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September 7, 2012

question about abuse

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I ask all my readers what they think.  Should a person who was sexually touched at work, which went on for maybe several years, and once exposed, management took total steps to protect the victim, offering all support and even going so far as to fire the offender if that was what the victim wanted.  The victim declined.  Management agreed to let the offender keep his job if the victim agreed.   Management gave promises that they would watch very carefully and prevent any further  assaults.

So my question…any thoughts from the many Toy Box viewers.   Thanks and many hugs


  1. Even if the victim agreed to let the abuser stay, the management should have demoted the abuser and shipped him to another building, preferably in another city.

    Hello Doug…thanks for the input….people have to be careful at work don’t they…too many people want to play and kid around…and it gets them in trouble when they cross the lines, Hugs

    Comment by Doug — September 7, 2012 @ 22:02

  2. I feel that the offender should still be let go and charges still be pressed.The offender needs to get help right away. No matter how well management carefully watches, does not mean that they will be able to see all and there will be more victims.

    Hello Patty…No I don’t think there will be any more victims…. manager is really taking this seriously. The offender was not let go because I was the victim and I begged he be able to keep his job as long as management watched him and he kept his hands off me. I know management is serious…they have texted and called me every day since this came out to make sure I am OK…and to promise me I will be kept safe at work. Hugs

    Comment by Patty — September 8, 2012 @ 16:54

  3. What comes to my mind, is the question of why the victim in this situation declined the dismissal of the abuser? did the victim truly want help per say? or was their underlying motives for the exposure of the abuse by the victim? hence the decline in the abuser being dismissed, also it came to my mind when reading this, abuse of any kind especially of a sexual nature is a crime, therefore the police should have been involved, regardless of the victim wanting to report it or not it is up to the work place to report such acts to the relevant authorities, if you ask me, I think that there may be a lot more to this story than meets the eye.
    ((hugs)) Angel

    Hello Angel..your good , very good..the truth is your right. There is much more to the story. The truth I would rather not have to admit is I was the victim of the sexual assault, and it was on going for some time. I tried to protect my self, and took what steps I could to protect my self, but I was not all ways able. I never told management, thinking some how it would stop, I told the guy it had to stop, Ron told him to stop….but he did not…

    well on the last weekend we worked, he attacked me twice..both times hurting me, the second time it hurt so bad I grabbed his hands, and standing demanded he knock it off, then turned to my desk and almost in tears tried to finish my report. I guess he tried to do it again, and here is the grand part…one of the nurses interceded, he had seen it and he laid the law down to the offender. Needless to say he did not touch me again that day.

    I went home in tears. But some one reported it. So imagine my surprise when my next Tuesday work day my days shift supervisor Karen pulled me off the floor and wanted to know all about it, how long, had I resisted, was it something I wanted, and if not, why had I not filed a report, called the bosses…

    Management went to town…I can not fault them. I never told them of the assaults, I never complained, but they went into over drive. The only thing they wanted from me was a written statement…but even that was not needed if I was too upset. I told them repeatedly I did not want the offender fired, and they said they had other complaints that they couldn’t tell me. But they wanted me to be safe at work. So they called the guy in and set his world straight. He tried to blow it off, but management wouldn’t give. The right for the guy to keep his job came down to how I felt, could I work with him..could he keep his hands off me and never touch me or anyone else again.

    Management texted and called me every day since just to make sure I was OK…..they came up and had private talks with me telling me they would keep me safe. The hardest thing was when they kept asking me why I did not tell them, why I never reported it. They felt I did not trust them, but that is not it…I simply don’t complain. I know you have more insight into all this than I do…but I asked my supervisor…How could I admit a man was abusing me…I am almost 50 years old and would have to have admitted that a man was sexually hurting me. Hugs

    Comment by Angel O'Fire — September 8, 2012 @ 18:08

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