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June 8, 2012

I am HOME but tired. Very Tired

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Before I get to the many comments, I want to thank each and every one of you who care so much.  I wont post much for a while because I am very tired.  It is hard to get the energy to do much.  I get up for a while, then go and sleep for a while….but I am getting ahead of my self here.

To reassure you all before I get into the whole mess.  I am not dying.  Sorry, I am still on track for 114 years old.  I have not had a heart attack although it did come close and could have happened with the blood loss.  Again a head of my self.

OK so for a while I have had chest pain, Rapid heart rate, loss of color, numbness in the hands, extreme weakness, nausea and indigestion,   followed by chest ache and being very tired.    All of the signs were pointing to a heart problem, most likely a blockage and death of heart muscle…a Heart Attack.

So that was going on for a week.   Now I was making plans to have it checked on, I had made the arrangements to have labs done and an appointment with my primary.  But Wednesday morning I got up with Ron, I did not sleep well, up for several hours with chest pain.  I was to get my shots that morning.  After showering I was wiped out.  No strength, worn.  But Ron and I got into the van and started to back out of the driveway.  James came running out saying he woke up feeling he needed to be with us.

My chest hurt more on the way and I got paler, weaker, and felt crapper as we traveled.  We  got to the clinic.  I struggled to get out of the van.  As we walked to building the world started to spin and my legs turned to jelly.  I couldn’t breath, struggled to get air in, Ron and James grabbed me as I went down and put me on a nearby bench.  They said I was very pale with no color.  I struggled to stay upright but fell over.  Ron had enough at this point and said we were going to the E.R.

James told them in the clinic that I couldn’t have my shots and they took me to the E.R. where one look at me and being told my symptoms they hustled me right inside.  I had no strength to argue and could not really get the breath to talk back.  But as I lay on the gurney and they did labs and took me for tests, I got stronger…well all the tests, labs and other things came back either inconclusive or negative for heart damage or Heart Attack.

I had been there for about six hours and was ready to go home, I was feeling stronger.  I had not eaten since the breakfast the morning before.  So the Doctor came in to tell us the findings: which were a big fat “don’t know, maybe , not likely but we need more tests”  The Doctor wanted me to be admitted to the C.D.U. ( cardiac decision unit ) and they would spend the next day doing more tests.  I asked if they could be done out PT instead.  Yes he said but he was not really comfortable…he could do that or admit me, But he was thinking about the hospital and his liabilities, their need for PT’s and so forth.  I was willing to do all the tests and see the doctors but from my own home, in my time.

At this point my life took a turn for the worst and I ended up with the short end of the stick so to speak.  Ron was carrying on and all upset, repeating over and over that I needed to stay, he had worked him self up into quite a state…he was almost hysterical.  James started feeding off Ron’s hysteria and was raising his voice, all worried, and wanting to make Ron happy, he was adamant I should stay.  I was not, so the doctor said..” well let me admit you for now, and then they can do a couple tests today and you can go home tonight”.  I should have seen the flaw in that my self but as I said it was getting chaotic.

So they admitted me and I got a doctor I really like and know as my intensivest.   By the time that was all done and I was settled , it was too late to schedule any of the tests they wanted me to do.  A heart doctor came in and saw me, was sure I was having a heart problem, ordered all sorts of labs and new tests, stress tests, complete Echo of the heart,  Nuclear injection and pictures of the heart.  But I would have to stay over night.  I had not eaten yet and was not happy.  I sent everyone home and just tried to sleep.

I will fast forward over the horrible night, the every two hours of staff checks, and being stuck so they could draw blood, hang IV fluids and so forth.  By morning I had not had my pain med’s and was irritable and in pain and sure I had made a big mistake.  Ron got there just as the heart doctor was telling me the results of the labs so far…seems they were still negative for heart problems, but I had LOST 3.2 units of blood over night!  Now they had a problem.  Several more doctors came to see me.  I was at the point where I should receive blood, but if I did I couldn’t have the heart tests, and they need to know if it was a heart attack I was having or an internal bleed.

