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August 18, 2012

my results

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I am getting ready to go to work.   They did the procedure and now know why I am vomiting, but not why.   During the prep for it I vomited all over my $2000 dollar lap top and now it is not working…my most loved computer.   Right now I am using a very old on and it is not working right.  So I have to find another one to post with.   Stay tuned and as soon as I can I will tell you.   Good news is I will not die, the tests still have to come back but the doc is sure it is not cancer, but now the question is why my stomach is reacting so violently.   Hugs

Oh management laid down the law at work…people will be nice to me or they will face the director and the supervisor..the psychologist said I needed more support  and protection from them and they took it seriously…very seriously.  I now have been told I can leave the unit any time I am uncomfortable or feeling upset.   I am to come to them if anyone gives me a hard time at all, no matter what.   Hugs


  1. You’re laptop can probably be saved….I’ve saved several that had coke dumped into them.

    Thank you Eddie. I am sure it can. I ordered it with the four year accidental damage at home repair warranty. I have already called them and they told me because it is a spill in side it, I do have to send it back as they have to clean and check the other components. I guess I can understand that , don’t like it, but understand it. The biggest problem is that with the exception of the computer I gave Ron the rest of our computers are slow and cranky, with not so hot displays. So I using them to try to keep up with everything and it is not fun or easy. Hugs

    Comment by Eddie — August 18, 2012 @ 07:53

  2. Sorry to hear about the death of your computer,what a way to die. So happy to hear that cancer has been ruled out but the question remains what is going on. Wonder if it has to do with psychological stuff even though you feel alright I wonder if deep in the psyche there is more going on and causing physical symptoms. Worked a 12 hour shift at Lehigh Regional with the students and all went weel except for a minor bump from a drama queen. Keep smiling.HUGS

    Hello Patty. Glad your teaching is going well. keep a lid on us drama queens now. LOL. Sorry to have miss lead you, but cancer has not been ruled out. In fact more likely now depending on my last cbc result, which I have yet to get. They ruled out colon cancer because the polyps were the type he doesn’t think are cancer, even though he sent biopsies of them. Now it could be bone cancer or a blood born one…they now have to send me for more testing…a hematologist, which is what we think they should have done in the first place, but first they were sure it was a heart problem, then a ulcer, then a g.i. bleed. All those other causes have been ruled out. Yes your right, I have been and I am under a lot of stress, a lot less now that management has been told by the psychologist they HAVE to protect me more and intercede on my behalf, but still a very stressful job. I had to take part of my day to comfort an old man who just had a tumor removed from his stomach who is confused, alone and very scared…he broke down in tears…so I let him hold my had and just talked to him. He was OK afterward. Got to run…get ready for Sunday at work. Hey maybe you should have tried going to one on Brooke? Hugs

    Comment by Patty — August 18, 2012 @ 22:37

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