Arguing religion at face value and why it’s a waste of time

Wonderfully written.  I will be adding this blog to the list of ones I try to get to daily.  I have so many now that my Daily has become about every three days that I can get to them.    I would go faster but I like to understand what I read.   🙂   Please read the article below, I really enjoyed it.   Hugs

Arguing religion at face value and why it’s a waste of time.

That digression into history was intended to show the sociopolitical factors that are the genuine shapers of religious doctrine. For too long people have been arguing the specificities of religious doctrine and traditions- when in reality those things are nothing but political tactics designed to control the greatest number of people for the greatest possible amount of time. Every religious diktat that has been imposed since the inception of monotheistic religion has been the result of a political calculation. And it wasn’t just marriage that was used to consolidate religious power, look up the imposition of confession (17th century), the generalization of mass (20th century), papal infallibility (1871), abortion (1869)- and many, many more.

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