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August 31, 2012

a long but interesting interview

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I saw this on Randy’s blog.   I admit it took me several viewings.  I got angry half way through and needed to step back, regroup and recenter my self.  I even told Randy I wouldn’t watch it….but I ended up doing so.   Fact is a lot of information came out, you can see the science and good will by Dan Savage in this.  He is trying to be a good host.  You can also see the bigotry and unscientific approach the other side takes.   About half way through I had to stop or I would explode, and then as I watched the rest the whole other side of the marriage equality began to resolved into bigotry that simply couldn’t be supported nor would the other guy admit it…he had nothing to argue back so he he stuck to old time worn outdated attacks.    I give my I am sorry’s to Randy, as when I watched this I got so upset I said I couldn’t so it.  Turns out I could if I took a deep breath and made myself be calm and tried to hear what what was being said instead of thinking the worst.  But that is the kind of guy Randy is…full of smarts and strengths, and some one who should be listened too.   Hugs 

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  1. Hi Scottie;

    I’m so glad you were able to get through this. Which, oddly, is better than I’ve done. I too struggled, and just havent’ had the temperment or time to come back – but I didn’t want to allow this to disappear.
    Having the guts to stand up and say what one thinks is admirable. Talking out one’s ass in the process does mitigate that a bit. Still, it’s good to understand the arguments of a topic. Debate clubs, etc., will often debate a topic on the opposite side of what they believe. The strength of an idea comes not from the popularity of it, but from the testing, the deciphering, the arguing. And, if in the end, an argument could be made for a ban on same sex marriage that did not include religion, I would be very interested in hearing it. But, when the only basis for continued abuse and unfair treatment is “my God told someone 4000 years ago that they shouldn’t do that, I think, well – someone wrote that it happened that way” then any rational person easily sees that his argument has no merit. Then, hopefully, rational people will realize that the idea needs to end.
    I was so excited to see this debate just for this reason. I hope for more. Lies and deception love darkness, but the truth can stand on its own in the light of day.


    Hello Randy, your right, we should be able to discus things rationally and fully. I am glad I watched it. Hugs


    Comment by randy — August 31, 2012 @ 18:54

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