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September 26, 2012

Disconnect..these events happened.

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A few days ago a work at my desk doing my diligent secretary stuff, I had a really cool doctor  sit down at the desk station next to me on my right.  It is the last station on our big desk.  This doctor is one I have the greatest respect for and is a grand person, and I have to admit one of my all time favorite doctors.  I love her.  I know her habits and will get her the beverage I know she will want depending on day. I am being deliberately vague to protect the Doctors Identity.  I will only refer to her from now on as Doctor S.

Doctor S. had a problem.  I was working my own stuff, but couldn’t help but hear her conversations, and the growing frustration in her voice.    She asked me to get a few doctors numbers for her, I did more, getting the actual doctors or their offices on the phone for her.  Doctor S. is different in that she had many other jobs, worked with her hands, and did hard labor in her life.  She never puts on airs, never is above anyone.  She will help decipher things I can’t read, even if she did not write them.  She will go into a PT room and help a nurse change dirty sheets or wipe a bottom.  She always checks each of her PT’s, and actually reaches out to them.   She is hands on.  She is one of the few doctors who gives us her cell number, and one of the few I can call day or night on her cell and she doesn’t mind or get angry.  The first time I called the number I had for her I was stunned to get her personally.  I stuttered, stammered and was not sure what to say or do.  She was grand and with a quick laugh told me she was glad I called and how could she help.

She had a PT that she saw in the hospital.   When the PT got out of the Hospital  Doctor S. kept seeing this PT.   However she needed the team that treated the PT to continue as the PT was very ill and need more specialties than Doctor S. had to her name.  But as she made call after call to different doctors to ask them to see this PT, some who had seen the PT previously in the Hospital, every one turned her down.   I was stunned, first that anyone could turn down Doctor S, but the reason they were turning her down.  The PT was poor, had no money, no insurance, and there was little to no chance of any of the Doctors being paid for their efforts, except maybe a Medicaid payment way down the line. Most like it would be a charity or free care case.

Yes, our health care system is the best in the world they tell me, and today I heard Mitt Romney say that the poor who live in apartments get health care, we even sent an vehicle to pick them up and take them to the hospital for that care.  He was clueless, thinking that it was problem solved because if your having a heart attack we send an ambulance to your home and take you to the E.R. and your well taken care of and cured.  I could list the many, many problems with this untrue statement, but this post is about Doctor S.

So knowing what she was up against, I helped as best I could.  She did get a few doctors to sign on, but only because it was her and how much she is respected.

Then the other shoe dropped.  A surgeon who I will call Surgeon K, approached Doctor S to ask her about doing a movie or film to show how bad Doctors where put on, how they were not all rich, how they cared for their PT’s, and do what they do because they love the job and the PT’s.  I was stunned.  I don’t know Surgeon K’s personal situation, I don’t know her relationship to the PT’s she serves, but I can say several things about this whole thing.

First Doctor S had just spent several hours trying to find doctors to treat a PT with no money or insurance, and I have had a doctor tell me paying taxes ” Was for little people like me, and not important people like himself”!  I have had to halt the attempt to find out why I am anemic and not feeling well until next year as I am out of funds to pay for the costs, even with my insurance and working in the health field.  I have not given up, but have to wait until I build up a little more funds before going to a cancer doctor for my blood exams.  I know there are grand doctors out there and I work with some of them.  I also know there are doctors out there I deal with that huge egos, think they are above everyone else, their kids are better and have more opportunities  and will be special compared with “average” people.    I over hear how they talk about people and how they think they and theirs should be treated better than the rest.  I know one doctor who refuses to let people use his name demanding to be called by his title only because we have “not earned the right to use his name”, I heard one doctor throw a complete fit because a nurse called his phone rather than the P.A.’s working for him because he “was the general and they need to go through my lieutenants”.  I had that same doctor raise his voice and complain to me and tell me I was wrong because another unit called asking if he was in the unit and I delivered the message to him.  He was angry they called for him and were calling around to us rather than go through his service, but his service is so bad even I protest calling them.

So on one hand we have grand doctors, and arrogant irritable doctors who think they are OWED something for being doctors.  The whole thing comes back to personalities and and our broken medical system.

I would love to hear your stories about different doctors you have seen, talked to, how it is in your countries, what you think we can do to help ours or change yours.   Many Hugs.



  1. Tsk, tsk…are you just now learning that most doctors see themselves as gods? It is a rare bird that you see like Dr. S. (as you point out).
    I have to say though, that over the years, I have received superb care when I needed it, even from the prima-donna types.

    Hello Carlitos, while I hate to misjudge some one, I simply can not give my business to a person I think is an arrogant jerk, no matter how good he or she might be. I guess doctors are like the rest of us, all humans, and we come in all flavors and types. Oh and yes, I am a slow learner..comes for always trying to see the best in people. many Hugs

    Comment by carlitos — September 27, 2012 @ 09:15

  2. Hi Scottie;
    I’ve thought about this for a while now. I’ve thought about how people do things for different reasons. Beyond the simple need to keep our roof, feed ourselves, we do what we do for various reasons. I’ve thought about the doctors who you work with – some so wonderful and giving, others quite willing to take. I can’t help but to ask why each of these got into such a difficult job; I’m sure some love people, others love money. But, there has to be a middle ground where doctors spend a great deal of time and resources helping those who have no ability to pay – and therefore, no way to recoup their costs or even make money.
    I can’t help but to be saddened that the real problem here is that in a country so wealthy that we can routinely support other regimes around the world,we fail our own people. I don’t know where the line is drawn for these doctors in taking on clients/patients, how they balance pro-bono work with the bills, nor can I imagine the cost of making decisions like this knowing that a life is at risk. All I can imagine is a great deal of warmth and grace, an inspiration, in the doctor so willing to help, and a sadness for those who have forgotten the definition of “humanity” in the race for the dollar that has us all enthralled to one extent or other.


    Hello Randy. The problem stems from a disconnect among the people. The only ones who can afford to send their kids to medical school are wealthy families. It is unbelievable the costs of education. Even nursing school is becoming too costly for any normal family. I had a nursing family who make between 150 and two hundred a year told me she would take the old scrubs I have and give them to charity and give me the receipt for my taxes. I told her I did not need it..she was stunned I did not itemize my taxes…I explained at my income level…22 to 25 thousand an EZ form gives me better return, I simply don’t make enough to itemize…she was stunned I made so little for all I do. Nurses make in one week what I make a month. Yes it is a stacked deck, but many of those nurses couldn’t afford the school they went to now, but they can send their children, so again the disconnect gets higher and higher. I hope this all makes sense as I am hurrying as I have to run off to work. Spent all day yesterday in bed reading Harry Dresden “Summer Knight” and thinking of what you wrote me. I will write tonight if I can. Hugs

    Just figured up my base pay…$23,465 about before taxes..figuring 28 % tax for everything, and I lose over $6,000, which gives me under $17,000 take home. Hard to figure why I am not worried to much about people who make over $250,000 a year getting a little tax hike. If I can pay mine and not complain, they better pay their share also. Hugs again.

    Comment by randy — September 28, 2012 @ 22:18

    • Hallo Scottie,
      Hallo Randy;
      Nurse training with us looks totally different.
      The nursing students are employed during training and receive compensation. The training is not a university education, but the so-called “dual training”.
      The disadvantage of this training – the nurses get very little reward.
      I wish you a beautiful Indian summer Sunday

      Hello Nikki, thanks for the nice wish. I think we should have apprentice type programs for many job fields here in the USA. I spent all day in bed, and have to work tomorrow. Hugs

      Comment by Nikki — September 30, 2012 @ 01:23

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