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September 5, 2012

Government and it’s reason for being

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this is an answer to a comment I got …….


yes if your talking farming stuff out to be built else where, including china and several other places would be OK. But that is not what I was referring too. I was referring to the drive to reduce Government and Government services, and the turning those services over to private business’es. Sadly many people don’t realize government is not business, shouldn’t ever be, and is a totally different animal. Government is to provide services to the people, business is to create profit. Government will never create profit, it is not its goal or purpose. it should be so clear and yet many people today get it confused. Hugs


  1. Hallo Scottie
    Does it often makes not more sense, that the government makes the business – then there is no profit – then it becomes cheaper!
    Your Statement: “Government is to provide services to the people, business is to create profit.”
    This system paves the way for corruption. I lubricate the government / administration, get the business and add the bribe on to the accounts – so it shall again be paid to me.

    Hello Nikki…my problem with the government as business model is that there are somethings government needs to do that should not or can not be done for a reasonable profit, therefore business wont do it unless government pays them a higher fee, costing the people more for the service than if the government ran it. Government makes its money in taxes and fees, which it then should be using for the care of the needs of the people… business creates and sells a product which it then uses the profit to enrich its investors, owners, and return a portion to the business it self. The return the people ( the investors ) get from government is services. Hugs


    Comment by Nikki — September 6, 2012 @ 02:53

  2. Hey Scottie,
    Sadly the same thing happens over here in Australia the Governments use offshore data collection agencies telephone call center companies and other service’s due to it being cheaper in the long run or so they assume, however I don’t think governments see the larger picture when sending work off shore such as the privacy and confidentiality guidelines that these very governments put into place to begin with, they also neglect to think of what sending jobs offshore is actually doing to the overall economy of the countries they allegedly govern therefore they will sit there when push comes to shove and countries like India and any other cheap labor producing country they use turns around and causes outright anarchy and war, the governments and their save a buck today will be the very end of our tomorrows. As pessimistic as that sounds. ((hugs)) Angel

    Hello Angel you are right. It seems they look only for short term gain not the long term good. Hugs


    Comment by Angel O'Fire — September 11, 2012 @ 15:45

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