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July 20, 2012

From Vicky… important information

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Hey Scottie, Thank you for all your great posts– they are good info on what is going on in our world.. While reading this I went back in time to my teen years.. I was married at 17 , had a baby at 18. We both worked and had good jobs. Owned our own home and lived like adults- legally. My middle daughter was pregnant at 15, had the baby at 16. She went on to college and a very successful RN at the University of Iowa. Had these things happened in this day and age- we would all be in jail and labeled sex offenders.. Just like Randy I find our laws so messed up and costing us more than just money. I work in the prisons here. Last week we made a visit and most of the men, out of 20, were so young. The oldest was 44. There are no words for the pain this causes families and the community. 85% of them will return to the community. I know of one young man who urinated outside a bar and was arrested for public exporsure. He is – under Iowa law- a sex offender. He got 5 years probation and because it is mandatory – a 10 year parole. He did not report he had a girlfriend to his PO and was revoked- sent to prison for 2 years. I saw the girlfriend visit him in prison- so she does not have a record or she would not be allowed to visist. The laws must be changed and as soon as possible.. As a tax payer I am so tired of supporting a system that does not work. Some complain about sex offenders and that they should be locked up forever. Most are not and the treatment in place now is laughable– it does not work. The treatment center here offers group discussion and little to treat the issues. Most sessions are run by the offenders themselves or staff that has little or no training. The DOC claims that there are no funds to staff good people to do the treatment. Yet the DOC adminastation brings home 6 figure saleries. This includes wardens – who most of the time are “unavailable”. At one prison- my son only saw the warden- out of his office one time in 2 years. The joke was- he was a ghost.. Until the media and the communities get educated and honest about this — it will go on. Thank you letting me vent and understanding why.. Keep up the good work and someday change will come for the good of all… Lakol wicoha- way of living, Vicky

Hello Vicky. Thank you for your comment, and all the information you share. You are always welcome to share with us, and should you have news you wish to have me post, please let me know. I agree with you , the laws must be changed, they cause only harm and tragedy. I believe two wrongs do NOT make a right. That is what these laws do. I think, have to believe, that as these laws cease to bring politicians the unearned gains they seek, they will change. As people start thinking about what the laws really do, they will stop supporting the people who push them. For everyone who comes here to My Toy Box, ask your self, what if you were the young man who became a sex offender and did two years in prison…for peeing outside…yes taking a pee. Scary isn’t it. Many Hugs.

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  1. Hello vicky and Scottie,
    The situations you describe should never be a part of our sustice system in the US. How on earth our justice system has got so fixated on such ridiculous interpretations of law, and the passage of such horribly unjust laws is beyond my comprehension. instead of any sort of compassion or logic we have substituted the maximum degree of viciousness. It simply makes no sense. I agonize for those caught in the clutches of such a senseless system.

    Hello Carlitos…you are so very right. it stuns me also. I do ask we all raise our voice to these travesties of justice. Hugs

    Comment by carlitos — July 20, 2012 @ 19:32

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