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July 8, 2012

I was sent home from work yesterday

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  1. Oh Scottie,

    You try to do too, too much without being properly concerned about your own health. Ron and James must be totally furious with you. Man,
    take care of yourself and get your health back. I hope the GI doc doesn’t tell you you have a stomach ulcer, but, I don’t think that news would surprise
    either of us. Trying to work under the circumstances you described doesn’t do anyone, least of all you, any good. Pizza for lunch, popcorn for dinner!
    What a great diet! Yes, I am pissed at you. Especially because you know better. You can’t make it to 104 if you don’t get your priorities right.
    Don’t you make me cone down there! Damn it Scottie, you know I care a lot about you, so get your self back healthy again.

    Hello Carlitos. You may come visit any time. However my friend I am not being as stubborn and out of touch as it seems. I may have a stomach ulcer, or even a small bleed somewhere. The problem is I have had ulcers in the past, I have had stomach problems in the past and they caused me pain. This time, what ever it is that started about three months ago….has not caused me any real pain, until the last few days. So that is why at first I did not think it was a ulcer. But I have been tracking when I have a problem and when not. I think as you know I recently tried drinking wine. I liked the arbor mist pear wine. It doesn’t have a lot of kick, but it does have a lot of fruit flavor, very sweet. But ever time I have have more than one glass, I had a spell. If I was having a spell and had even one glass, I got ill. So I think it is the wine, it is either tearing up my insides, or it is something I am allergic too.

    So I cut out the wine. Now as to my diet. As you know about six months ago I started not wanting to eat. I lost a lot of weight. I was just not hungry, but was very tired. Soon there were very few things I would eat. I tend to be able to eat stuff with cooked tomato in it as a base. I also am trying to eat at night so I don’t go 24 hours between meals. I simply can’t eat in the morning…it wont work for me. so when I just can’t bring my self to eat , I snack on popcorn. It fills the tummy so the acid wont eat me and it is not something I throw up. See Carlitos, I am trying. We cut out soda and it made no difference but I got dehydrated ( I hate water and just stop drinking ) so Ron has told me to go back to the soda.

    Yes Ron is upset, there was no reason I should have lost more blood, really. I was doing everything right. I should have had the worst on Saturday and gotten better Sunday and today. But instead I was OK yesterday and over night lost more blood. Over night as I slept. So we just have to wait for the scope my friend to see what is going on. Thank you for caring, but please know I am trying to fix it…don’t worry, I know I am going to live to an old age…Hugs


    Comment by carlitos — July 9, 2012 @ 12:17

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