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April 17, 2012

Amen God Bless

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Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins Links Secret Service Prostitution Scandal with Repeal of ‘DADT’ |Gay News|Gay Blog Towleroad

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Sorry but I fail to see the connection to letting gay service members serve openly and heterosexuals that are tasked with protecting the president hiring female prostitutes.   I could see if it was same going on…but from all reports, it was multiple women for heterosexual men.    Maybe we should have only gay people protecting the president, after all it is an important job.   Hugs

Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins Links Secret Service Prostitution Scandal with Repeal of ‘DADT’ |Gay News|Gay Blog Towleroad.

Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins Links Secret Service Prostitution Scandal with Repeal of ‘DADT’

Family Research Council president Tony Perkins discussed the “growing number of top Republicans who are donating to pro-gay causes” with right-wing radio host Janet Mefferd yesterday. Mefferd noted “the extent to which the GOP doesn’t want to fight on this issue anymore” and Perkins asserted it is causing a breakdown in moral order evidenced by the Secret Service prostitution scandal and the repeal of ‘DADT’, Right Wing Watch reports:

PerkinsSaid Perkins:

Just for a moment step back and look at the implications of this, over the weekend we saw the news of the President’s Secret Service detail in Colombia and the issue of them hiring prostitutes and now the White House is outraged about that. Actually in a meeting this morning my staff asked, ‘why should the President be upset’? It was actually legal; it was legal there to do that, so why should we be upset? Well, the fact is we intuitively know it’s wrong, there’s a moral law against that.

The same is true for what the President has done to the military enforcing open homosexuality in our military. You can change the law but you can’t change the moral law that’s behind it. You can change the positive law, the law that is created by man, but you can’t change the moral law, it’s wrong. So what you have is you have a total breakdown and you can’t pick and choose. Morality is not a smorgasbord; you can’t pick what you want. I think you’re absolutely right, this is a fundamental issue going forward because if we say ‘let them do what we want,’ what’s next? You cannot maintain moral order if you are willing to allow a few things to slide.

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Extremists poison schoolgirls’ water; Afghan officials say –

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Extremists poison schoolgirls’ water; Afghan officials say –

Extremists poison schoolgirls’ water; Afghan officials say

From Masoud Popalzai, CNN
updated 1:34 PM EDT, Tue April 17, 2012
Many Afghan girls were not allowed to attend school during the Taliban's rule but girls' schools began reopening after the regime was toppled.
Many Afghan girls were not allowed to attend school during the Taliban’s rule but girls’ schools began reopening after the regime was toppled.

  • At least 140 Afghan girls and female teachers were admitted to a local hospital
  • Their drinking water had been poisoned, health officials say
  • No deaths have been reported
  • In 2010, more than 100 schoolgirls and teachers were sickened in similar poisonings

Kabul, Afghanistan (CNN) — At least 140 Afghan schoolgirls and female teachers were admitted to a local hospital Tuesday after drinking poisoned water, said local health officials, who blamed the act on extremists opposed to women’s education.

The victims range in age from 14 to 30 and were taken to a hospital in Afghanistan’s northeastern Takhar province after their school’s water tank was contaminated, according to provincial health department director Dr. Hafizullah Safi.

No deaths were reported, but more than half the victims partially lost consciousness, while others suffered dizziness and vomiting.

“Looking at the health condition of these girls, I can definitely say that their water was contaminated by some sort of poison,” Safi said. “But we don’t know yet what was the water exactly contaminated with.”

Local officials said they are investigating the incident at the Rostaq district school and are searching for the perpetrators.

“It is the work of those who are against girls’ education and peace and stability in Afghanistan,” district administrator Malem Hussain said.

In 2010, more than 100 schoolgirls and teachers were sickened in a series of similar poisonings.

During the Taliban’s rule from 1996 to 2001, many Afghan girls were not allowed to attend school, though the schools began reopening after the regime was toppled by the U.S.-led invasion.

Observers say, however, that abuse of women remains common in the post-Taliban era and is often accepted in conservative and traditional families, where women are barred from education and commonly subjected to domestic violence.

In January 2011, Afghan Education Minister Dr. Farooq Wardak told the Education World Forum in London that the Taliban had abandoned its opposition to girls’ education. But the group never offered a statement confirming or denying that claim.

Female educational facilities, students and teachers, meanwhile, have come under vicious attack as the insurgency has spread outside Taliban strongholds in the southern provinces of Kandahar and Helmand.

The country maintains one of the world’s youngest populations, though officials say literacy rates among both children and adults remain low.

Daily Kos: Republicans and millionaires celebrate tax day and Buffett Rule failure

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Daily Kos: Republicans and millionaires celebrate tax day and Buffett Rule failure.

