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March 18, 2012

Or Words to that Effect…: Pray the Gay Away. Really?

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borrowed this from Randy.  It is on his blog and I think it so important and Randy did such a great job with it, I would like to reblog it here.  Please give all the credit to Randy.  Thanks.  Scottie   Oh there are some great comments on Randy’s blog and I would love to hear from all of you on this also.  

Or Words to that Effect…: Pray the Gay Away. Really?.

SUNDAY, MARCH 18, 2012

Pray the Gay Away. Really?

Ok, My Friends….. Here is your assignment.  Read the following and try to count the number of outright falsehoods, bullshits, and wtf’s.    This was found on Tumblr…. go figure…. and had to have been produced in the last year or so.  Believe it or not, there are people out there that are pushing this stuff.  They believe it, and are not above hoodwinking others to believe it.    I look forward to your comments.

The Lollypop Danger?   Only in moderation…that way only makes them moderately gay.  And no Cigars either.  Parents, don’t give your kids Cigars.  Makes them gay for Cubans.

Yes, parents.  Have your Kindergartener watch Mel Gibson’s ‘Passion.  That way they won’t be gay.  Will be emotionall scarred and terrorized, have nightmares and cringe everytime they see a Cross, but no gay.  ?


outrageous things

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New Hampshire Lawmaker Tries To Explain Why Marriage Equality Is Bad |Gay News|Gay Blog Towleroad

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New Hampshire Lawmaker Tries To Explain Why Marriage Equality Is Bad |Gay News|Gay Blog Towleroad.

New Hampshire Lawmaker Tries To Explain Why Marriage Equality Is Bad

HopperThe New Hampshire House will vote on HB 437 this week; an ugly little piece of legislation which could repeal the state’s 2009 marriage equality law. As Andy reported Wednesday, the House will also vote on something known as the “Bates House Amendment,” which will put the following question on the November ballot:

Shall New Hampshire law allow civil unions for same-sex couples and define marriage as the union of one man and one woman?

Note how, at a glance, the question appears to be pro-gay rights. It’s tricksy that way precisely because Rep. David Bates, the Wyndham Republican who spoke grandly last week about the importance of New Hampshirites having their say, knows that heavy majorities in his state don’t want to roll back extant marriage equality laws.

Well — HB 437 has at least one staunch ally in the New Hampshire State legislature who feels no need for that kind of lingual pussyfooting. That’s Rep. Gary Hopper, a Republican from Weare. He’s taken to his Facebook page to explain the importance of HB 437, and here’s what he says:

HB437 The Repeal of Same Sex Marriage is going to be voted on this week.

I will be voting for it.

NH Constitution Part First “[Art.] 6. [Morality and Piety.] As morality and piety, rightly grounded on high principles, will give the best and greatest security to government, and will lay, in the hearts of men, the strongest obligations to due subjection;”

Piety (reverence for God and Family)

The idea is simple, if people are self regulated by their own moral compass less government is needed to keep the peace.

Traditional marriage has provided the best environment to raise children but it was severely diminished in the 1970s by no-fault divorce.
That change made the focus of marriage on the individual and not the family. Since that change teen suicides have gone up 10x, the social cost has been mind boggling. In fact over 90% of the children in the care of the Department of Child Youth Services are from single parent or broken homes not to mention how many young people who have ended up in prison as a result.

The traditional family is the best place to raise children and any further erosion of that standard only destroys our country more and increases the size and scope of government.

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Legislature Gets Its Way; LGBT Youth Group Will No Longer Sell License Plates |Gay News|Gay Blog Towleroad

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Legislature Gets Its Way; LGBT Youth Group Will No Longer Sell License Plates |Gay News|Gay Blog Towleroad.

Legislature Gets Its Way; LGBT Youth Group Will No Longer Sell License Plates

Indiana_Youth_Group-thumb-250x125-23611For a brief, shining moment in Indiana, LGBT folk and their allies could procure the very attractive license plates at right, simultaneously beautifying their cars and ensuring that the Indiana Youth Group receive a $25 state donation. No longer.

