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July 10, 2012

A thank you note

Filed under: My Life and Rants — Scottie @ 05:22

As I get ready for work, I want to give a thank you note to everyone for all the understanding you have sent my way.  Today is the first time I have felt any really energy in weeks.  I can feel it fading but it was nice not to sit on the bed after showering trying to get my breath back and work up the momentum to get dressed.

I know Ron has been very concern.  I will simply lay on the bed all day….thank gods for the Ipad, and he will keep checking on me.   He says I am only making about 20 minutes awake before I slip off to sleep again.   He just shuts everything down until I wake up.    He is trying to force me to eat, which is something I just don’t seem to want to do.

So that is why I have not posted much, not been on your blogs, not given updates on the house adventures here.   But we think we have a handle on it, hope springs eternal and it is a slow time at work so Ron and the nurses I work with have been very careful with me, looking over my shoulder and helping me out.  Grand crew.  Ron’s unit has been slow so he stays in mine if I get busy…..funny his unit now calls me to ask me where he is….LOL

Got to finish getting ready.   Love you all.   Hugs.

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