The internal bleeding can present just as a heart attack and it can be just as serious.  And fatal.   So they kicked into high gear and more tests were done.  I will skip the whole day and dramas for you, while they would make a funny read and interesting things did happen the post is getting long and I am tiring out again.

The short story is I do not have a heart problem, in fact what saved me is my heart is in great shape.  All cardiac things checked out very well.  But my condition, my symptoms continued.   But by now I had reached my limit.  They wanted to keep me, pile me with medications, restrict my activity and give me blood, take more labs and in the next day do scopes up the Butt, down the throat…hopefully not the same scope in that order…LOL.  Plus some more imaging and so forth.     I again asked if these test could be done out PT and was told yes…but why not stay.  NO!  I am going home I told them.  The doctors argued with me, the nurse argued with me and I got angry.  I don’t get angry often anymore, but I had had enough.  I was there against my will, felt like a third class citizen with no rights.  I blew.  I threatened to leave AMA, threatened to fire all of my current doctors and so on.  Now the doctor took me serious, and agreed to discharge me.  But there was more drama, and it was caused by the nurse.

She had it in her head that I shouldn’t leave.  She was determined I should stay.  So she called the doctor who had wrote my discharge and told him that the heart doctor may have told us verbally that my heart was OK, but he did not write it in the chart and she argued against me being discharged until he put it in the chart.  I told her it did not mater his final report.  My current doctor had called my primary in front of me and set everything up, told him everything, and asked him to make sure I did not decide I was OK and skip any more tests.  So it was all set up for Monday.  But I ended up waiting two more hours.  Then I got out of there.

So short story, no heart, liver, or kidney problems so far detected with all the tests done.  I do have Hyperthyroid, slight pulmonary hypertension, and an internal bleed.  The big problem is they don’t know where the bleed is or even where the blood is going.  It is not coming out my butt nor my other openings, so it is pooling in my body.

Oh I am going into work in the AM.  I was offered several times to stay home by my boss, but that is not what I want to do.   Hugs


  1. Hi Scottie;
    As i read this, I thought again and again how good it was, in a way, for you to have this experience so that you could – again – better empathize with your patients when you are back at full speed. See, always a silver lining 🙂
    You, Ron, James and Milo have my heart and thoughts.

    Oh Randy….I got your lining for ya! LOL I have lots of adventures in the C.D.U. to talk about. Just wait, next is scoping and that means I have to drink a solution that will make me poop my brains out and more. Hugs

    Comment by randy — June 8, 2012 @ 16:32

    • Oh, Scottie;
      Been there, done that. – have the t-shirt. Ron, James, please take my advice here: find somewhere to be that evening and just go. Don’t feel bad, this is a time for self preservation! Oh, but leave Scottie some towels, his cell phone, and put the laptop in the bathroom.
      Good luck, Scottie.

      Ron, James…. seriously; run. Milo, you’re on your own, pal.


      Oh MY GODS Randy you have no idea. They wanted to see if it was coming out my stool, so since I had not pooped in a few days, being in a strange place and not eating, we got the idea to use laxatives. It took five ducolax tablets and two natural stool softener to get the works going….and then when it did we found out I was rather shy on poop, but now my rectum is raw…I pooped every bit of liquid in my body all night long. LOL And I will have to do even worse with the “go-litely”. That stuff is murder.. I really feel for our PTs when we have to make them take it. Many Hugs

      Comment by randy — June 9, 2012 @ 00:22

  2. Something to think about: two years ago I had 6″ of my small intestine removed. I had been anemic for several years and taking ferrous sulfate to compensate but it was getting worse. The ‘scope from the top and the bottom showed nothing. The problem was found using the ‘Pillcam’. There was an abnormal cluster of blood vessels inside my small bowel, probably been there all my life, but just lately started leaking significantly. A Mayo Clinic gastroenterologist got to it from the bottom using double-balloon enteroscopy but couldn’t deal with it: he said it bled easily with touched lightly. He was afraid if he tried to remove it that way catastrophic uncontrollable bleeding would have resulted. He tattooed around it on the inside so a surgeon could find it from the outside. I came home and a local surgeon removed the 6″ segment laparoscopically. No complications, fast recovery, no more anemia. There was never any external indication of bleeding. That Pillcam is technological marvel.

