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August 30, 2012

This Is A Real Thing Found At The RNC| News | Towleroad

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This Is A Real Thing Found At The RNC| News | Towleroad.



Barack Hussein Obama or Jesus H. Christ. There can only be one, according to some wingnut at the Republican National Convention.

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  1. Guten Morgen Scottie,
    This article is just stupid.
    So here could no one get a vote.
    How do churches stand about these bigoted statements?
    In Germany, many church people from the Protestant Church and Catholics left stand nearby the SPD.
    There was even election campaigns in which religious groups officially supported choosing a SPD candidate (Willy Brandt)
    But there was also the other side. Conservative minister gave voting recommendations to the CDU in the Church.
    I wish you a nice day

    Hello Nikki. I think this was one person or small group who was pushing this, just to make a claim the president is evil or unholy in some way. Sadly in this country religious test have become acceptable for people running for office. It use to be we kept religion out of elected office, now candidates have to prove they have some sort of connection to a particular GOD.

    Churches can have a role in elections that is positive and proper. They can organize transportation to voting places, help with logistics like watching children for families, and other stuff. But as churches are exempt from taxes, they should NOT be telling their congregations who to vote for, should not be preaching against or for a candidate, should not be using their collections to donate to candidates and subvert election laws. We need to keep separation of church and state strong in this country or we become a theocracy. Hugs


    Comment by Nikki — August 31, 2012 @ 02:28

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