Mitch McConnell, John Boehner

Mitch McConnell and John Boehner wish all you 30+ percent tax rate paying rubes a
Happy Tax Day. (Kevin Lamarque/Reuters)

On Monday, Democrats in the Senate voted to establish the Buffett Rule, making sure that people who make over $1 million a year would pay a minimum of 30 percent of their income in taxes. Of course, Republicans voted against it and the bill failed.

Majority support doesn’t count at all for Republicans.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said:

“This entire debate has been very illuminating for a lot of folks,” said Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. “It’s revealed a lot about this president. By wasting so much time on this political gimmick that even Democrats admit won’t solve our larger problems, it’s shown the president is more interested in misleading people than he is in leading.”


“We have a president that seems more interested in pitting people against each other than he is in doing anything,” said Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell.

Meanwhile, House Speaker John Boehner opined (on Facebook! He’s such man of the people):

“In fact, the ‘Buffett Tax’ hike touted by President Obama has been called everything from a ‘sham’ to a ‘hoax’ to ‘total gimmickry.'”


[T] he clash shows “who is listening to the American people and focusing on their priorities.”

Unfortunately for these Republican leaders, Boehner was right about the vote showing who is paying attention to priorities. He’s just got it backwards. Yesterday’s CNN/ORC poll [pdf].

Would you favor or oppose a proposal to change the federal income tax rates so that people who make more than one million dollars a year will pay at least 30 percent of their income in taxes?

Favor 72%
Oppose 27%
No opinion 1%

Daily Kos: Mitt Romney defends tax return secrecy by falsely claiming he’s been as open as President Obama

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Daily Kos: Mitt Romney defends tax return secrecy by falsely claiming he’s been as open as President Obama.


Father, not like son: George Romney was a pathbreaker in public disclosure

Pants on fire!

DIANE SAWYER: Moving on. President Obama threw down a kind of gauntlet to you over the weekend. And he said, “Release 12 years of your tax returns. I’m releasing them. Release 12 years. If you have nothing to hide why not release 12 years as your father did?”

MITT ROMNEY: Well, the president is going to try and do everything possible to divert from the attention being focused upon his record as president and the failure of his economic policies. So he’s going to try and make this campaign about the fact that I’ve been successful, that I’ve made a lot of money. So he wants to be able to get all the details on each year and how much money I made this year and that year. I’m not going to get into that.

I’m going to focus on getting America strong again. And we’ve released all the information required by law and then some. And both John Kerry and John McCain and—and President Obama—they released two years of records. I’m happy to release two years of records—and that’s plenty for people to understand how I paid my taxes and the fact that I’ve been highly successful.

Sorry, Mitt. You’re not running against John McCain or John Kerry, and President Obama has released every return since the year 2000, not just two.

I’m sure PolitiFact would say this is “mostly true” because two out of three ain’t bad, but Romney is smart enough to know that he wasn’t right about President Obama. I mean, Diane Sawyer (who deserves congratulations for making this list) even explicitly told him that Obama had released a dozen years! And yet just a few seconds later, off Mitt goes, reflexively making shit up as he tries to sell his candidacy.

It’s that kind of dishonesty that makes it impossible to believe him when he promises that he’s not a tax crook. Maybe he is, maybe he isn’t. Maybe he’s not even hiding anything embarrassing, though I kind of doubt that. But one thing’s for sure: when he says he’s “beyond reproach,” I’m not going to take his word on it. I want to see the proof.

Bullying Pushes Gay Iowa Teen Kenneth Weishuhn to Suicide: VIDEO |Gay News|Gay Blog Towleroad

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Bullying Pushes Gay Iowa Teen Kenneth Weishuhn to Suicide: VIDEO |Gay News|Gay Blog Towleroad.

Bullying Pushes Gay Iowa Teen Kenneth Weishuhn to Suicide: VIDEO


Kenneth Weishuhn, a freshman high school student in Paullina, Iowa took his life on Saturday a month after being rejected by friends after coming out of the closet at school, KTIV reports:

“People that were originally his friends, they kind of turned on him,” said his sister Kayla Weishuhn. Teasing started in school, according Kayla, a sophomore.  She says it was the boys in her class, that bullied her brother over his sexuality. “A lot of people, they either joined in or they were too scared to say anything,” she said.

She says they took their teases online, to websites like Facebook, creating a hate group against gays and adding Kenneth’s friends as members.  However, it was only the beginning, family say he started receiving death threats from South O’Brien students on his phone.

“When I’d question him about the phone calls, like he just blew it off, so I just thought everything was ok,” said his mother.

The Sioux City Journal adds:

“South O’Brien schools Superintendent Dan Moore would not elaborate about the case or talk about whether bullying played a role. “We have heard the allegations,” he said. “We don’t know for sure why Kenneth did this.” Grief counselors were at the school Monday to help students,  Moore said. He said they’re taking the incident seriously. “Any time a students does something like this, it’s a tragic loss and our whole community hurts because of it,” said Moore, who called Kenneth Weishuhn “a good kid.”

