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July 30, 2012 do you do it??? How

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Watching bones.  8 year old boy kidnapped.   They cut his finger off while he was alive, no pain killers, and by a hatchet on a dirty work bench….I am angry, sick and confused.  How do you do that…how can you look a kid in the face and swing a hatchet, or put  a knife to their finger, their body knowing the pain it will cause…the life time trauma….

I know it is a TV show, a drama, but there are sick . yes very sick people out there that do stuff like and worse…and it turns my stomach to be the same race as them.  

Sad angry hugs.


  1. Good, Scottie;
    It should. The point to worry is when we’ve seen it on tv enough to no longer be effected by the horrible and nightmarish. Then, we know, we’ve lost.


    At beef o’bradys for supper. Thank gods it does that to me or I would feel lost. But what worries me is so many just think it is entertainment and laughter at it. Am I just old? I wish we could look at everyone as our closest friend. Is that silly of me or unrealistic. ?????? Many hugs randy and thanks for keeping me grounded in the real world and what is important. Hugs

    Comment by randy — July 30, 2012 @ 17:24

  2. Hallo Scottie,
    you asks – am I just old?
    I for me say – yes I am old-
    In the past I liked to see crime films and adventure films.
    Today, these films seems too violent to me.
    Even Youth movies I can endure no more, when people have to suffer violence.
    I think – it’s my age.
    Gruß Nikki

    P.S. Sunday I have send you 2 E-mails – do you have received them?

    Hello Nikki…No I did not get your emails. Are you sending to Tonight I will try sending an email to the address you give with the comments. I look forward to your emails. Hugs

    Comment by Nikki — July 31, 2012 @ 02:44

    • Hallo Scottie.
      these e-mails came back – they were not accepted by comcast.
      The following content was in the mail:

      1. I have seen a great video from the following link:

      2. A few weeks ago was the following article in Milkboy:

      This judgment has now a lot of dust kicked up in Germany.
      It’s about human rights:
      Right to bodily integrity versus religious freedom
      It seems that the religious superiority is right and wins.
      How do you think?


      Hello Nikki. I am upset that your emails to me came back to you. I did get the first one about circumcision, it is just buried in my email pile. I am getting a daily amount of about 80 emails a day. Yes it is some days a lot less and some days higher so it equals out. So I will again get ahead of it, and I love hearing from each person. Yours sadly got put into my get to folder where I missed it. Now as to that , I still have to read the article, but I think I agree with it. Look no baby should have their foreskin cut off until they grow up enough to agree to it. As for the religion that says they require it…wouldn’t it be better if the child could say , “yes I believe so I want it done”. fact, once done it can not be undone.. other facts, it is not required for today’s health standards, every boy knows to pull it back and wash…It also is proven to cause a loss of sensation among males who have it done. which is sad. So again it is for religious reasons and if that is the case …how can a baby give consent..they can’t talk, give consent for anything else….so leave their little private parts alone…if they do decide to want it done later…then it is legal. Hugs

      Comment by Nikki — August 1, 2012 @ 07:51

  3. Yes, although it is only a movie (as they say) it implants in some people’s minds the idea that it might be acceptable to do such things. I realize that
    we should respect creativity in artists, but for god’s sake, why do they have to make up such inhumane scenarios? Is it just for shock value, or do they have a more sinister reason, such as they are trying to vicariously live what they can’t do in real life. But, they might just incite others with less value on the human life to do such inexcusable and horrible acts.
    That is why I don’t watch such crap on TV on in the movies. That I don’t need!

    Hello Carlitos. I like TV, I love movies, actually I anything that provides mental stimulation. I have even watched the “saw” movies and enjoyed them. But this time the way it was displayed, portrayed…It really upset me. The writers would say they did their jobs grandly for that…but what about the many people who did not care or find it upsetting. Hugs

    Comment by carlitos — July 31, 2012 @ 11:36

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