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September 19, 2012

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Randy had a great post on this subject.  I loved his post and you can see my comments on his site.

I refuse to give this written propaganda more space than it already has, but I found a bunch of errors in the article, and hope you may also.  I will just point out that this is again an example of cherry picking one item in the bible and using words to support your position and make it seem this is a God given irrefutable fact.   They leave out all the other standards of God’s that we no longer hold to and have changed over time.  They are not acceptable today.  But they don’t mention that.  The peace is written for children who may not have the maturity or education to understand that this is propaganda and be able to see through it.  I wonder if they think their God is OK with them lying to children about him.  Very sad.  Seems to me again children are used as pawns.  Hugs

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