll asking if you think Viki Knox should be fired.