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June 4, 2012

I do not deserve the wonderful friends I have…update on my heart condition.

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Hello all grand and wonderful Toy Box people.  I have to say I have such grand and wonderful people in my life.  I had a person come all the way to my house to beg me to take care of my self.  Some one who had their own problems, problems I would say are much more serious than mine, and yet rather than feel sorry for themselves, they were worried about me.  That is so sweet, so grand, and even humbling.

At the risk of upsetting my most beloved son, who read the first post I wrote on my heart trouble, and got really upset that dad was so ill.   I never want to worry him, dang he is the best son in the world.  He has worked his butt off to keep me from bending and from lifting with this.   But he is worried.  It will be OK I tell him and it will.  So this is more in depth detail of what is happening.

First today another one of our nurse friends came over today and listened to my heart, and  my lungs.  She is good, and she couldn’t find a murmur or sound that should not have been there.   She also said my lungs are clear…which means the shortness of breath is a heart issue.  so some good news and some bad.

What is happening is this.  For a long time I have had two symptoms.  one a fast heart rate, going up into the 160’s when I am agitated or stressed.  Normally runs about 100 to 120.   Second symptom is I get “lurches” in my chest where my heart is.  It feels like my heart is twisting and hammering in my chest.  Then my blood seems to “hammer” very hard in my veins.   Now I have “skips” that use to be more pronounced than they have recently been.

So about a week ago Ron and I got up and were about to have breakfast.  As we sat there it felt like I had taken a mule kick right to my left chest.  I was stunned.  The kick was followed by a deep ache that wouldn’t go away.   I went grey, lost all my color.  I got light headed, started to spin…lost my breath, became very short of breath.  Every breath seemed very shallow and only lasted a few seconds.   I couldn’t eat as I got very nausea.   I felt very weak and and had no strength to even sit up.   Ron ran through the normal checks we would do on a PT and insisted I go to the E.R.  I went to bed instead.  Slept for hours.  Got up and I was having a hard time breathing, could only speak a few words with out sucking more air in.

Over the last week, I have had repeated episodes, with chest pain going from sharp to deep to squeezing, my breath gets so short I can’t talk.  My strength is gone.   Normally in the past if I had chest pain I would be fine after it passed, not this time.  I am staying weak.   I get nauseous as I sit up, my head spins, but if I lay down I start to feel better.  I sleep a lot.  I am up a few hours and go to bed.  The ache has not left my chest, just in different degrees.

So I called my primary doctors office and they wanted me in the office right away.  I am smart enough to know they would have had to send me out for blood work anyway, so said I will get my labs done on Wednesday then see them on Monday.   I am not scared.   What will be will be, and I have the greatest nurses around me all day at work.  Yes I am going to work.  I went the other day and threw up several times before turning around and came home, changed clothes and got to work with time to spare.  I can do it.

So that is what is happening.  I ate tonight, which I have not eaten for days because I just feel so crappy.   I lay down, sleep feel good, get up, get weak and feel bad, go lay down again.   It is not life threatening….that is the important part.  I have some color back…was off color earlier today, but went to sleep most of the day and woke up with color.

So lets not jump the gun.  It will take many tests to say what is happening.   I will be OK…remember I am going to be a cranky loving young 114 year old.

many hugs.


  1. Well, Scottie, all I can say is if it were me i would have gone to the ER like a shot. I am not a doctor, but what you described to us in the post certainly sounds like a heart attack to me. I can’t believe Ron didn’t insiste you go to the ER. Why wait? Don’t you want to get the proper diagnosis for your situation? Don’t put yourself is jeopardy. It is of no use to anyon to postpone getting proper health advice. Damn dude, you are making me
    crazy with woryy.

    Ah Carlitos…Please know it will be alright. Carlitos there is a reason I did not go in, even if it seems I may have a heart problem. I did not go for two minor reasons, and one very big one. The minor reasons were I have had chest pains before and they cleared up very quickly with no side effects, the other was I did not have a “sense of dread”. It seems that almost every serious heart attach victim has the sense something is very wrong, they just don’t know what…they can’t put their finger one it, yet they feel a deep sense of dread. I did not feel that. I knew I did not feel well, yet I was calm and assured, I was comfortable knowing Ron was there. Now the big reason I did not go to the E.R.: The health care system is broken. Even though the hospital carries insurance on us my cost of an E.R. visit plus an over night stay, doctors, tests, and consults would have easily been well over two thousand , if not into the three thousand dollars MY COST! yes, I am employee and we have health coverage through the hospital and they are self insured, yet they charge us a huge co-pay and high deductibles. To my mind the symptoms did not warrant that cost when I was not sure it was more than a momentary thing that would clear up. So the big reason I did not go to the E.R. was money.

    But I did not just blow it off. We have several nurse friends who checked me out, we have both blood pressure and pulse and Oxygen machines here at home, which we use, blood sugar devices, and we did hook me up to the monitors at work, which had they showed a significant problem I would have been in the E.R. before I could even get unhooked. Our nurses are really good.

    So Carlitos, I may have made a small mistake, and I would insist you would be right to go , everyone should if you had my symptoms, I did have my reasons and my health was not in jeopardy…remember both Ron and I are trained in life saving skills, had my heart stopped, my breathing stopped, Ron could have kept me going for the two minutes it would have taken for E.M.S. to arrive, they are just down the street. I hope this is reassuring for you. I don’t like to cause you stress. I care about you as you care for me. Thanks and hugs.


    Comment by carlitos — June 4, 2012 @ 18:28

    • Good morning dear friend Scottie. Thanks for your comments explaining the situation. I can see you guys know what you are doing. I have never
      heard of such terribly high co-pays for a visit to a hoopsital emergency room. Here where i have had to go a few times recently, the cost for me is only $50. and I know some people do pay several hundred for their ER care. But, a thousand or more? That seems extraordinary for me. Florida health care costs are certainly different thatn in California. But, do take care. I am trying to do the same.

      Hello Carlitos. My friend your cost is artificially kept low by congress cooking the books. See you have medicare, and if everyone had medicare it would pay all the medical bills a few times over. But because medicare only covers the elderly and not the whole population, congress keeps the repayment capped so as not to cost themselves much. Their coverage is much better with no caps on payment. But doctors and hospitals have to take what the government is willing to give, which doesn’t cover the costs. So while you only pay $50.00, hospitals like mine must charge others for your costs. Since insurance companies also play the same game, they have to hit up who they can. Insurance is a horrible scam against the population. So for those with insurance they have to pay the deducible, and those who have none have to pay many times more.

      Sadly the hospital has figured a way to keep us for using the insurance we have unless it is life or death just about. They made our co-pays horrible high, no choice, they are the highest in our area. Plus our deductibles are not to believed. We have the worst company insurance in the area, just better than having none.

      So you can see why I, who work in the health care system, am such a voice for change, for single payer system. I get no raises, see that a large part of our care is given cost free…because people have reached a point that they have to have it regardless of the ability to pay. My biological father died early from cancer because he couldn’t afford care for it. He was too young to receive medicare, no insurance and no real money. Hugs


      Comment by carlitos — June 5, 2012 @ 13:06

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