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October 17, 2012

The Escapist : News : Google Finally Lets Us See Where it Keeps the Internet

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The Escapist : News : Google Finally Lets Us See Where it Keeps the Internet.

Google Finally Lets Us See Where it Keeps the Internet

 | 17 OCTOBER 2012 3:19 PM

Google has posted information about, and even a guided tour of, its mysterious data centers.

Previously reluctant to share details of its data centers, Google is now offering up a wealth of information about where they keep all those adorable cat videos. A new section on their redesigned data centers page, aptly titled Transparency, leads to a collection of photos and information about what’s contained within Google’s various worldwide installations. There are also two guided tours of Google facilities. One, a video, details some of the locations in a typical data center. The other uses Google street view, normally used to traverse pictures of your favorite neighborhoods worldwide, to lead you around the facility in Lenoir, North Carolina. The site also includes information about Google’s multi-step information security system.

Featured on the datacenter tours are networking and data storage rooms, offices full of Google employees, cooling towers, and hydraulic spike presses that crush spent hard drives. For the curious, there are a few paragraphs about the various worldwide centers. You’re able to use a world map view to find the closest center to you and find out how many employees work there, see a photo, and learn about Google’s various community involvements in the area.

The street view tour of the Lenoir, NC data center includes some Easter eggs in typical Google style. Can you spot the Stormtrooper working security, or the giant Android robot?


  1. hi, There are a thousand of such Spy centers throughout the world, containing all the data of those who trust google – including the softwaree filters to provide google customers with all the data they ever want for their money.
    If not for the safety of your data you should think about leaving all googles to stopp being spammed by the advertisements of the google customers.

    with a bunch of rainbowhugs.
    ❤ miles

    Hello Miles. I am so glad to hear from you. I know you don’t like Google, and I respect that. However I just had to update my laptop, and every company I deal with from the manufacture of the laptop to the company that provides my internet service does the same thing as Google. I just had to let HP scan my computer due to a bug I found..and they stated right in the agreement that they would gather information about my web site viewing as well as other data from my laptop. I write to you using my Comcast account because you don’t like Google, but they also record everything we do, including our TV usage as they provide us with our TV and internet. We use Netflix a lot in the house and they record our usages, how often and what shows…and sell the data. So I think the “Genie is out of the bottle” now and it is simply a way of life we have to accept. The only way out of it is to stop using any electronic device, no credit cards or atm’s, just live like 100 years ago..and still we are recorded by public camera’s and every shop in the States asks your phone number to buy anything, especially if you pay in cash ( your atm or credit card already gives them that data,) and wont sell if you don’t give them one. It has become a strange different world. Please keep writing to me, I love your emails, and think your a great person, and I will soon get around to answering the emails you sent..I just got way behind…but getting on track yesterday and hopefully today. Many many hugs

    Comment by miles — October 19, 2012 @ 12:25

    • Sorry, dear Scottie, but you are definitly wrong:
      “and every company I deal with from the manufacture of the laptop to the company that provides my internet service does the same thing as Google.”
      Would Google ever tell you what they scan? Google collects ALL your Data … and makes ALL of them available to everyone, if the company only pays enough: So whoever collects your data, before they do, Google has them all. And Scottie, can you state
      beyond doubt, that is is not googles Data that make all your hospital-companies rationalization measures possible???
      Tell you What:
      1. I don’t use a credit card by NO means, which prevented me many times from getting my own server-account.
      2. I use the lil program “Ghostery” which blocks all spy programs from reporting to their companies. It spies itself, but telling me it does, for my benefit that I am not spied at by others, especially by google and facebook. You should at least try this program, instead of Giving all your data as a preesent for the only benefit of googles or facebooks shareholders
      It is the gullabillity of millions of kept in the dard googls users, that makes this system function, so that even loss of 19 billion $ on the wall street lateely, dould not cause them any to great trouble. That is what you present your data for. AND …. Google and facebook have startedit, setting the ground so that other can follow easily.
      3. I don’t haven’t a tv-account since years cause all the programs I could get, are giving me false and indoctrinating “facts”. And as our TV-Programs are dependend on advertizing, just as in the USA, They just let me/you see, what they want me/you to see. That is, why you choose your butcher yourself – republicans ar especially good at that. They do it with extreme preecision in their braintrusts – by just telling people lies, they want to hear.

      4. you and many million other google – facebook users, whine that there is nor more morals in the world, OTOH, with everything you do, you strengthen those immoral republicans, —- without knowing it.
      please install at least “Ghostery”

      5. I use BING for a search – engine.

      6. We are not helpless fighting against spoogles and Facebooks.

      Hope that this can help a bit.
      with a great bunch of rainbowhugs
      ❤ miles

      Hello Miles. I guess it is a good thing to protect our selves, I just don’t take the threat as seriously as you so. I know you think some companies are worse than others, but the way I see it , it is happening around us. Most of us are not willing to go to the steps you are to protect our data. Heck most put their entire lives on display on the web though blogs and social media. I have a C.N.A.A certification with the state of Florida…so everything about me is listed there as public information anyway. I wish you the best, and many hugs.

      Comment by Miles — October 20, 2012 @ 14:45

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