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June 13, 2012

They call it practice for a reason.

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Four Doctors, four different idea’s of what is wrong and how to fix it!   Oh hello to all, draw a a chair and sit a while.  I am going to try to reassure you that A) I am not totally off my rocker…yet.  B) I love Ron enough to have a procedure done I don,t need and don’t want, just to reassure him.  C) my health is slowly improving from my hospital stay.

Ya a lot to try to get into one post…maybe we will skip A.  Takes a whole lot of writing for that one.  LOL

Well the week before I was hospital Ron and the nurses I worked with were sure, positive I was having heart attacks.   Ron knows that the younger you are when you have one the more likely you are to die.  He was panicking, he was so afraid I was going to have a huge heart attack and die, leaving him alone.  The nurses did not help as with their training they knew the symptoms, and they kept listening to my heart, chest, and lungs.  They were pushing Ron to get me into the hospital….they did not try with me because they know how stubborn I can be and I just don’t listen.

So the upstart is I have hyperthyroidism and there is a small possibility I may have had an internal bleed.   The funny thing is the Heart doctor was sure I had a heart problem, and put me through test after test after test trying to prove it.   I even took the nuclear imaging of my heart after the echo and the other scans did not show any problems.

The internal Doctor is sure I have an internal bleed.  He bases that on the H&H labs that say my red blood cells decrease…even though there was no sign of the blood exiting.

My primary Doctors P.A. saw the same labs and agreed with the other doctors that the thyroid labs are way off.  But she says that the decrease in red blood cells is a symptom of the Hyperthyroid.

However…I have Ron.  He looked up all the signs and symptoms of hyperthyroidism.   He is sure I have both.  And that means I had to make an appointment with a G.I. doctor and one with an endocrinologist.

Of course every nurse Ron spoke to and every doctor he has told has told him the many things that are going to change about me when I start treatment.   All of which makes me really not want to be treated.   Right now my red blood cells are coming back up and so I am starting to have more energy.  I think I should just leave well enough alone.   But I have been with Ron 22 years, so I know better than that.



  1. Hi Scottie;
    I am so glad your health is improving, and having procedures even thought unnecessary might not be all bad. But, I’m not convinced you are not off your rocker. Sorry. Two out of three ain’t bad, though 🙂

    Many Hugs!

    I love it Randy. My life would be so boring if I were not some what different. Well to tell the truth I do live in my own special reality, my own world. Often people from other worlds stop by and interact, but I welcome everyone to visit. Actually what I said was true…often people at work say they wished the live in my world. I try to spread it around. many Hugs and much love. Hugs

    Comment by randy — June 13, 2012 @ 18:26

  2. You BETTER LISTEN to Ron.Stop being so stubborn!!!!! We need you here for another 80 or 90 years. I have an interview on Monday at ………………………. ITT Tech for a nursing job! I need to catch up with you ,so much to tell. Please stop being a superhero for everyone else and take care of yourself. Hugs

    Hello Patty. I am not being stubborn, and I stamp my feet on that. Your job interview sounds interesting. Tell me more about it. Yes we need to get together and chat. I have Friday, Sat, Sun, Monday off. Come see me. You will do grand at anything you wish. Hugs

    Comment by Patty — June 13, 2012 @ 22:36

  3. Well, as for point A, convincing anyone of that would be a lost cause 😉 As for the rest, please do listen to Ron – at least to humour him. These latest episodes do seem a fair bit more serious so you really have to see if the doctors can get to the bottom of this. Hyperthyroid sounds probable given that you have had all kinds of general health issues for a long time – it kind of fits. Seeing an endocrinologist is definitely a good idea. The fact that your problems are getting more severe is a cause for concern and you want to give yourself every chance of actually getting to 114. Feeling a bit better now is not a reason to ignore the problems again, it will likely come back worse later on.

    While there are no guarantees that the doctors will actually be able to solve the problem, or even figure out what’s wrong, you owe it to yourself, not to mention Ron and James, to do your best to get healthy. And just because they may be unpleasant, doesn’t mean the procedures are “unnecessary”.

    Hugs and be well,

    Hello Even, Love your comment. Yes I agree with all you said. I am going to have it done. And even more blood tests are scheduled. But I am chaffing under the “love” of my little family. If I try to lift anything heavier than a fork, James gets all upset. I was carrying an empty box and he thought it was too heavy for me. Ron keeps insisting I lay down and rest, even when I feel OK. Neither will let me drive yet. They act like I could fall apart at any second. If I want to do something for my self I have to wait until they are busy or not around, then if they find out I get lectured. Now James is sure my loss of weight has caused all this and he is trying to force me to eat more…but I have no hunger. I simply don’t want food. He got all upset yesterday because I was not eating supper. I let it drop because I don’t want him upset, I love him. He gave me a hug ( I love hugs ) and told me I was a good dad but too skinny. Thanks for your input. I am of to work. Hugs

    Comment by Evan — June 14, 2012 @ 00:14

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