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June 15, 2012

Update on my Hospital stay.

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For those who discounted my argument that my going to the E.R. and, then being forced to stay over night so Ron would be OK, would be prohibitively expensive I offer the following bill I received from the hospital.   If this doesn’t show you how much we need health care reform, then there is nothing I can do to convince you.   This is why our census is down, why people are waiting until everything is life threatening, even going so far to let their health needs wait until they are unable to make the decision and someone else sends them to the E.R.

Here is my bill.   Remember I went in to the E.R. About 11oo AM and left the C.D.U. about 1600 Pm.


Now I know that this will change, insurance, discounts and such, but it will still cost me about 3 grand by my figures.   If not a lot more.    Hugs






  1. Man, those numbers are mind-boggling. I sure don’t understand the system.

    Hello Brian. Those of us in the system don’t understand it it either. Hugs


    Comment by Brian — June 15, 2012 @ 12:34

  2. Greetings dear amigo Scottie,
    In spite of the cost, I hope you are content that you did go to ER and got needed information about your health. Frankly i have never understood why hospital make these outrageous charges, which have scarcely any basis in fact. They never collect these outragdous sums, and they know they will not.
    Of course studies have been done to expose these ridiculous charges, but apparently all to no avail. It reminds me of the days when McNamara was Sec. of Defense, and investigated why the military was paying $2000. for an ashtray and $500 for a hammer and the like. I hope that Obama’s healthcare program would get rid of such situations. That is, if the damn Supreme Court doesn’t act so stupidly (like they did in the Citizens United fiasco) and strik down the individual mandate part of the bill. Without that, the whole thing will tumble like a house of cars in a windstorm.

    Hello Carlitos. The E.R. I did not mind Carlitos. Any time, anyone collapses anywhere, they need to be seen. The truth is I was in big trouble. I couldn’t stand, I couldn’t support my self even sitting up. If I had been a long I would have been desperate. But I do begrudge the stay in the C.D.U. and the costs of everything. I will pay the bill, I just knew that the cost of what I was getting into for the limited gain I was going to get back. Hugs


    Comment by carlitos — June 15, 2012 @ 14:20

  3. It just blows my mind, especially given these kind of charges you are getting, that anyone is fighting against reform to health care, or even reform of medical insurance. So if one didn’t have insurance, someone in your situation would be getting a bill for over 16K? And this would be someone who obviously can’t even afford medical insurance in the first place. This of course would not happen in Canada, but then the hospital wouldn’t even be able to charge the government for anything even remotely close to that figure for one person for one day.


    Hello Evan. That is why I fought so hard to not do what happened. Why even in the E.R. I did not want to stay in the CDU over night. We really need to catch up to Canada in this respect. This is why our heath care is so poor and so broken. Yes Evan, some one with out insurance would be looking at a 16,000 dollar bill for what turned out NOT to be a heart attack. And as I was leaving they were settling two more PT’s with the same situation as me. Oh my Gods, if I don’t pay it, my credit rating that I have spent years protecting will suffer. I told Ron that is the cost of the down payment of our new jeep. Now every one wondered why I was so upset with Ron over this…. yet This is what I knew was going to happen. So I fought it. But now it is done. It wont effect my relationship with Ron which many feared. I love him more than ever, more than I can say. And he loves me the same way. But the fact is for one night we wasted $16,000 plus for some thing I had already figured out but could not convince Ron of. Oh well, it seems stacked against us in middle income people. And both of us are getting older and in worse health. What bills do we have to look forward too? Hugs


    Comment by Evan — June 16, 2012 @ 17:21

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