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December 1, 2014

Heart On My Sleeve | In So Many Words

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Heart On My Sleeve | In So Many Words.

Oscar did it again.   His words made a complete wonderful move in my heart and my head.   I love his talent and his heart.   Only some one with great love, great emotion could write such a great work.  I so do wish that the end was different.    I so hope it had gone the other way, but I don’t want to ruin the work for you by saying too much.  

No  I do want to add something.   Passion and love, emotions displayed are a great thing for both parties in love.   Ron and I were close and deep in love, but I was keeping my childhood from him.   He knew I wanted nothing to do with the people I grew up with.   He knew I had issues with things.   He knew I had night terrors and night mares that left me screaming and shaking.   He knew that after he first moved in with me he couldn’t enter the bedroom where I was sleeping with out waking me in a fit.  He learned quickly to speak first before touching me when I was asleep and not to try to touch me with out waking me as I would wake up violently.  I held it all in.    

Then in 2007 on the way back from a trip to New York, I just broke down, I lost it, and slowly it came pouring out.  I cried a lot.  Strangely Ron said he already figured out it must have been something like that.  He just did not know enough to help me.   Due to love and trust and yes passion now he does.   He has been my world and now he has been my safety.   He is my love.   I hope everyone finds a Ron for themselves.   Hugs 

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