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June 3, 2012

Protect Our Kids Act –Let’s Pass It! – Every Child Matters Education Fund

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Protect Our Kids Act –Let’s Pass It! – Every Child Matters Education Fund.

I wonder if this is the law the cartoon talked about.  I did a Google search and unfortunately there were a lot of laws named the same thing.  I found some that were passed, and some that were very old, and some I couldn’t figure out.   So if anyone has more information I would really love it if you will share it with me.  I will post it.   I am very serious about protecting our children.   I am not against rules for  children or anyone, but if you leave a mark, destroy the body , mind, or spirit of another…..your ass is not human and should be on the line.   But remember we are a just society and everyone has the right to due process and the access of the law, kids and adults also.   We don’t want revenge, we want education, prevention, and care for everyone who has and is suffering.   

Is that too much to ask?  Gods I hope not.   Hugs and loves.  


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  1. Yes, this is the legislation the cartoon was about. Nick Anderson has now done two cartoons on child abuse and ECM’s work after seeing ECM’s president, Michael Petit, on CNN talking about the child abuse epidemic.

    If you need anymore information please visit our website at

    And thanks for bringing attention to the issue!

    Thanks again Jamie. Helping children is a wonderful thing. Hugs

    Comment by Jamie (@jamdizzle) — June 18, 2012 @ 10:02

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