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September 14, 2012

Look at this man’s yard…..from Bill

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Subject: Look at this man’s yard…..

For years many have passed this house and marvelled at the floral display at 3725 No. Vassault St .
in Tacoma . Last year there was no display and we had wondered if the Asian man who owns this
house was ill. This year the display was back in force and we stopped this past Sunday to photograph it.
We went up to the owner and told him how much we had enjoyed his garden all these years and he
invited us to tour his creation. We found the backyard to be as beautiful as the front. He is Vietnamese,
shy, very soft spoken, and speaks very little English, so we couldn’t discuss too much with him about the

View from the street, which always catches our attention.

As you can see a lot of the flowers are in pots. I guess this is so they can be changed easily.

The front of the house is not neglected, either. I wonder if he takes the pots in at night to keep them from being stolen.

Here is the master gardener! I wish we could have communicated. I will print up some of these photos and give them to him.

No words needed.

Look at how precise the hanging pots are lined up.

Entrance to the backyard.

And here is the backyard. WOW!

More of the back.

More hanging baskets.

And more baskets.

Here is a the real beauty.

A hand shows the size. It is hard to believe this is one man’s work
and I believe he must work on it every day, all day long.
What an accomplishment.

Too pretty to not pass-on.

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  1. Holy Toledo!! I have to agree that this man is indeed a master gardner. Not only does he have so many beautiful and colorful plants, he has spent a lot of money creating and maintaining this beautiful display. Thanks to Bill for taking he time and effort to meet the man and sharing his beautiful gardens with us. And thanks to you Scottie, for sharing it. Super!!!

    Thank you Carlitos. This is my weekend to work so I wont be posting much. Talk soon. Hugs

    Comment by carlitos — September 14, 2012 @ 14:39

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