From The Bilerico Project:

Homophobic Republican state senators … originally tried to sneak in legislation during the session to target the LGBT youth group‘s plate but after community uproar decided not to pursue the attempt. Republican State Senate President Pro Tempore David Long told the Indianapolis Star he had found a new “solution” by demanding the BMV revoke the plate on contractual grounds.

And what were those? Apparently, Indiana legislators’ gripe was that those purchasing the Indiana Youth Group license plates were given special preference for low plate numbers. This is bad and wrong, apparently. But here’s the thing: Graig Lubsen, until recently the Communications Director for the Bureau of Motor Vehicles, acknowledges that there’s a long history in Indiana of giving non-profit donors low license plate numbers. It just wasn’t an issue ’til the gays did likewise. But now the baby’s being thrown out with the gaywater: the Greenways Foundation and the Indiana 4-H Groups, too, have been cited for giving out low plate numbers.

Incidentally, according to Bilerico:

The same legislators who sent the letter granted the Indianapolis Colts a license plate previously and specifically allowed them to give away low number plates.

Football! Also, and less incidentally: The Indiana Youth Group — which is one of the oldest and most well-organized LGBT youth groups in America (check out their website!) — had to apply several times and eventually sue to obtain the right to sell a plate at all. The resulting plate was available for two months.

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Neighborhood Watchman Who Allegedly Shot Trayvon Martin Wanted to Be a Cop

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Neighborhood Watchman Who Allegedly Shot Trayvon Martin Wanted to Be a Cop

PHOTO: Trayvon Martin, 17, was fatally shot by neighborhood watch leader George Zimmerman.
Trayvon Martin, 17, was fatally shot by neighborhood watch leader George Zimmerman. (ABC News; Orange County Jail)

March 18, 2012


A self-appointed neighborhood watchman who pursued and then shot dead an unarmed 17-year-old boy outside his stepmother’s home last month in Sanford, Fla., reportedly wanted to be a police officer and had called 9-1-1 50 times in the last year.

Trayvon Martin, a black high-school junior, was making his way home with a bag of Skittles and a can of iced tea on Feb. 26 when Zimmerman spotted him, called a non-emergency dispatch number to report Martin looked intoxicated, followed him, and then minutes later after an altercation, shot him.

Zimmerman, 28, who is white, claimed self defense. He was never arrested and has been charged with no crime, sparking national outrage.

ABC News has learned police seemed to accept Zimmerman’s account at face value that night and that he was not tested for drugs or alcohol on the night of the shooting, even though it is standard procedure in most homicide investigations.

The night of Feb. 26, Zimmerman made a non-emergency call to police before fatally shooting Martin, in which he told a dispatcher, “This guy looks like he’s up to no good, on drugs or something.”

But law enforcement expert Rod Wheeler who listened to the tapes tells ABC News that Zimmerman, not Martin, sounded intoxicated in the police recordings of the 911 calls.

“When I listened to the 911 tape the first thing that came to my mind is this guy sounds intoxicated. Notice how he’s slurring his words. We as trained law enforcement officers, we know how to listen for that right away and I think that’s going to be an important element of this entire investigation,” Wheeler said.

Call for Help Watch Video
Teenager Shot Dead Inside Gated Community Watch Video
Lawsuit Filed in Neighborhood Watch Shooting Watch Video

But Zimmerman was not tested.

Martin’s family is now calling on the FBI to take over what they say is a botched investigation.

“We’ve got a fair investigation, it was the best we can do, it’s in states attorney hands now,” Sanford Police Department spokesman Dave Morgenstern said.

Series of Calls to Police Record Events Leading Up to Shooting

The series of calls to police, which depict the apparent progression of events that led to Zimmerman allegedly shooting Martin, sent the boy’s mother screaming from the room and prompted his father to declare, “He killed my son,” according to a family representative.

