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August 12, 2012

Trip to Busch Gardens 8-12-12

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Today we had the joy to go to Busch Gardens in Tampa.   Joining us were our friends Patty, Craig and Becca.   We all went up in our van.   We got there and it was hot, bright, and sunny.   Ron had one camera and I had the other.   While Ron, Craig , Patty and I have all been there many times, this was Becca’s first time at the park.   She wanted to do the train ride around the park animal land as normally when it is not to hot you can get close looks at the different animals.   Sadly it was already too hot for them to to be close, instead at the early hour of 0945 they were up under shade.

So the train was a little disappointing, but I got some cool pictures.   Becca, Ron and Craig went on a rally ride while Patty and I sat and talked while watching the elephants.  When they got done with that ride we all went to the river rapids ride as everyone was very hot.  Normally I go on this also, but I was struggling with my back and hips and so decided to not go on the ride.  Normally Patty doesn’t do the rides, and I was going to stay with here.   Craig also was not feeling up to riding and so Craig and I got some quarters to shoot water jets at the river rapids riders as they went by.   We practiced a few times and then when Becca and Ron came by we go them good with jets of Water.    Both Ron and Becca got wet, but Ron looked like he had jumped into a swimming pool.  Which was good as it cooled him off.

Then we went to see the tigers and I got some great shots of them.

Ron does not do roller coasters.   I should say he never use to.  He gets so nervous in them he gets sick.   But today he decided he would do Shekra with Becca.   I took several pictures of this one…it is the one that has the almost straight down drop, and it has the water plume spray behind it.   While they were on the ride I knew Patty was very hot and I wanted her to cool off, so we went over to the Bird Aviary.  It is cooler and Patty loves it when the birds come up to her and sit on her hand.  I got some of the greatest pictures both of the birds, the birds with Patty and the birds with some cute little boys.  The boys were stunned and awed by the birds.

We waited and waited but Ron and Becca never showed up.  I got worried and went back to get them.   They had gotten lost and after I couldn’t find them I returned back to the birds where they had just shown up.   Patty needed to eat and we wanted to see the 3 PM ice theater show so we dashed off to the Colony.  Good thing we did as just as soon as we got in there it poured.  And kept pouring.

It stopped Raining with 15 minutes to go before the show, we ran over to the theater and it was already full, but we lucked out and got five seats together.   After the show we thought to go see the Primates exhibits.  But it was turning dark and starting to sprinkle again.   As we had been there over 7 hours we decided to head home.  Good thing we did as it started to really pour right after we left.

I have a lot of grand pictures.  I am going to put them in a side by side thing so you can click on them and make them full size.  If I do it the slide show way they can’t be made bigger.

We had a great day.  Good friends, full bellies, and interesting things to see.   My life is good.    I wish each and everyone of you the best.  Many hugs.


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  1. WOW!!! That is some Theme Park. As many times as I have visited my sister in theTampa area, we have never gone there. A tremendous variety of wildlife and interesting interaction with the birds. It looks like the areas constructed for the wildlife are pretty ample for the animals as well.
    Looks like you had a great day.

    Hello Carlitos. In the 7 hours we were there we say only about a third of the park. Ron and I go often. They have the best selection of animals, a lot I did not get a chance to see or take pictures of this time. They have great shows, and they shows change often enough to be worth a repeat visit. Here is the best thing, a Florida resident price for a ONE day ticket lets you return for the whole year. So we try to get a ticket in January, it costs about 84 dollars, and we can go back free as many times as we wish. for 32 dollars we buy a food band that is good at all the places to eat and some of the kiosks and lets us eat and drink all we wish. So for us it is a great deal. Yes the effort they put into the animal habitats is amazing. Hugs

    Comment by carlitos — August 13, 2012 @ 17:49

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