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June 28, 2016

A health update

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This post is for the wonderful people who are interested in a small post now and again about my health.  I really think you are so nice!  It makes me feel so good and it makes me glow to know that there are people who really care how I am.   So I went to my primary care provider this morning.   We were there for quite a while and we cut deeply into their lunch hour.

The good news is she doesn’t think I have gastroparesis.   She was not really up on the the gastro thing, but she felt she had a simpler answer.    She thinks I had vertigo caused by the new medications I had been given.  When I told her that I stopped taking one of them and after a few days started to feel a lot better.   She was happy to have that part all figured out, but she did not make any suggestions as to what to take to replace the one we all figured was causing a lot of body upset.   However that was the end of the good news.

Here comes the bad news.   I had found a program on the office software that gave me a chart and average blood sugar for all the entries I input into the spreadsheet.  It showed my blood sugar was all over the place with an average of between 210 and 225.   And the graph showed it was increasing.  So she had me do a urine test right then ( lucky when she was pushing and prodding me I told her  ” No it doesn’t hurt but it does make me want to pee so might be best not to push there anymore”! ) So they hustled me into a bathroom, handed me a container with a top, and said pee and come back.

Then she and Ron talked awhile about my diet and about my activities and what the goals were… and I played with the tools on the walls.   It got my attention when they started discussing me going right to the hospital for a set of blood tests.   She wanted to put me on an added medication for my sugar ( I simplified that up as there was a lot of talk about basal cells and the pancreas,  and I started to play with the stuff on the walls again. )  So then it seems my blood pressure was way high, and had been climbing higher with every visit.  For some reason it was going up while I was in the exam room.  Well yes I was in pain, and thirsty and they pushed and prodded me in places that are not fun when you have to pee, then all the other stuff.   But it was so high they had to give me some medications, and I don’t know what they were but they were so very tiny and two of them.  Then they had us wait some more, and I thought it was nice of them to provided so much time for Ron and I to be alone together all morning in that little room but I could have used some better furniture to spoon with Ron on.   Then they finally decided my blood pressure was not still going up, and it was not coming down either, but they added more medications to my list as , well the old saying  ..” bet you can’t take just one???  comes to mind.   So I have a couple more medications to have Ron take care of.  I get to keep taking my my blood sugar every few hours, loving the pricks on my fingers ( but not being allowed to give the same respect to doing it the other way.. fingering my prick.)  I get to eat one meal a day as long as it is as bland and unappealing as possible.   No sense trying to make it worth getting excited over, as then I might want seconds or even another meal.  OK gotta run, my daily dose of protein and cat fur is ready.  Be well and happy.   Hugs


  1. Won’t ‘like’. Heath issues are never likeable! I’m Ron over here – hubby listened and took it all in and made plans…and ignored the lot. Be better than my hubby! Yours loves you to bits!

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    Comment by heretherebespiders — June 28, 2016 @ 17:45

    • Yes I know.. but it still doesn’t make the taste buds happy. But he really is trying to do the best he can to keep me alive.. so he must like something about me. 🙂 Hugs

      Liked by 1 person

      Comment by Scottie — June 28, 2016 @ 17:55

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