The contents of the calls and the family’s reaction to them were recounted to ABC News by a representative of the boy’s family, Ryan Julison, and ABC News affiliate WFTV published excerpts from the 911 calls.

On one call to a non-emergency dispatch number, according to Julison, Zimmerman says, “He’s checking me out,” and then, “This guy looks like he’s on drugs, he’s definitely messed up.”

“These a**holes always get away,” he adds.

The dispatcher is heard trying to discourage Zimmerman, asking, “Are you following him?.. Okay, we don’t need you to do that.”

Within minutes, however, 911 calls are being made to police reporting the two are fighting.

“They’re wrestling right in the back of my porch,” one frantic caller says. “The guy’s yelling help and I’m not going out.”

On a second call someone’s screams for help can be heard and what sounds like two gunshots.

The caller’s boyfriend shouts, “Get down,” and after the second apparent gunshot, the shouts for help cease, Julison told ABC News.

“There’s gun shots. Uh, I’m pretty sure the guy is dead out here, holy sh**,” a caller says into the phone.

One witness describes Zimmerman after the shooting.

“He’s out there with a flashlight. The guy is raising his hands up saying he shot the person,” the caller said.

Martin’s family listened to eight tapes, Julison said. At one point, Sybrina Fulton, Trayvon’s mother, ran out of the room screaming and crying, barely lasting through half the tapes.

The boy’s father, Tracey Martin, stoic and measured until then, erupted, Julison said.

“He killed my son,” Martin said, according to Julison. “He killed my son. He couldn’t control himself.”

The Sanford, Fla., Police Department, relenting to massive public pressure, plans to release parts of the 911 tapes pertaining to the shooting, multiple sources told ABC News, but wanted the boy’s family to hear the tapes before they were released to the public, according to a family source.

A week after ABC News uncovered questionable police conduct in the investigation of the fatal shooting, including the alleged “correction” of at least one eyewitness’ account, outrage that the shooter remains free is intensifying.

“It’s surprising. It’s shocking,” said Tracy Martin, Trayvon’s father. “It lets me know that justice is just not being served here. All we want is justice for our son. We’re not asking for anything out of the ordinary.”

In an interview with ABC News, Martin’s mother, Fulton, tearfully said she only seeks an arrest.

“Let a judge and jury decide the rest,” she added.

In the meantime, outrage is spreading across the Internet.

The Seminole County State Attorney’s Office was so bombarded by emails demanding that it prosecute Zimmerman that its website had to be taken down for 45 minutes, according to a spokeswoman for the office.

One of several petitions for Zimmerman’s arrest has garnered more than 250,000 signatures on a site, and at one point signatures were pouring in at the rate of 10,000 an hour, according to the website.

The outrage has been partly buoyed by calls for non-violent action by hip-hop luminaries, including Russell Simmons, who has been tweeting about the tragedy and warning against its possible vigilante violence.

“Trayvon Martin didn’t die so we can create a race war he died so we can promote better understanding. We must start honest dialogue,” Simmons wrote.

It may have been an allusion to a statement by a group called the New Black Liberation Militia, which planned to travel to Sanford, Fla., next week to enact a citizen’s arrest against Zimmerman and bring him to federal authorities.

Sanford, Fla., Police Chief Billy Lee said Zimmerman asserts he shot Martin out of self-defense.

“Until we can establish probable cause to dispute that, we don’t have the grounds to arrest him,” Lee said last Tuesday.

Martin had been staying at his father’s girlfriend’s house and stepped out. On his way back into the gated suburban Orlando community, Martin was spotted by Zimmerman.

Zimmerman described Martin as suspicious because he was wearing a hooded sweatshirt and walking slowly in the rain, police later told residents at a town hall.

A dispatcher told him to wait for a police cruiser, and not leave his vehicle.

