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October 8, 2012

What is important…what has value.

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Yesterday I over did..again.   So I was in the bedroom reading on my Ipad when I heard James come in.   He was very upset, I could hear it in his voice.   Ron came down and told me something was wrong and how James was so upset.  I was worried but Ron felt I should stay in the bedroom why he figured out what was wrong.   James had gone to visit his mother and Grandparents.   Ron was worried something had happened.

I could only hear parts of what he finally started sharing with Ron.  His voice would rise and    fall, but he really was upset…I heard him say that “he was trying to kill me, really kill me…” and my own anger grew hot..I almost come out to demand who had tried to hurt him…but the shakiness in his voice made me wait as I figured he needed to talk it out with Ron, get it all out, with having me being all emotional also.

I was relieved when I heard enough of the story to realize it was a road rage incident  and someone had tried to run him off the road.  James is a good driver, he looks ahead and figures out what he needs to do.   The Kia Soul we bought is very nimble and James can move it about nicely.   So I do believe him that he did everything he could to avoid the other driver and the situation.   James knows I will always love him and support him, but I do require he tell us the truth.   My one big rule.  I hate lies, and I hate being lied too.

I heard him tell Ron that the car suffered some damage.  I know James was worried we would be upset, and he was worried about my reaction to the damage to the car.   However when Ron came down to tell me about the damage I told him to reassure James my only concern was he was not hurt and was safe.   Ron had already done so.  Ron knows how I feel about that stuff.

Cars can be fixed, replaced, or even just gotten rid of.  People are a different matter.   A person can not be replaced.   I have had many cars over the years.  I have had good ones and crappy ones and ones I loved and some I did not care for….But I have only one son, and I only recently got him.   That he is safe and unhurt is the most important thing, the valuable thing.   Yes we will have the car repaired, don’t know when or how much it will cost, but we will find a way.

Oh on another note, we tore the rug up in the hallway and bedroom.  It was really heavy work to help move the furniture and stuff around.   Here is the pictures.

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