Watch KTIV’s report on Kenneth’s death, and a memorial video, AFTER THE JUMP


Video may take some time to load…


A memorial made by friends and family:

Read more:

Daily Kos: Ann Romney’s tale of ‘struggling’: We ‘learned hard lessons’ living off our stock portfolio

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Most Americans don’t have wealthy families that start them stock portfolios.  Most of the people who work worry about buy stuff for their kids school needs, they have no means to set money aside for making their child wealthy.    This so called hardship is a B.S. and should be recognized for what it is…and they fact they think it is a hardship to have that kind of resources, means they have no clue as to what the rest of the country faces, no wonder they wish to cut the legs out from the rest of us.   Hugs


Daily Kos: Ann Romney’s tale of ‘struggling’: We ‘learned hard lessons’ living off our stock portfolio.

Mitt and Ann Romney

Mitt and Ann Romney, starting out with nothing.
Nothing except stock from dad, worth $96 a share.

You’re going to need a hanky for this sob story, as told by Ann Romney back in 1994, of just how hard young Mitt and Ann struggled when they were just starting out:

They were not easy years. […]

We were happy, studying hard. Neither one of us had a job, because Mitt had enough of an investment from stock that we could sell off a little at a time.

The stock came from Mitt’s father. When he took over American Motors, the stock was worth nothing. But he invested Mitt’s birthday money year to year — it wasn’t much, a few thousand, but he put it into American Motors because he believed in himself. Five years later, stock that had been $6 a share was $96 and Mitt cashed it so we could live and pay for education.

Let’s interrupt this tale of woe for just a minute to reflect on the value of $96-a-share stock back in 1969, when this great triumph over poverty occurred. Andrew Sabl, who dug up this oldBoston Globe interview, did some quick calculations to figure out just how “not easy” it was to live off Mitt’s stock portfolio:

By Ann’s own account, the stock amounted to “a few thousand” dollars when bought, but it had gone up by a factor of sixteen. So let’s conservatively say that they got through five years as students—neither one of them working—only by “chipping away at” assets of $60,000 in 1969 dollars (about $377,000 today).

Amazing they didn’t starve to death, isn’t it? How ever did they survive? Please, Ann, tell us more:

Mitt and I walked to class together, shared housekeeping, had a lot of pasta and tuna fish and learned hard lessons. […]

We were living on the edge, not entertaining. No, I did not work. Mitt thought it was important for me to stay home with the children, and I was delighted.

Right after Mitt graduated in 1975, we had our third boy and it was about the time Mitt’s first paycheck came along. So, we were married a long time before we had any income, about five years as struggling students.

So the young Romneys, “living on the edge,” refused to get jobs, which some people sayparents “need to” do to “have the dignity of work,” and also to ensure that they don’t raise “indolent and unproductive” children.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with coming from families of extraordinary wealth and privilege. There’s nothing wrong with letting your family put you through school, buy you a house and set you up with a nice stock portfolio so you don’t have to get a job.

But the Romneys want to pretend that they’re just regular folks who know first-hand what it means to struggle. Mitt Romney says he’s “also unemployed”; Ann “doesn’t even consider”herself wealthy. And it is because of their so-called struggles, because of their perceived hardships, especially in those early years when they had to scrape by on today’s equivalent of almost $400,000, that gives them both some unique insight into today’s economy and how to fix it. (Note to the Romneys: If you’re still having to live off tuna, when you’re sitting on that much money, you suck at managing money.)

Mitt Romney’s whole pitch to America, the justification for his draconian economic policies to make the rich richer and the poor poorer, is that he came from humble beginnings and pulled himself up by his own bootstraps. His wife supplements this fiction with stories of having to forego entertaining and living off tuna—and stock investments. And if they can do it, if they can create all this wealth and success for themselves out of nothing more than hard work and sacrifice, by golly, everyone else should be able to do it too, with absolutely no help whatsoever. Just like they did.

The reality, though, is that the Romneys didn’t do it all on their own, and unlike them, most Americans don’t have the opportunities they did to pull themselves up by their own stock portfolios.

McEntee: Gay bullying victim now a defender of human rights | The Salt Lake Tribune

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That anyone had to endure this treatment is wrong, that a child in school suffered it is abhorrent, that adults let it continue is beyond belief.   We claim to be superior to other animals with our big brain, yet they will protect the young, many times even of other species. Yet we have adults who stand by and let kids be hurt to the point of needing medical attention and do nothing because they think it is the better moral choice….I can’t understand that!

McEntee: Gay bullying victim now a defender of human rights | The Salt Lake Tribune.

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