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September 14, 2012

my thought on this situation

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I do not condone violence in any situation except to save life, yours or some one else.  But my big question is ” when did we become so small as not to accord others respect, even if they have different opinions from us, different Gods, different ideas ?”

I understand freedom of speech, and I agree that words have little harm compared to physical violence, and words should not degenerate into violence.   However, I wonder if MR. Romney would so accept a film that called the Catholic POPE the same things that this badly written, ideology driven film called the Muslim Prophet.   What would the outrage have been from the entire Christian population if the same charges had been leveled against the Pope or against the Mormon church leaders.   The film called the prophet a child molester and a lot of other horrible things.   The same charges could be leveled against other religions, which would take legal action and go on the outrage circuit of TV and demand a retraction from the candidate.

While violence is not the proper response, can anyone deny that the other religions would have reacted with the same anger…the truth is they have.  The catholic lobby and defamation league along with the Jewish defense league often have the same angry reaction and wish to lash out when they see a film or hear a speech that they think insults them.

Would it hurt to simply be more respecting of each other as humans and our different beliefs?


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