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May 28, 2012

Lets make the hurt worth it

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I served.  I went into the service because on graduation there was no jobs and I wanted to continue to sleep in doors and to eat some food.  My situation was there was no living in the childhood home.  There was not a job to be had.  I joined the Navy.   Then after getting out I had done something no one in my family had done, served in the armed forces, so they asked me to move back home…a few months and I joined the army…it was no better as a honorable veteran than it was as a small abused child.   The Army was a better way to go.   

The true is that service then was respected, even in peace time.  I do not regret the things I learned or the time I spent.   But now things seem different.  Back then it seemed there was many from many walks of life.  Now it seems only a very few serve, and those give all. The rest of us just live our lives.  I can tell you there is both the good and bad to serving and I did it in peace time.  ( I was shot at in east Germany but that was a story for another time ) But it seems we are letting others take our hardship for us.  This time no one other than those in the military has been asked to shoulder the burden.  In truth I shutter to think of all those who have been maimed and what they face in this life…and I ask…was it worth it…has our pride been so elevated as to watch one person not be able to walk, feed themselves, hold their children, pee or poop unaided… think if your life was arm less or legless.   and ask your self….was all this worth it and more important….should it happen again! 

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