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June 1, 2012

114 yes 114 years

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OK look at the title.  OK, look again.  What could it mean?  Well I know I scared you all, but the truth is that is the age I am shooting for.  Yes I have health problems.  But so do most people.  It is one thing or another.  Blood sugar levels, missing limbs, blind, deaf, what ever.  My heath issues do not make me special.   What makes me different is how I deal with them.  Not to say others don’t do as well or better, but I simply do not want to stay home and wait for death to come.  I want to live, a full, happy life.  Will that put stress on me, yup.  But look, Ron has had a heart attach, a stroke, he has M.S. and yet he keeps going….can I do less?

Now I wont take stupid chances.  I will try not to break my bones,and I will try not to over stress my heart.  I will ask my doctor for a full cardiac work up next time I see them.  The fact is what happened the other day was serious.  I was having a heart problem.  But I already knew that, and I knew going to the E.R. was a wasted effort.  I would have waited hours to be seen.  My solution worked as well.  I went to bed for a half day, got up and went on.  This is a solution until it gets worse.

Now I know I will live until I reach the age of 95.  How do I know that?  I looked into the universe, into my self and have seen my self at that age.  So you will all have to put up with my old cranky butt.  I am shooting for 114 years on this earth, because I want to be a grand old cranky person.  LOL   so thanks for your concern and that shows very well for you.  Your a grand human.  But please don’t worry about me.  I have a grand life, I have all I want in this world.   Hugs


  1. My Friend,
    Your outlook is amazing. I know others who are in a panic over far less, and perhaps that is the very lesson: don’t panic. Ok, I won’t panic. I will shake my head in wonder, laugh with you and continue to be amazed at such a great attitude. You are a great lesson for me.
    Today I was so very busy, couldn’t seem to get things done. I stopped and asked myself how you would handle it….. I came up with “stop chasing your own tail and get something finished before going on to the next”. I had to tell three people to wait, but in five minutes I’d finished what had taken me 45 already by getting repeatedly pulled in ten different directions…… now I can chase someone else’s tail 😉

    hugs and hugs again.

    Hello Randy…I have to multitask at work also…and like you many times I just have to keep a mental running list of the next things to do while concentrate on finishing up the task I am doing. It is a hard skill for us to learn at work, but a necessary one and one that has made me better at my job.

    As for me being a lesson or anything other than a simple human who is trying my best, I think you give me way to much credit. I will agree that this last episode is was severe enough to cause me problems still. I have little strength, and I tire out quickly. I get short of breath with little exertion. So I will ask my doctor for a heart work up.

    I can’t see panicking when I have all the help I need, and to do so will deprive others of help they may need. I know how limited the E.R. are with staff and time and supplies. I can’t see taking that unless it was a life threatening issue. I knew there was little they could do for me, and I had time to see my primary care. So I was not a hero, or outstanding, just using the gifts I have and doing the right thing. Hugs


    Comment by randy — June 1, 2012 @ 18:12

  2. You are so right, your health problems don’t make you special, the way that you deal with
    your health, and life is what makes you special. You could sit around on some pity party
    but that isn’t going to change that how things are for you is how they are, I kind of view things as we
    are all sick to a degree,
    From the moment we are all born, it is the beginning of the process of life, and with this process
    comes the inevitable, which is death.
    So I guess that we are all sick just to different degrees within life.
    Stay strong Scottie, you have an amazing sense of life, love and self and that inspires me.

    Hello Angel. Thank you for your words and the encouragement. I agree so much with what you said about it is the way we live, deal with our lives, that is the most important things. I have a grand life, a life I want, and enjoy. I have others who look at my life and do not see the joy and they wonder I see in it. You see I don’t have a fancy house, I have normal type cars, I have no plans to tour the world any time soon. But what I do have is incredible, a good lover, grand son, my home is paid for, I can afford my bills, I have luxuries to have fun with. I really love what I do at work, and I make a difference doing it. So everyone’s life is different but it is how they see the life they have that is important. No matter what you have or who you are, you can choose to make it what ever you want it to be. I can’t see making it less than a grand adventure. But you are so right what you wrote above. Many Hugs


    Comment by Angel O'Fire — June 1, 2012 @ 22:08

  3. What do you mean that you will live to you are 114 and be old and cranky……. you are already cranky (ha,ha,only kidding) The only problem that I see that you have besides health issues is taking a complement. You are amazing in the way you see everything and deal with it. Husg

    Hello Patty my wonderful friend. Yup I can be cranky…LOL I d have a problem with complements as I don’t see my self as special I just am me. I do some things well and I do some things badly. I am not perfect and I have problems. But I love life, I love my life, I love people, and I try each day to be a better Scottie. I surly don’t do all this alone, as you well know I give a lot of credit to the wonderful Ron. You know how he fusses over me, cares for me, loves me. So honesty requires me to say thanks, but I am not as special as many people think. I do love hearing it though. And as a Nurse you know what I wrote is true about my heart….it needs to be addressed but there is a proper way to do it. Hugs


    Comment by Patty — June 2, 2012 @ 20:24

  4. Hello Scottie,

    I am encouraged after reading this latest personal post from you.
    Attitude is very important in health, and I see that yours is positive. But, you also realize that one cannot push the envelope beyound reasonable limits, and you have to seek medical advise and treatment when necessary. I do wish both you and Ron well in the years ahead.

    Hello Carlitos. Yes I know I have to have it checked out. After our own monitors showed a ventricular problem I know I need a 12 lead EKG and they will give me something to slow my heart rate down. The thing they have to ask is why my heart rate goes so high. Well pain will push it up, stress, and other things….so it will take a cardiology doctor to figure it all out. Please don’t worry too much Carlitos, You have health issues your dealing with that are as serious as mine are, if not more so. Many Hugs.


    Comment by carlitos — June 2, 2012 @ 20:31

  5. Now that’s a great attitude to have. Your conditions are what they are; the best you can do is try to get some help from your doctors to improve what conditions they can. Apart from that, take care of yourself and know your body. Since you know the condition of your heart, you had a good idea that what you had to was just rest. That is certainly not what I would advise anyone, but you know yourself and you know what the hospital would be able to do. With sensible precautions and a positive attitude, your medical issues certainly need not limit youWer lifespan.

    Wellness Hugs,

    Thank you Evan. It is standard to tell any PT who has “prospective” heart problems to go to the E.R. The fact is I have nurses who work with me arguing with me to go to get help, I have Ron looking up every symptom on line. But on the other coin I have those same nurses, trained in heart problems, who listened to me. They can’t hear any oblivious signs of trouble. They can’t hear any lung trouble. The monitor at work shows me with a very fast and varied heart rate but did not show life threatening problems. So to go to the E.R. as Ron wanted would have been a waste. I called my primary and they wanted me to come in right away, but again I decided not to as I need to get blood work done if we are to find the cause of my problem. Thanks again for your support. Hugs


    Comment by Evan — June 4, 2012 @ 14:10

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