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August 13, 2012


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I have been out of work since last Monday.  Tonight my director called and told me if I felt up to it she really would like me to come back to work tomorrow.  I will then be off from Wednesday through Friday for medical procedures, and then go back to work on Saturday.    She asked if there was anything I needed from her or any support she or my supervisor Karen could give me.   I told her I will be there.   I   told them how tired I was last week and how I was throwing up at work.  They got complaint from one of my co-workers about me, and thought I was getting too worn out and needed rest, and it would give them time to investigate the complain to see if it was valid, so they put me on leave last monday.   She did not mention the complaint except to say she had a talk with everyone in the unit and told them what she expected out of them.   She said she told them she and Karen ( the day shift supervisor ) would be watching them….but I admit I am tired and did sleep a lot.  I am already going to go to bed now at 1830 even though I don’t have to get up until 0430.

Be well and many hugs for all.


  1. Hang in there dude! I hope you have a very good night’s rest.
    And of course, that your work day goes well.
    your amigo in Cali

    Hello Carlitos. Thanks, it will be fine. It is my job I love. My doctors just have to find out why I have been so tired and why I have been throwing up. That would help a lot. As for work, one co-worker got angry, lost an argument with me ( wanted me to do something I couldn’t do,) and so in anger filed a complaint. The complaint is groundless and the boss know it, but procedure requires them to ensure a safe work place. I got paid for my time off and I really did need the rest. But all things come to an end and last night the big boss called and would like me back in my spot. Hugs


    Comment by carlitos — August 13, 2012 @ 21:46

  2. I was wondering how wverything turned out at work.Take it easy at work ,need you around for another 144 years

    Hello Patty, I got the report. I am a bunny. I will write a whole post on it, but I have been fully vindicated and absolved of any wrong doing. Hugs


    Comment by Patty — August 14, 2012 @ 21:07

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