But about a minute later, Zimmerman left his car wearing a red sweatshirt and pursued Martin on foot between two rows of townhouses, about 70 yards from where the teen was going.

Zimmerman’s pursuit of Martin did not of itself constitute a crime, Lee said.

Witnesses told ABC News a fistfight broke out and, at one point, Zimmerman, who outweighed Martin by more than 100 pounds, was on the ground and that Martin was on top.

Austin Brown, 13, was walking his dog during the time of the altercation and saw both men on the ground but separated.

Brown, along with several other residents, heard someone cry for help, just before hearing a gunshot. Police arrived 60 seconds later and the teen was quickly pronounced dead.

According to the police report, Zimmerman, who was armed with a handgun, was found bleeding from the nose and the back of the head, standing over Martin, who was unresponsive after being shot.

An officer at the scene overheard Zimmerman saying, “I was yelling for someone to help me but no one would help me,” the report said.

Witnesses told ABC News they heard Zimmerman pronounce, “It was self-defense,” and place the gun on the ground.

But after the shooting, a source inside the police department told ABC News that a narcotics detective and not a homicide detective first approached Zimmerman. The detective peppered Zimmerman with questions, the source said, rather than allow Zimmerman to tell his story. Questions can lead a witness, the source said.

Another officer corrected a witness after she told him that she heard the teen cry for help. The officer told the witness, a long-time teacher, that it was Zimmerman who cried for help, the witness told ABC News.

Lee publically admitted that officers accepted Zimmerman’s word at the scene that he had no police record.

Two days after the incident, during a meeting with the victim’s father, Tracy Martin, an officer told the father that Zimmerman’s record was “squeaky clean.”

Yet public records showed that Zimmerman was charged with battery against on officer and resisting arrest in 2005, a charge that was later expunged.

In a letter to the Orlando Sentinel, Zimmerman’s father contended his son is not a racist.

“At no time did George follow or confront Mr. Martin. When the true details of the event became public, and I hope that will be soon,” the letter said, “everyone should be outraged by the treatment of George Zimmerman in the media.”

“I asked [the police], ‘Well, did you check out my son’s record?'” Tracy Martin told ABC News in an interview Sunday. “What about his? … Trayvon was innocent.”

Trayvon Martin’s Family Seeks Justice

Trayvon Martin had no arrest record or disciplinary action for violence as a student in North Miami’s Krop High School.

On Monday, Lee, seeking to head off racial unrest, tried to reassure the public that his department was doing all it could to reach a fair conclusion, as some in the crowd heckled him by saying, “a little black boy is dead.”

Lee’s department said it plans on passing its investigation over to the state’s attorney office to determine whether to press charges against Zimmerman.

Trayvon Martin’s parents described him as the kind of son who, even at 17, allowed his parents to kiss him publicly.

“That was my baby, my youngest son,” his mother, Sybrina Fulton, told ABC News in an interview in Miami. “He meant a lot to me, I don’t think the police department really understands that. … I need justice for my family, I just want justice for my son.”

Fulton is incensed that Zimmerman left his car despite being urged by dispatchers to stay put.

“My son didn’t do anything,” she said. “He was walking home from the store. Why would the neighborhood watch guy would have a weapon? … It’s just crazy. You are supposed to watch the neighborhood, not take the law into your own hands.”

AP Mobile: Witness: Occupy protesters beaten during arrests

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A story from AP Mobile:

Witness: Occupy protesters beaten during arrests

thumbnailNEW YORK (AP) – An Occupy Wall Street protester says police gave demonstrators little warning before kicking them out of a New York City park overnight and that officers beat several of them during the arrests. The protester, Chris Casuccio, was at Manhattan’s Zuccotti Park on Saturday, where demonstrators chanted and held impromptu meetings to mark the six months since the movement against econom…

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‘Warming up mighty early’ across parts of US from for iPhone

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I found this article and thought you might be interested: ‘Warming up mighty early’ across parts of US

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