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July 31, 2012

NJ Bed & Breakfast Owners Rip Lesbian Mom on Facebook, Tell Her God Invented AIDS to Punish ‘Queers’| News | Towleroad

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To me what is weird is the way the lady jumps all over the place in defending her bigotry…making claims not supported by studies or science.  Also I want to know who told her there was not gays and queers in her youth…as they must have been around since the start of at least her bible times to be mentioned in the book?   LOL  Hugs

NJ Bed & Breakfast Owners Rip Lesbian Mom on Facebook, Tell Her God Invented AIDS to Punish ‘Queers’| News | Towleroad.

NJ Bed & Breakfast Owners Rip Lesbian Mom on Facebook, Tell Her God Invented AIDS to Punish ‘Queers’


Joianne Fraschilla, a lesbian mother, is planning a protest after seeing an anti-gay sign promoting “Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day” and “One Man One Woman Marriage” posted outside the Whitebriar Bed and Breakfast (which also has an ‘animal farm’) in her town of Edgewater Park, New Jersey, and writing the owners on Facebook to express her disappointment:

“This is somewhere my son loves to pass by and we have been excited to visit. Not anymore. I’m sad to see a local business anti LGBT marriage.”

She was not prepared for the response she received:

Isn’t it wonderful Joanne Fraschilla, that you and your son can enjoy the animals here because I have a traditional marriage with a husband who works with me 90 hours a week to take care of these animals, and the summer camp….we’re 66-68 years old….there were no gays or queers in our time…..if two old ladies chose to live be it, let them deal with God when they get there…but to have the “face sucking” thrown in my face of two gay lesbians who are totally destroying the “normal balance in a child’s life” as you claim your son…where is the role model that your son needs to know how to act like a man? or will he only see the “one sided selfishness” of a “single parent”…and end up an out cast in society by being “gay” himself because he didn’t have a father as a role model. I’ll pray for you….remember what the bible says: “Lay down with dogs, get up with fleas”…..guess that’s why God invented aids….


Now she’s planning a protest and wants the owners to apologize.

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  1. OMG, these people who have nothing but hatred in their heart. This accusation (false and totally ridiculous) goes back to the mid 80s when aids became known here in the US. It is amazing how many people believe such stupid stuff and use it to try to insult people with whom they disagree.
    I guess we will always have them with us. You know I wonder they are a curse from God because we happen to love someone of our own sex best.
    Doesn’t that sound logical to you? (God I sure hope not!)

    Hello Carlitos. I wonder about the ability of us to use stupid stuff to insult the people we disagree with. We seem so much better as a people who are better at tearing each other up, hurting each other, disliking each than we are at helping each other. No I don’t understand, and I keep waiting for people to think, research, learn about the things that the wish to talk about and feel are important. Many Hugs

    Comment by carlitos — July 31, 2012 @ 11:10

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