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July 9, 2012

Lost more red blood cells

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  1. It is time for the doctors to figure out what is going on. You were sob during the video and I am sooooooooooooooooo worried about you.Have you seen a Hemotogolist yet??? I am racking my brain trying to also figure what might be going on.What is your count now?????

    Hello Patty….Dang the nurse noticed that…was hopping not. The loss is enough to mimic a heart attach. Chest pain and Shortness of breath. numbness in hands , pains in arms. Not sure, the tests results have not been given to us yet, but Ron says judging by the symptoms I lost a good amount again. No consult for the Hemotogolist yet, they want to rule out the bleeding ulcer first and then on to cancer. I think it is cancer but that is just a dread of what if thing….it is most likely a bleed brought on by stress, my diet , and the addition of my new attempt to drink wine. As you know I don’t drink, and a few months ago it was suggested I find a wine I like and use it to relax the swollen muscles….but it seems there is something in the wine that makes me sick to my stomach when I drink it. I have gotten so dislike the taste as I know it will cause me problems….so I don’t drink it now….plus as Ron says I take heavy dose medications now and they are hard on the stomach and don’t react well with wine either. I have an appointment with the G.I tomorrow and will let you know. Hey we are still going to OLd Town if I have to take the wheel chair. LOL Hugs

    Comment by Patty — July 9, 2012 @ 21:11

  2. I do not want to even consider the “C” word. I am hoping that it is something easy to fix. I still think that it has something to do with the osteoporosis. Are you have abd pain??? That would be more of an ulcer. Please take care of your self and if you are not feeling well,old town will always be there. You are in my thoughts and I am here for you. Hugs

    Hello Patty, we are doing old town if I have to lay down in the back of the van the whole trip. See today’s post on my labs. Today they decided I needed to do a three day stool card to see if there was occult blood. I told them way to late, should have done that before I was going to a G.I. doctor for a maybe / maybe not bleed. Hugs

    Comment by Patty — July 10, 2012 @ 21:27

  3. When the lining of your stomach becomes compromised, normal acids that aid in daily digestive functions eat away at the vulnerable, injured area. The lesion that forms — called an ulcer — can be as small as a quarter of an inch to as large as 2 inches in diameter. Severe pain and discomfort are the earliest symptoms. Stomach acid is allowed to continuously erode into underlying blood vessels if the ulcer is left untreated, which can cause bleeding that seeps into the digestive tract. The result: a bleeding ulcer that is a serious health threat requiring immediate treatment. ^

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    Hello Yukiko. I am a little worried that your comment might be some type of spam, but as your information is pretty much correct, I will take the chance and approve your comment. One thing about the post I made…i have no ulcer, nor any bleed of any kind. My anemia or red blood cell loss is due to all the bone and muscle damage I have. They are watching it, keeping it in check with diet and supplements. Thanks again. Hugs

    Comment by Yukiko Burzlaff — February 26, 2013 @ 21:50

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