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June 20, 2016

Trying to catch up

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Hello All.  Just wanted everyone to know what is going on.  It is 2:12 AM here where I am.  I have been sidelined recently.  I already have more blogs than I can go to and absorb each day.  See I like to not only read the post but I also like to read the comments.  See on Blogs such as my most gone to.. not to give names but I learned about them from comments ( see there is a reason to read the comments) on Arks blog.   ( I can not remember how I stumbled onto Arks blog, but the truth is I am glad I did.  Some one must have directed me to it, I just can’t remember who )  So that alone would be more than a heavy day of reading and responding and trying to look like I have a few brain cells.   But I have three more categories of blogs, and a whole separate computer running audio and video of a set of other blogs.  I once added up the blogs I try to hit each day and I stopped at 75.   So please know I value each blog I go to.  I want to also add to my blog so people have a reason to come to it.   How to do them both.  Well if I go to the same blogs as everyone else, then why post that on mine.   A great question that keeps me from repeating all the great blogs we all are going to.  SO I try to offer something maybe others don’t get to all the time. Some are my own pictures or like this, my own words.  However I feel that my own words are not as engaging as say some of the great blogs I go to.   They have people far smarter and just far more interesting than mine.  I try to be sensible to not boring people to death, nor forcing people to come suffer through stuff they are totally bored with just to be nice to me.  See the people that come to my blog are supper nice.  I  have people come here who are theists, and atheists.  I have a rule about not abusing people so to those who believe in a deity but don’t try to force that belief on me or others, I respect that by not forcing my belief in dragons and pixies on them.  The great thing about being a pagan is I can have a wider view and acceptance of things not agreed to by all sides.  The theist dislike my dragon and pixie stuff, and the pagans dislike my giving a pass to single God lovers.  I figure my is a bit like my world view and I just am lucky to have experienced what I have.   I know no one can experience what I have exactly just as I can not live their lives.   Look I remember going into a wonderful art gallery, one of the top ones.  I talked later to the two friends that were with me… and none of us remembered the same things, we had hugely different emotional responses to the same things we seen.   That tells me that if others treat me as I treat them we all can share the same world happily while if someone violates the “be nice” clause.. we have the right to call them out.   So say I am chating with friend “a” and we don’t try to push our “faith stuff” on each other and in fact will listen and gloss over the other person’s ideas…..Great no problem.   As soon as one of us starts to insist that the other person MUST follow only their view of the world and universe.. that is when we have a problem..and I will call person “a” out on it and get upset with them.  I hope that explains me a bit, I am willing to live and let live as long as the other guy does.   OK not to beat a dead horse.. but I know some guys like GMF and CS will want to argue this simply because it has “god” in it.  OK, I am gay.. and you are not.. and we get along and it is  great.. but if one of us tries to push our sexuality on the other.. not so good!  Imagine for a minute if we were talking and I started to insist you must be gay, look if you just tried it  you would be changed, if you just gave your heart to it…   see how it works..  Same the other way.. I would not be happy to have much more to do with you.   Now if you were really in transition or not sure where you fit, I would help.   I have in the past.  See I know being gay is not for everyone just as being straight is not for everyone.  OK enough from me  you guys got better things to read.    Hugs and loves to all.  


  1. I’m glad no one gave you any argument, but at the same time I bet you were kind of hoping for interaction? I kind of wish you’d stop saying you aren’t smart, though. Your sentences and spelling and clear ideas prove that wrong, and I know you are writing under a heavily medicated load. So, be kinder to yourself, too!

    Comment by heretherebespiders — June 20, 2016 @ 16:20

    • Thank you. I will try. Be well and happy. Hugs

      Comment by Scottie — June 20, 2016 @ 21:17

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