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July 30, 2012

Me and the spirit

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Ok a week ago I had a nightmare.  Not something I don’t have experiences with but this one is different.   I do believe in the spirit world, I believe in what I can see.  I do believe in what I can feel.  I have even asked a pagan friend of mine her advice and James my son even talked to Ron about it as he felt it also.   It is not my normal way to talk about these things.  I have never felt or practiced that the spirit world could physical harm the corporeal beings.   I learned that some  spiritual powers, abilities, and yes they could be considered either christian or pagan.  Look as a child I felt a deep need to have warning when someone came into my room.  I learned , with no training to visualize a red barrier around my door, and that if it was broken a sound to alert me.  Was it a child’s fantasy for security or protection…I don’t know but it worked.  I carried it over to my military days and then when I lived alone.   Ron moving in kind of messed it up until I got to understand his spirit, and then he could come in to the house and stuff and not bother me.  Weird thing is animals never bothered any protection I could Imagine posting..spell or which…Ron brought a grey hound into my house and even as scared as I was, with all my protection spells I would wake up nose to nose with this wonderful dog and happy.  I have no idea how she got into the bed with out waking me, when Ron could not even touch the door knob that I was jolted awake, yes this big dog was able to get into bed and hug me, lay her face against mine, and not wake me……I still don’t understand this.

So back to my dream…or real experiences.   I was sleeping in my bed next to Ron…I even knew where I was and with who…then something gripped me, dragged me to the lower part of the bed…I felt some kind of wrapping around, me being piled up around my shoulders and arms.   I was struggling, and in my mind got enough breath to call out to Ron, and was trying to suck in enough breath to call out again.  In the “dream” I knew enough to know Ron uses a complete mask for breathing at night, which is both noisy and would effect his hearing.

I knew I was in trouble, not panicked, but not in a good place.  I realized for the first time I did not have enough power on my own to fight this…something that in a true dream doesn’t happen. I can control my dreams if I wish.  I felt this spirit and realized it wanted me to stop breathing…As I was gathering my strength…and feeling of fear was seeping through me…something happened.

I heard him first…Milo, his voice low and demanding…Not his normal I want treaties or I want a drink type voice.  He was angry…but Milo is never angry with me… James and Ron complain that even when Milo gets mad at them, claws them, he wont do it to me.   I can do what I wish even after he gets mad at them and claws them…he wont do it to me.

I heard him, and then in my mind he seemed to be a long way a way…then I felt some thing hot on my chest…and suddenly I could breath and felt Milo laying on top of me.  For the first time since he came to live with us almost two years ago Milo left a claw mark across my chest.   He normally sleeps with me, and I guess when I stopped breathing he felt is was the best way to get me to take a breath.

Now look each of you out there can make what you wish of this.  I know how it felt.  I lived it.   I felt the air I couldn’t get into my lungs, I felt the fear, the panic, and then the relief of my Milo.

The real question is after all these years why would a spirit try to harm me.  I have no clue.  Ron and James think that after all the changes we have done to the house the spirit is finally getting upset.   It just never figured on Milo

Another wonderful thing is my grand friends Patty and Craig.  They were over the other night.   Gods I love them each.   We are going to Busch Gardens together.  I love going with them.  They are a great couple and lots of fun.   Patty is a powerful witch, a  pratitioner of Wicca.  I respect that .  She tells me right now a spirit has me in as a target. She can’t tell why.  I can’t understand what I have done to offend anyone.  Other than changes to this house.  I respect Patty’s practice, I hope she will be able to tell me more.

I really want to know why this spirit is angry with me…because maybe I can help sooth it.   Yes that is me, the guy who tries to make it right for everyone.   But for now…out for a night of wings.  Hugs


  1. I am a Christian but Ialso believe in the supernatural. I also believe that some people have been given the power to sense supernatural forces. Did Patty have any suggestions for keeping this spirit away or somehow communicating with it? I hope it leaves your house soon.

