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August 31, 2012

Or Words to that Effect…: How to create an enemy

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Hello Everyone.  Everyone knows I have issues that I feel strongly about, that are important to me.   Sadly while I have the passion for these causes, I lack the training, and the ability to clearly and concisely write out my points of interest.   To say what I am trying to convey is not easy for me to do.  I have a real hard time remembering specific facts, times and dates, and relevant detailed data for the topics I am writing on.  Not to say I don’t know what I am talking about or that I am not thinking about what I want to say, just that it is hard for me to write from the brain aspect, instead I write from the heart.   I am very  lucky in that I have wonderful friends who have great minds, abilities and passion on some of the same subjects as I do.  These friends have the abilities I lack and I am often in awe of the clear way they make their points.   Randy is one of these people.  He could easily be a well known author, or a top journalist.  He wrote the post I link to below and I would love everyone to jump over to his site, read his post and then if you would , leave a comment for him.      For my self I wish to say I agree completely with what he wrote and I am thankful he did so.  It is not easy sticking up for those who have no ability to so so for themselves, and Randy is a grand champion.    Hugs

Or Words to that Effect…: How to create an enemy.


  1. Scottie, you are so right.That was very well written. I disagree on thing with you. You also have a way with speech and writting and that is why I visit and ask for your help with ways to communicate different things.Look bunny rabbit, you need to start taking credit.

    Thank you Patty. But I know my self, and I write from my heart, from what I believe to be common sense. I am very glad you and many others come here to read and see what I write, but I would make a poor Journalist. I know my strengths and freely admit where I could use improvement. It is OK to admit I am not the greatest at something nor am I perfect. I feel no fear of being what I am, the person I enjoying being. Many Hugs. You know your special also and you should celebrate that!


    Comment by Patty — August 31, 2012 @ 18:24

  2. Patty;
    I’ve told him the same thing. He won’t listen to me either.

    -randy talking behind my back….Loves to both of you and God’s knows I need both of you. I greatly thank you for being so great people you even include me in you life. Hugs


    Comment by randy — September 4, 2012 @ 18:30

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