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June 18, 2012

Every Child Matters Education Fund

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Every Child Matters Education Fund.

Hello All.  Jamie left me a couple comments this morning.   In the comment was this web site.  I went to it, and gave it a brief look over.   The site does have some useful information on it.   Give then a look over and let me know what you think.  Hugs


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  1. It is a sad reality that not only in our country but in many around the globe, it is the children who suffer most. Whenever you hear of such terrible child abuse and neglect of children it is so agonizing. It is great to see at least one person is trying to make a difference. Sometimes that is all it takes to ‘get the ball rolling’. It might be the beginning of a new era in proper care for children. I certainly do hope so.
    On another matter, somewhat related though…I am sure you remember the young 16 y/o British lad, Amar, who lives and goes to school in Amsterdam.
    Well, in his post today (after a 10 day absence) he shares with us that he has been diagnosed with lukemia. He has already had his first chemo treatment.
    Knowing your interest in youth and also your work in the health care industry, I felt you would want to know this.

    Hello Carlitos. I do remember Amar, however the last I checked in on his site he was not 16 years old. Time sure has flown. I did get a notice from some one else about his health condition and I immediately wrote a note of support to him at the old Email address I have for him. I have not heard back but if he has had chemo treatments already, he should be tired beyond belief. I have to say I am very concerned for him. I will wait till the end of the week and send another note via his web site contact email. Hugs

    Comment by carlitos — June 18, 2012 @ 11:02

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