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July 23, 2012

Gay sitcom is internet sensation in Vietnam | Gay Star News

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Asked to leave home one day because your father learns your gay.  The day before he was proud to have you as his son, and at home.  Nothing changed, your still the same…but his mind is closed and warped.   In his mind just the words have changed you into a monster…we must use education to correct this.  Hugs

Gay sitcom is internet sensation in Vietnam | Gay Star News.

Gay sitcom is internet sensation in Vietnam

First episode of My Gay Best Friends has over 165,000 hits on YouTube
Han in Vietnamese YouTube-released sitcom My Gay Best Friends

A sitcom about three gay men sharing a flat in Ho Chi Min City has become a YouTube hit in Vietnam.

My Best Gay Friends, directed and created by 20-year-old drama student Huynh Nguyen Dang Khoa, has had its first episode viewed over 165,000 times.

Khoa plays the leading role, a character also called Khoa, whose parents make him move out of the family home on his 20th birthday in episode one. Khoa then moves in with his friends Han and Ngo Xuan Nhat.

‘All of us in the leading roles are gay in real life,’ said Khoa, as reported by Thang Nien News. ‘We hope that people will have a proper, comprehensive and compassionate understanding of homosexuality.’

Khoa said the response has been mostly positive, especially from the LGBT community. ‘Many of them have asked to take part in our film,’ he said.

The show has been a very public coming out for the three men, and the actors’ families have reacted to it in different ways.

Han’s mother, Thanh, has accepted her son is gay. ‘My son was born gay and can do nothing to change it. It is ok as long as he is happy and healthy,’ she said. ‘I will not exchange my son for others.’

But Nhat’s family on his father’s side want him to leave the house where he lives with them and his mother. Nhat’s mother, Thu Hong, said ‘it is a terrible feeling to be reprimanded and abandoned by our family’.

Watch the first episode of My Best Gay Friends (in Vietnamese with English subtitles) here:

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  1. I am a bit concerned about the stereotype that some of these sitcoms portray. It puts an incorrect label on many in the
    gay community.

    True Carlitos. Yet it is one way to get people to see us as normal every day people with out being monsters. IN that country they are culturally repressed is my understanding. So this is the only way to reach a lot of people and try to change hearts and minds. Hugs

    Comment by carlitos — July 23, 2012 @ 19:20

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