    Hello Brian. We have a lot of PT’s for bowel resections and lap-colies. We don’t have the pillcam though. I have never heard anyone here mention it. I think it would be grand. A lot of times here they do exploratory surgery’s to find bowel perforation. Ron thinks I just have an ulcer that is letting lose. But I should see some kind of blood result from 3.2 units. That is a heck of a lot of blood. It has to be pooled up in my abdomen because I don’t see any sign in my stool.
    Thanks for the encouragement. I am hoping I don’t have to have any surgery, and this can be handled with diet, and medication. Hugs

    Comment by Brian — June 8, 2012 @ 17:05

  3. Scottie,all I can say is WOW. James’s posting was interesting. I am happy to hear that you do not have a heart condition but really worried about the internal bleeding. Please listen to me,I know that you like to demostrate a very confident tough person but let us who really care about you into your feelings.All the emotions that you keep bottle up are not good and can actually cause so many physicial problems.I have come to the decision that I have made way too many mistakes to save this life and can only hope that my next life that I can take it on like you do without fear and eager to try new adventures and be myself. I have already told you that my life is in the toilet and circling the drain.I would love to see 115 but I will probably only make it to 75.Please take care of yourself too many of us love having you in our lives. Hugs

    Patty, Dear Patty. You have done grand and will do even better in the future. You are too young to say it is all lost yet. As for dying young…well we will see, we maybe both be living here at 100. Al is 101 did you know. Still going. Remember the other old gent here who was 101 and still driving? Patty, don’t be so hard on your self, This is only a small rough patch. As for holding things in…when have you ever known me to do that. Many hugs, and lots of love.

    Comment by Patty — June 8, 2012 @ 17:49

  4. Hello dear friend Scottie,

    Well, I am a bit late getting this post to you. But, it is still quite heartfelt. I have been praying for your full recovery. I am so glad you at least agreed to go to the ER and get some necessary work done to analyze your situation. But, internal bleeding is nothing to mess with. The source has to be discovered. i am sure you, as a health care person, realize that. Don’t shortcut yourself on getting proper health care. And going to work under your circumstances…i don’t know that you are wise doing that my friend. Is that really necessary? Getting to your 114 years, requires that you take proper health precautions NOW.
    I am at least glad you survived the bad situation with great results, but please, please don be so resistant to getting good health care. Mony is no object when it comes to life and death situations. We want you to be around and healthy for a long, long time. Count me as relieved, but still quite concerned.
    Do be careful and sensible.

    Hello Carlitos. Don’t worry so my good friend. I will be around many more years. Yes you are right about both taking care of your health and the fact health is worth more than money. The fact is I am really taking care of my health and I am one of the lucky ones who can pay his health bill. I don’t like it and each year it gets more expensive, but as I have a lot of health issues it seems I am always paying a bill to someone for some health related things. The thing is everyone is now worried about two things….if the red blood cells are disappearing with out showing up any where, why. Spleen trouble or cancer. Cancer was the big one everyone was going on about yesterday at work. So while I had no heart attack and my heart is running great, there is other big questions out there. I admit I am so very tired. As for going to work, I love it and wouldn’t have it any other way. My boss texted me a few times to make sure I was OK and not over doing my self. Many Hugs carlitos, I have to get ready for today. Hugs

    Comment by carlitos — June 9, 2012 @ 13:16

    • In my case my bleeding was occurring in my small intestine and it was being ‘digested’ before making it to the outside world. It did not even show up on a hemoccult test.

      Hello Brian. Thanks for the tip. I saw my primary and will make a post of it. They don’t think now I had even a bleed. They think it is hyperthyroid as that causes all the symptoms even the anemia. Hugs

      Comment by Brian — June 10, 2012 @ 05:54

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