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July 2, 2012

Health care myth

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Hello to all you grand wonderful people who are just amazing to come see me.  And that is the truth.   I see that people come here and read the stuff I post and I think…maybe it is worth the effort and I am not just talking to my self.   Which I tend to do by the way.  LOL

I was reading my cartoon pages and some troll was on there yelping about how now that the health care law has been up held all the doctors and providers will just leave the country.   That is a lie.  A myth.  A scare tactic.

I work in the health care industry.  I am the unit secretary / C.N.A. Advanced of the surgical Intensive care unit of a major hospital.  S.I.C.U.   So I can tell you what I hear and know about the health care providers and the hospital.

I have only heard two doctors complain about the health care law, and it was because both of them have huge incomes and investments from insurance companies which will now be required to place a certain percentage of the money they collect into actual giving of health care.  We do this with some charities like those who run bingo to benefit a group or cause.  They are required to give a certain amount of the money to the cause so you don’t get scammed.  Same with the Casinos.  The law on the slot machines says each machine must pay out a percentage of what it collects.  Again to keep you from being scammed.

Two doctors out of hundreds, and to let you know each of those doctors right now have incomes greater than 3 million.   I know this about one at least as he told me he makes so much money he doesn’t pay taxes, that paying taxes is for poor slobs like me.   I was so happy to be talking to him.

All the other doctors I have talked to are happy to different degrees with the law, it will actually help them get paid for treatments they don’t get paid for now, but have to provide.    Also our country still pays our Doctors far more than other countries, most for less work.  I have dozens of doctors who come to the ICU, work in the ICU who were trained over seas yet came here because this is where they “could get rich”.   I asked a doctor from India why he did not practice medicine there and he said he ” makes a ton more money here and doesn’t have to work any where near as much for it”.

Doctors are not going to stop being doctors for this law, it helps most of them get paid for covering things the insurance companies did not cover or pay for that the doctor had to treat and eat the cost of his time and effort for.  It will help hospitals recover expenses right now that the insurance companies simply ignore.    One reason the Hospital has to charge so much is to get revenue to cover what they wont get paid for.

Really we need a single payer plan.  Don’t tell me that is socialist, look the word up.  It is something all other developed countries and a few not in that club do.  It is good for the people, good for the country and good for BUSINESSES.   Think of how much better a company would be if they did not have to worry about employee heath costs..both providing it and the time off sick people take because they don’t have preventive care.

Look some things should be run as corporations and businesses.   Their job is to make a product and to sell it, making profit as they do.  Two things that should never be run that way…health care and Government.   Both are to aid, assist, improve the lives of the people.   Both are not to make money, but to provide services.  There is a big difference.

I wish all of you a happy and HEALTHY life.  many Hugs


  1. I totally agree with what you said. We really do need to follow the other countries but I do not see it happening anytime soon.

    Hello Dougl61. Welcome and thanks for stopping by. I think our chances are greater to achieve single payer health care if we keep raising our voices, and keep trying to change it for the better. Hugs


    Comment by dougl61 — July 2, 2012 @ 13:14

  2. No your not just talking to yourself although it does at times seem like it, as the world can become the deaf ears in which we seek to hear us the most, however it can choose to be selective when it wants to be, almost as though it censors us, (maybe it’s because of the language that comes out in mine lol)
    The health care industry is one of the hardest industries to work in, you guys see some things that are unimaginable and are a special group of people who care for others who are sick, messed up and overall just wrecked, you see people at their lowest points as you assist them gain back some form of dignity and some level of health, to get back out into life, I admire and respect what you and so many other’s do within this field.
    As for tax’s well its world wide that our planet is somehow just a greedy fucked up mess, money orientated and materialistic governments without a care for those within it, so very frustrating and so sad at the same time, I figure that karma and mother earth will have the last say, considering again my voice falls onto the selectiveness of deaf ears.
    big hugs to you honey your a top bloke…….oh yer got to tell you I love the pic of you and milo sleeping, (love cat’s they have a way about them, their persona’s are so ……well so me……it’s do as I say not as I do……meow)……….x

    Hello Angel. I thank you, but I don’t find my self so heroic. I am just amazed at how attentive Milo is. I can’t help how tired, run down I feel and how I just want to sleep. But Milo never leaves my side if I go lay down. He gets as close to me as he can. I think it shows deep love. Ron says he just is making sure Ron doesn’t wake me. LOL Hugs


    Comment by Angel O'Fire — July 2, 2012 @ 17:54

  3. Greetings friend Scottie,

    It sounds like you are a bit better. have they determined yet; 1) if you have internal bleeding and 2) from whence it comes??

    Single Payer is the final solution to the health care problem. Which means we absolutely have to have a demo majority in both houses and Obama returned for a second term. Otherwise, you can kiss that good bye forever.

    Hello Carlitos….I have 6 doctors appointments this month, and we will see. There are different ideas on what is going on. I will keep you posted. But I love that you care. Thank you and many hugs. Oh next time you come to Florida, you should tell me so we can see if we can get together. Hugs


    Comment by carlitos — July 4, 2012 @ 11:30

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