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June 20, 2016

NEW YORK: Catholic League Celebrates “Victory” In Helping Block Bill To Reform Child Abuse Laws – Joe.My.God.

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Source: NEW YORK: Catholic League Celebrates “Victory” In Helping Block Bill To Reform Child Abuse Laws – Joe.My.God.

I can’t believe the guy used those words to talk about stopping a bill to help child rape victims from getting justice and he says it is a rape of the church!  Wow.  Hugs




  1. Hi Scottie;
    You have so skillfully said all I wanted to say for some time now that I’ve not commented much. But, I had these thoughts…. The Bible, in the red letters that indicate they were words of Christ, are two very simple sentences. And, like all simple things, bureaucracy and self importance have taken these words of Christ; 1) Love your God , 2) Love your Neighbor ; with the most aggrandizing and conceited forms of hate imaginable.
    It is no secret that I don’t get along with my sister. But, I do my best to avoid any sort of criticism, etc., in the company of my parents. When it all comes to the end, that is still their daughter. They may dislike some of the things she has done, and they may not like that we don’t get along, but that is still their daughter.
    Similarly, these so called Christians who thump their Bibles and their chests with the phrases of “we are all God’s Children” and then proscribe death and horrible things, uncaring, unloving, inactive and self absorbed, all towards others who are supposed to be their sisters, brothers, and fellow children of God completely baffles and truly disappoint me.
    All these hypocrites that believe they will go to heaven and hear God say “Well done my good and faithful servant”. I look at stories like this, stories of so called pastors preaching hate, gun makers greed, oil industry pollution, even the normal everyday Joes that see 50 gay men die and call it a ‘good start’, and I have a hard time believing God will be using those words nearly as often as some would believe.


    Comment by randy — June 21, 2016 @ 18:44

    • Randy, my GREAT and GRAND BROTHER you have said far better and with more personal feeling than I ever could. I think you would love the George Carlin — Ten Commandments I am watching. Randy I don’t know how anyone who believes in the bible could endorse hate. I knew a guy named Denny Harris, one of the most religious, more important.. one of the buys who truly lived his bible and his god was a god of love. HE went to Vietnam as a medic but as a conscientious objector. He served in the worse places of that war without once holding, carrying, and firing a gun, no weapon of any sort! Yet he went where those carrying wouldn’t, when the other medics refused to run into a place to get an injured person, Denny did. When no one would stay and help, Denny did. He lived his belief. I once, after a beating, told him to go to hell… and he cried because to him it was a real place! I spent a lot of time at his place, hiding and healing and it was partly because of him I joined his church. I was somewhat saddened that not all had his way of looking at things. Denny did not care I was gay. That was between me and God. He did not care I came home from the Army chewing tobacco. Again that was between me and God. He cared only that I was home and OK. Funny. I remember when I first started to go to church with Denny he invited me back to his place to eat. They had nothing but a big bowl of corn, but he was willing to share it. I ate a bit and then excused myself. I then rushed into town, ordered a few big pizzas, and drove slowly back to Denny’s house. The pizza’s had cooled in the back seat. When I brought them in, Denny at first said he couldn’t accept because it was sabbath and no one was to work, or buy or sell on the sabbath. I lied, yup right out lied . I told Deny I had bought them to impress someone YESTERDAY.. so then it was not sabbath and it was not work to give the food way before it went bad! He took them and his whole family ate, well! To Denny, his God had provided, through me, and it OK by me he believed that . I never told him or anyone till now. May be his God had inspired me to do it. I certainly was thankful I had the money, which for me at that time was scarce. But I knew how to save, and did not buy much anyway. God’s will, or a caring friend… IS there much difference in the end? Be well and happy my brother, you mean a lot to me. Hugs

      Comment by Scottie — June 21, 2016 @ 19:19

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