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September 19, 2012

Mission:America – Article Text

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I need the help of the many of you who come to my Toy Box.   I am not normally one to argue with any other persons religion or their beliefs.  I tend to respect the views on deities of others.   I even respect those who live up to the ideals of their particular deity and the spirit of their worship.   I do not believe in a one all encompassing God, but I will even bow my head and join a PT and family in respectful prayer if asked.  I believe it is helpful to many people to have a faith, and belief.  

But what was written below made me ill.  I got about a third of the way through it , to the point where they state as a fact that all gay people have as a agenda the molestation,  having a sexual relationship with children is a gay persons major goal…and I lost it.  I can’t deal with this.  I have trouble thinking.  I want to form a coherent rebuttal, a point by point refuting of this stupid article.   Sadly it seems beyond my abilities right now.   So I am asking you all to read this ( if you can stomach it, if not I understand ) and in your comments show how wrong it is.   Thanks and many hugs 

Mission:America – Article Text.


  1. All verbal or written religious statements – if they come from “christians” – having their beliefs just based on the rules of the Old Testament – are in the greatest part blunt lies!
    The belief of those people is based on the Old Testament, setting its rules about 5000 years ago.
    5000 years ago the worlds total population was around 70 million people.
    For tHAT ancient society the rules stated by Leviticus and others may have been okay.

    Questionable is, to what percentage Lev. gave his own believes, formed by other christian – and mundane leaders.
    So many of these rules make just sense, if we “transport” them 5000 years back.
    So the Oldtestamentarian “christians” don’t of course obey all the rules stated for instance in ‘Leviticus’ – as he is often cited in religious pamphlets of the – remember: These rules were made for a society of 70 million people, who lived on earth 5000 years. ago.- and modern Oldtestamentarian “christians” know this of course. (thats why I call them “liars”!)
    So these rules may have been okay for a society living in the ancient time back 5000 yeears ago.

    Back In those ancient times it was vital for a newly forming “christian” society to get their population growing as fast as possible, that is a sheer question of being able to defend themselves – or to conquer oher Societies even by force.

    This contradictionary dealing of the Oldtestamentarian “christians”- with rules stated in the OldTestament is their biggest lie.They just pick, what they will obey to, and what NOT!
    So we can well conclude that there are other reasons for the Oldtestamentarian “christians” to condemn Homosexuality up to the reality of accepting constant bullying and indoctrinating their Members and in kind of missionary attempts to force their oldfashionbed believes on whole societies.
    They do their indoctrination and spreading of hate against undeniable Facts: :that can be found in the internet for instance in the british Wikipeda (looking for “homosexuality” or you might look for the famous “Kinsey-Report”)
    All those statements of Oldtestamentarien “christs” lie about homosexuality, or at least deny themselves and those , and DENY – who they try to indoctrinate, a great variety of facts of modern science.
    They also never tell, that their “religious believes” are 5000 years in the ancient past, when earth had a total population of 70 Million people.
    To transfer those oldfashioned Oldtestamentarien believes, is in itsel the biggest lie, cause mother earth holds now 7.1 Billions of inhabitants – and the Oldtestamentarian “christs” now that, as I stated above:
    “This contradictionary dealing of the Oldtestamentarian “christians”- (…) They just pick, what they will obey to, and what NOT!”
    I frankly call that “FRAUD” . So the question, why a “religion” and its members act fraudly, when it come to “homosexuality”. What a misunderstanding on their behalf, that they call a thousandfold fraud acceptable – In the name of what they call “God” – including spreading hate and emotianal and physical use of Force (bullying)
    one reeasomn for such a behavior, might be, to conceal that even some of their members – high or low – might be involved in child abuse.

    Alone in 2009 The USA -government gives a number of maltreatment/ child abuse cases in the U.S. with a total of 762,940.
    ( )
    Again: What big liars are those members of ancient Oldtestamentarian “christs” who condem homosexuality so eloquently and violently.

    And again; their must be other – politcal parties related reasons – for the Crusade of the Oldtestamentarian “Christs” against homosexuals, they so fraudly lead people astray.
    I would also like to ask those people what they think a bout “bisexuality”!

    As it is 3:00 AM, get rally tired.
    So I give many caring rainbowhugs to all of you. – especially Scotties lil family – hi Milo 🙂

    ❤ miles

    Thank you Miles, you have done what I couldn’t do. A well written and well researched response. Thanks again my wonderful friend. Hugs


    Comment by miles — September 19, 2012 @ 21:09

    • Miles very well!
      I wish to add a statement:
      I think this applies to all Christian, Jewish and Muslim movements.
      As long as they have their own religion as “alleinseeligmachend” / “blissfully alone making” view, as long as there will be no tolerance or even a so-called “ecumenical”.
      And what church leaders want to give his power?
      Is exercise power christianity in the Christian sense (neutestamentarisch / according to the New Testament)?
      Gruß Nikki

      Hello Nikki…Thank you for you comment. Can I ask you to go further with it. I had to look up a couple words, and my education is not as good as yours, so I think I missed some important parts of what your saying. I enjoy your comments and hope you will add to this one. There is no replacement for life experiences. Oh I got your recent Email and will try to write back today. Thanks. Hugs


      Comment by Nikki — September 21, 2012 @ 01:48

      • Hallo Scottie,
        I was a few days away – by the grape harvest.
        Therefore my late reply.
        I’ll give out the German version of my statement.
        Perhaps James can translate for you.

        Sehr gut Miles!
        Ich möchte eine Bemerkung hinzufügen:
        Ich denke, daß das, was du geschrieben hast, auf alle christlichen, jüdischen und moslemischen Bewegungen zutrifft.
        Solange sie ihre eigene Religion als “Alleinseeligmachend” anschauen, so lange wird es weder eine wirkliche Toleranz noch eine sogenannte “Ökumene” geben.
        Und welcher “Kirchenführer” möchte seine Macht abgeben?
        Ist “Macht ausüben” christlich im christlichen Sinn (neutestamentarisch gesehen)?

        Now a few observations:
        – “Blissfully alone making” means the claim of the Catholic Church that only their theory is correct.
        -The “ecumenical” is a movement that attempts to find a consensus in questions of faith – the aim is a united church!
        -neutestamentarisch / according to the New Testament means:
        The Bible consists of 2 parts: the “Old Testament” and the “New Testament”.
        The Old Testament contains the story of creation / Genesis and the story of the Israeli people.
        The New Testament contains the life and work of Jesus Christ.

        I hope that I could do my part to understand.
        Ich wünsche Dir eine schönes Wochenende

        Hello Nikki, I ran your comment through the translator. Thank you for adding to the discusion. Hope you have fun while at the grape harvest. Hugs


        Comment by Nikki — September 29, 2012 @ 04:29

  2. Scottie, I do not need to read the article.I got the message just from what you wrote.It is so sad and amazing how stupid peopel are. I have never ever heard of any gay person molesting kids.That message is as stupid as the thought that gay people would not make good parents. Will the stupidity ever end?

    Hello Patty, thanks for the vote of support, but we do need to read what those who hate us say and write so we can refute them. The truth is there are gay molesters, but the percentage of all molestation’s are done by straight people. Well that makes sense , they make up a bigger percentage of the population. Gays are humans too with all the good points and all the faults. Molestation in truth seems to be more a power and opportunity thing than a desire for a particular sex, it is not “falling in love with a child” it is using a child to get your own pleasure because it is easy and available. An adult can turn you down, make you earn your sexual pleasure….a child can be forced, and that seems to be the truth of it. many hugs and know I always love you. Hugs


    Comment by Patty — September 20, 2012 @ 21:51

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