    Hello Doug, Patty felt she needed to look more into it. She was going to create a dream catcher for me in case. She said a few other things, but we will see. All I know is last night Milo slept on top of me all night, no matter which way I turned, tossed , or tried to get comfortable…he was right there against me. Hugs

    Comment by dougl61 — July 30, 2012 @ 18:36

  2. Wow, Scottie;
    That gave me the chills! You keep that cat with you!

    I send love and good thoughts;

    Hello Randy…Like I have a choice? He picked me a few years ago and I am his human. LOL Thanks and loves. Hugs

    Comment by randy — July 30, 2012 @ 22:26

  3. The dreams we have combine supernatural and natural events and feelings. They can feel quite real, but in my view, they are after all only dreams.
    That does not mean they cannot cause bodily reactions to occur while sleeping. What you felt may have been quite real. i believe that animals have a sixth sense about many things (earthquakes, sunamis, etc.), including the moments of extreme panic, unusual conditions in the body or evenfear felt by humans. Animals may not speak human languages, but they do have abilities to relate to us we don’t totally understand. I find it hard to believe that
    animals don’t also have a soul or eternal spirit. You say you can control your dreams. I don’t think that is 100% effective, at least in my experience.
    But, I think you can program yourself to fight off these demons (or whatever you want to call them) by taking charge of your thoughts and feelings.
    I don’t think you need God or a witch or an exorcist to do that for you.

    Hello Carlitos. Oh yes I understand that dreams are the brains way of trying to figure things it experiences during the day out. How ever I have often felt dreams were sometimes more. I believe in the “collective Consciousness”. The idea that humans broadcast the energy of their thoughts, and these can be picked up by other humans. I have often felt dreams like “wet Dreams” were two or more human minds reaching out and having sex with with each other.

    Now about controlling dreams, no it is not a science, and not always reliable, but I was much better at it when I was younger and needed it more. And I am very very sure all creatures on this planet and maybe all plant life have an essence…and all animals have as much “soul as I have.

    I admit there is much in life I don’t understand, but just because I don’t understand it, or can’t control it, doesn’t mean I will close my mind to it. I do believe in energy forces. I think that there are alternate realities, dimensions, and possible forces that we with our limited understanding would call supernatural. In medications they now find that a lot of the early home remedy’s do have scientific value.

    I admit I have no idea if there is a real spirit here. All of us who live here have mentioned seeing someone out of the corner of our eye. Ron and I have both felt / saw a woman in the house. So I do believe there are such energy things. Now as I said I have never believed they had power over the living or had any ability to hurt us. But that “dream” did have the real effect that I was unable to breath, and maybe because I couldn’t breath my mind created a dream to explain it, and yes the cat sleeps close to me most times, and even more so lately, so maybe my struggling to breath woke him and caused him stretch his claws out and into my chest…whoever I do think / feel I was attacked by something..and cats have abilities to see and understand things we can’t, and I think he was angry, reaching out to me, and yes what ever was using its energy against me backed off in the face of both my strength and Milo’s. Hugs

    Comment by carlitos — July 31, 2012 @ 11:27

  4. I still believe that the spirit is in love with Ron and feels threatened by you. I am still researching the matter. You can try to place salt around your bed in a clock wise circle it is used for protection. I am working on your dream catcher. I will help make you safe.

    Patty, we have a split comments on if ghosts exists and if they can effect us. I think they do, but I am surprised one could effect me…now maybe my recent health problems gave the ghost an advantage, both Ron and James say I am very weak these days. The fact is I think there is an energy here that has been working against Ron and I since we bought the place…the prior owners felt their relationship slip until they sold it also. While our relationship never faltered we have felt under great strain. It has been a strain. Finding out that we are not alone in that feeling….well that also gives credit that there is some energy here that is against a positive relationship.

    Ron and I both think this house is under a “black cloud” and maybe it is a spirit. But if they want Ron I have to tell them they are after the wrong guy, he has little interest in female spirits and has a serious attachment to me. As far as the dream catcher…I made my own so many years ago it fell apart. I look forward to seeing yours. Added to your personal power…wow Oh I sprinkled borax around the bed,..I have had good success with that in the past. Hugs

    Comment by Patty — July 31, 2012 @ 21:55

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