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August 22, 2012

Great news.

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I got my computer back.  What most of you don’t know is that while I was doing my pre-surgery prep,   I vomited all over my one year old laptop.  Now as a computer repair person of 16 years I can fix any desk top, but lap tops are a different matter.  They are so case specific and the hardware that goes into them so control, it is hard to fix if there is a problem.  So when I bought this $2000 dollar dream of mine last year I got the 4 year warranty, at home repair.   I guess it has paid for it self, as I have had the key board replaced twice, the hard drive one and now at the factory they checked it out and replaced the keyboard again.  I had to send it back this time even though I had at home service because of the fact I vomited all over it and they said a spill inside required the factor service.  The point is when I got upset over they promised me the computer back in five days…. and they did.

I sent it to them on Monday and received it back repaired on Wednesday.  Now even I, who am addicted to my computer can complain about that… I will not mention walking the driveway for an hour waiting for the shipping man to show up.  LOL

I was upset on the phone when I made the service call that they wouldn’t do an at home repair.  I assured the guy in India I was a trained tech and knew how to check a computer out and he kept repeating he had no option, it was the rules.   But lets give H.P. credit, they had the computer back in my hands less than three days.  I sent it on Monday afternoon, and got it back at 1200 Wednesday full repaired.   That is great.  So they are standing behind their warranty.   Now I was a repairman.  I know what I charged and I always charged less than I could have gotten, in some cases waiving the fee if I knew the people were not able to pay.  The few times I have used their service has eaten up the amount I paid for the warranty to begin with.

When I ordered this computer, Ron asked me why we had to pay $400 for a four year warranty with my computer repair skills.  I reminded him that when we bought the $3330 dollar dell, it took a power hit at 13 months and when I called to get the parts I needed to repair it, they refused me.  They only made that model 3 months, had problems with the design and no I couldn’t get the parts, not from them or the manufacture…one reason I will never own another dell.  It still sits in my closet, worthless.     So I give H.P. lots of credit for standing behind their device and honoring their commitment.  Plus I just love this laptop.   Using the other computers in the house drove me nuts while this one was away.   Yes except for the one I gave Ron which is a qaud core….the rest are older and out of real usable service…I keep them going, well, because I can.   I guess if I had the money I should replace the two desk tops and at least one of the lap tops.   But to do so while some people struggle to eat…well that seems really selfish to me.   Got to run, I did a factor restore and an updating everything on this beast.  and Loving it.   Many Hugs

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