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October 12, 2012

ordered, asked, pleaded, and basically begged to go to bed.

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Not what you think from the title.   Sorry you perv’s.  LOL

Ron is trying hard to push me into bed, and I have about five minutes grace before he comes back down here to check.  Before he called me for supper I had just opened five of Angel’s posts.  But before I could comment, Ron came to get me for supper.  It was grand, my sauce and his spaghetti and it was a good meal.  But when I couldn’t finish what was on my plate, and started to fall asleep at the table, he decided it was time for my bed.   He finished my plate, so it wouldn’t be wasted, and then against my offers and insistence in helping pick up , rather ceremoniously ordered me to bed.  He just came down to give me a good night kiss and I promised I would finish this up quickly and get into bed.

So to those emails I have not gotten to yet, I will try Friday ( sorry I meant Monday } to those who sent me stuff to post, also Friday Monday , but first thing Friday Monday has to be Angel’s blog day.  For those who have not been, please drop by, Angel talks about a variety of stuff and does so with a lot of passion and knowledge.

Now before my love comes down to manually put into bed , I choose the better part of valor and will go do it myself.  Don’t think bad of Ron for insisting I go to bed, he is worried as my health is declining again, and I am so tired all the time, which means the anemia is getting worse.   I have blood tests on Monday as the doctor wants to see my hemoglobin levels again.  I have not told James yet, but as soon as he reads this he will know.  So a complete set of blood work ups again Monday.   Joy.    Many hugs…


  1. Hey sexy, I have another idea for a trip. Craig and I watched a movie based on a true story about a dophlin who has to have her tail amputayed. Her name is Winter and she is a place in Clearwater,Florida. Sounds fun. Get some sleep and will talk to you soon.HUGS

    Grand tell me some more about it….many hugs and lots of love. Hugs

    Comment by Patty — October 13, 2012 @ 20:12

  2. Hey,I looked into Angel’s blog.Very Interesting. Did you know that Earl is driving limo for a man in the park? I am not sure what is going on with Earl but he has been very snippy lately. I will look into the marina in Clearwater and let you know.HUGS,Patty

    Thanks Patty, I did not know about Earl, and thanks for the information. Yes look into the clearwater thing and we will plan a trip. Hugs

    Comment by Patty — October 14, 2012 @ 22:17

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