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September 19, 2012

Dusty the cat…a cool dude

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  1. Well, Dusty, alais Kleptocat, is as cute as they come. And he sure knows how to make people notice him.
    I think by now he has reached the category of felony theft. But, he is way too cute to arrest, don’t you think?

    We had a grey hound that every time we picked up her toys and put them in her toy box, she would carefully and painstakingly take them back out and place them around the house, where she wanted them. It was like she couldn’t understand why we kept moving her stuff. We had a cat named George who would take all the lowest decorations off the Christmas tree, just the ones on the bottom row, and pile them up under the tree next to the base. Every night he did it as long as the tree was up. Never broke one, just carefully and steadily took the bottom row off and piled them up. So I have long decided I don’t understand our four legged friends. But yes, Dusty is cute. Hugs

    Comment by carlitos — September 20, 2012 @ 11:18

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