The Great Australian Gay Cake Frosting Wars of 2015

The Great Australian Gay Cake Frosting Wars of 2015.

This post says things very important to understand and hear.  I think people have to understand how these people, who fight so hard against any rights or protections for gay people, who seem so full of hate for gay people, who seem so willing to lie while claiming the moral high road…. ( or like Josh Duggar who made all these horrible claims against gay people and then it comes out he was doing every thing he claimed the gays would do , all the while claiming moral superiority because he has his GOD )… how their hateful words are so harmful.  Please read the post.   Thanks.   Hugs

2 thoughts on “The Great Australian Gay Cake Frosting Wars of 2015

  • Hi Scottie;
    I really couldn’t watch the whole thing. It became distasteful to me to the point that I simply couldn’t help but to change the channel, as it were.
    You know, what I find interesting is how we are seeing people up in arms, completely and obnoxiously offended by the notion that they are no longer allowed to be offensive and obstructive and discriminate against another people group simply because their religion, in a few comments ranging 2000 to 4000 years ago, do not support gay marriage as they understand the scriptures to read. So, let ME be offended and obnoxious and loud for a moment?? How about I am tired of my tax dollars being taken from me to support people’s religious beliefs and the roads and other public services they use to deny my simple rights as a free American!! How about I get pissy about how I can’t be myself because some cave troll is going to be offended and must therefore deny who I am and who I love to salve their little infantile understandings of the world?? It is so asinine to me that people such as these will stand in America, in a land at least on words predicated upon the concepts of personal and religious freedom, declare that the only personal and religious freedom is for the Christian no matter how poorly he or she follows the dictates of Christ or in fact how he or she manipulates, molests and stomps on the very pillars of the so called Christian Faith only to become indignant that others do not share their twisted view. To declare openly that since they follow a particular religion in a country of so called religious non-obligation and must but have a particular right to thrust that religion upon anyone they deem unworthy, and then cry “religious persecution or intolerance” when others call them on it…. Bah!!!!

    You know what Christian Church needs? A new order of Silence! That’s right…. you come to church, do your thing, and otherwise shut the fuck up. It would likely be found in the book of Mind Your Own Damn Business, Verse 1: “And the Faithful shall commence to Shut The Fuck UP, so saith the Lord”.


    wow…. sorry. bad hair day I guess. Maybe you shouldn’t publish this comment. So, how are you….?

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    • I Love it. You can vent here anytime. Sadly when they do it to others it is freedom, when people do what you suggest, then it becomes persecution of Christians and they need laws to protect themselves. They fought against the laws to protect others from them, but now that the tables are turned, they want those laws in their names. You are so correct on everything you said.
      Sorry you are having a bad hair day, I hope all gets better soon. I spent all day yesterday in bed, and I am very tired today. My sugar is OK so my anemia must be acting up. Hugs and loves.


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