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June 29, 2016

PHILADELPHIA: Public School System Adopts Sweeping Pro-Transgender Student Rights Policy – Joe.My.God.

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Source: PHILADELPHIA: Public School System Adopts Sweeping Pro-Transgender Student Rights Policy – Joe.My.God.


I forget if I posted this already.  I just want to point out how easy it is to be a caring human.  No trouble , no fuss.   The whole USA needs to see how easy and kind, how grand this is.   I thank the school system for their leadership that did the right thing.  Hugs


  1. Have you seen this?
    I didn’t love the song on first listen but the video made me cry (happy cry). Hope you like it, and don’t tell anyone I got weepy! Lol

    Comment by heretherebespiders — June 29, 2016 @ 14:37

    • I so agree. And I so needed something uplifting. I was feeling up and that things were going rather good considering…So today life decided I needed to be reminded that every adventure has a few deep down problems or rough spots. SO a month ago Ron had put new brakes on the van for 1000. yesterday the A/C went out of the van and it is in the mid 90’s here and getting hotter. Well we took it into a A/C fix up place…and the unit is such they have to remove the dash and it will crack and break as it is already cracked and replace the piece, at a cost of 3 grand. So we will have over 4 grand into a van which has a trade in of 4 to 6 grand. So we are looking at trading the van and getting a second hand vehicle with a small payment until I get my disability, which the state of florida has done all it can to hold up and take their sweet time giving me even a hearing. so my second computer is on hold, fixing the house is on hold, I did get my new glasses ordered as the doctor said I had to have them no if and or butts. So I needed something that made me remember the good in life. This did. I know it is a song video but it worked for me. Thank you. Poor Ron is rather discouraged so I am trying to keep his spirits up, but as I was sick all night and most of today he is worried about that. HE has such dark circles under his eye right now. Thank you again. Hugs

      Comment by Scottie — June 29, 2016 @ 17:33

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