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October 17, 2012

Trigger points.

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Ah the journey, the dreams, the train car’s of life.   I am both enjoying my train ride, and suffering some also.   I have not felt well for two weeks.   So my blog and my responses to other blogs has suffered.  I am getting back on my feet.  Please don’t worry, it happens.   Sometimes I am a dynamo of energy, and others I can’t get out of my own way.

Today I had another set of trigger point injections in my back.  Those are painful long needle shots into the clenched muscles of my back.  I almost passed out this time…they had to keep me a few times and do a few sets of vitals before I could leave.   No problem, because while my back is sore right now, in a few days it will feel better than it has in months.

Work has been interesting.  Crazy busy because we have a unit ( mine ) shut down and are trying to run an 11 bed unit out of an already busy 6 bed unit…next effect is they already had PT’s for the 6 bed unit and we now are shoehorning in another units PT’s and staff.   needless to say, it is hectic and a tight fit.

I had a PT fall in love with me last weekend.  A PT about my age, and female.  She started out trying to hug and touch me..told her nurse I had a “great ass” and made several other suggestive statements.  When I went to help the nurse get her out of bed I had to ask the nurse to help pry the PT off me…she was hugging me and trying to dance with me.   Some what unnerving.

I don’t play many games on the computer or IPad anymore…I mostly read books when I get free time…I am working my way through the whole “Harry Dresden” .  I don’t know why I lost interest in my word games or such…guess after a couple years I am played out.

I love what I do.  I have no plans to quit, I do plan to stay in my most favorite unit a very long time.  But Ron and I are trying hard to figure out what we should do for our future…like should we stay here, buy a different mobile home, buy a house on a lot, buy land, go back to an RV.  I admit I was so very happy in the RV.  If we took the from the little home, this house, and the inheritance we could buy a Class diesel pusher to live in…But those have limitations, like limited space, no shop for Ron, no pool table for me, and worse…no bed room for James.

James has a couple more years of school I figure before he is ready to start his own life journey …on his own feet.    Until then he needs us..needs the two people who choose to be his parents..not had to, but wanted to.   So until then, unless he takes his life in another direction, we will stand by him and help him to achieve his goals, to make it in this world.

Well Good night.  I have this weekend off and will be online, reading blogs and posting all weekend.   Hugs

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  1. Sound’s like you have had a lot of changes in your world that have happened all at the same time, don’t cha love when shit just hits the fan at the same time (sarcasm in voice well she typed and said what she was typing out loud) 😉 ah, love aint it grand especially when a female fall’s in love with a man who is not only in a relationship but she has no clue he is gay, 😉 again grins from ear to ear as I write,
    Your loveable Scottie, let’s face it, you have a heart of gold and your empathy radiates, in a way I don’t blame that women for falling head over heals for you, however I can say this knowing that I adore you, Ron and James, and think it’s sweet that she just thought you were the hottest thing since the rolling stones, (or is it the rolling bones now days 😉 ).
    I know those needles your talking about, that your having at the moment, and dear god they hurt, I had similar in my rotator cuff when it was torn, and I shit you not I vomited when the doctor did it, I think back and wonder which pain was worse my injury or this so called cure? but honey you know they work and eventually, within a few days (which I know feels more like a few months) you will be feeling semi back to your good old self again.
    As for games well we all get board with them, don’t stress too much about it, although I still play zanga poker, dear god I got millions on that game, and still 2 years later have no real clue how the hell to play poker 😉 ah well its about the only game I enjoy plus its interactive and I hook up with my online friends who are playing with fake money too, which is always a good release at the end of the day as I play a few hands, where as I used to be able to play that game all day without thinking twice about anything else, it just goes to show, we grow out of things after a while.
    ((hugs)) Angel

    Hello Angel, you really are good for my soul, my spirit, my emotions, and just about everything else. I am off to work today and hope it will be grand. I am lucky, I love what I do, and your right the PT’s pick up on it and it makes me popular to them. I could have stayed home, management knows what those shots are like, but I wanted to go in. I was getting them every month, but lucky now I am just getting them every three months…and yes they do work..and I need them to keep going…I have been on a heavy duty muscle relaxer since 2007, and it is not doing much except helping to not let me get worse faster. They don’t want to increase it as they found out it is very addictive, and as it is stronger than the safe stuff, It is a catch 22. a rock and a hard place. They don’t want me to stop the amount of I I am taking, they don’t want to increase it, and it is not helping as it should…so the best way is these shots. And I get to keep working and having fun. I will be at your blog Friday….I have read your posts in my email and have lots of little things I would like to share…keep the joy in your life…many hugs


    Comment by Angel O'Fire — October 17, 2012 @ 21:17

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